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Dale Garrett
Founder Of Chipper Birds

Hey there,

Thanks for taking a look at my blog…

I wasn’t born with wings, but I hope this website flies!

I’ve created Chipper Birds because I have a passion for these wonderful animals and I want to help and share everything I’ve learned across my 15 years of experience caring for birds.

I’m from the UK but I’ve travelled around the world bird watching. From the frigid antarctic to the Sahara desert, these feathery beings amaze me!

I hope you find my blog interesting, and if you’re ever looking for help or you have any questions, please contact dale@chipperbirds.com

Dale Garrett

Founder Of ChipperBirds.com

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Dale Garrett

I'm a bird enthusiast and creator of Chipper Birds, a blog sharing his 15 years of my experience caring for birds. I've traveled the world bird watching and I'm committed to helping others with bird care. Contact me at dale@chipperbirds.com for assistance.