Discover Which of the Best Bird Deterrents is Right for You

Bird watching can be a fun activity in some situations. Other times, however, it’s necessary to keep the birds and other small pests away. They can cause damage to a garden, destroy flowers, and eat crops. 

It’s a huge pain to constantly clean up the mess made by birds and other pests, and it’s even worse when you lose crops.

There are a variety of methods used to deter birds, many of which are equally effective. This includes light, sound, and more.

The following products are some of the best bird deterrents available.

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What To Look For When Choosing Bird Deterrents?

When it comes to bird deterrents, you have a lot of options. Some of them place a physical barrier while others use sound, light, or some other more hands-off way of repelling them. Every method is effective in the right situation. 

It’s important that you consider all the options and go through every factor you can before making a decision.

Below are a few of the things you should think about before making a purchase. 

User Feedback

One of the most important parts of researching a product, it’s the user feedback and reviews.

The more reviews a product has, the better. Look at the positive reviews as well as any negative ones, and see if there are any patterns. 

If many people experience the same major issue, it might not be a good product to purchase. If the general consensus is that it’s a good product, then you’re probably safe to buy it. 

In the case of a bird deterrent, it’s also good to look for people who are using it in the same way you want to. This will tell you if it works well for your situation. 


As with any purchase, it’s ‘important to consider the cost of the item as well as your budget.

The price of bird deterrents can vary, so decide how much you want to spend before doing too much research. 

When you’re looking, also consider the value you’re getting for your money. You want something that will be effective and do what you’re paying for it to do. 

Type of Deterrent

Lastly, it’s extremely important to consider all different types of deterrent. One of the most common methods is a source of reflective light.

This can come in the form of a pinwheel, hanging discs, strips of tape, and much more. 

This method is effective for the most part, though you might get birds that become used to the flashing sensation. 

Other options include more hands-on methods like moving bars or spike strips.

These may be what you need but could be dangerous for the birds in question which is an important consideration. 

Best Bird Deterrent Available Today (2022 Buyers Guide & Reviews)

1. Bird B Gone – Solar Powered Bird Repeller

Bird B Gone MMRPSLR-1 Solar Powered - White (4-Piece)

This product uses constant motion to prevent birds from being able to land and stay there.

The rod covers a five-foot diameter, good for most tables. It does take batteries but it can also be solar-powered. 


  • It’s lightweight, portable, and versatile. 
  • It’s solar-powered to save you money on batteries. 
  • It won’t harm the birds. 


  • The motor clicks sometimes which can be irritating. 
  • The birds may still try to land, they just can’t sit still on the surface. 
  • The solar panel doesn’t always provide enough power to move the arms fast enough to make them effective. 

This unique and innovative bird deterrent uses solar-powered motion to keep birds away in a safe and effective manner. 

2. Dalen – Natural Enemy Scarecrow Horned Owl

Dalen Fake Owl Scarecrow Decoy - Keeps Birds Away from Gardens

This is a realistic replica of a small bird’s natural enemy, the great horned owl.

This large bird is threatening and lifelike, and sure to keep birds and other pets away. It’s hand-painted and will add charm to your garden.


  • It is lifelike and realistic.
  • It keeps other pests away as well as birds.


  • It’s made of lightweight plastic so it should be handled with care. 
  • Installation can be difficult. 

This simple, lifelike replica of a great-horned owl will keep birds and pests away while looking great in your yard.

3. HOMESCAPE CREATIONS – Owl Decoy Bird Repellent Control Scare Device

HOMESCAPE CREATIONS Owl Decoy Scare - Plastic Hanging Reflective Scarer

This pack of four owl decoys keeps birds away in multiple ways. It uses reflective light, motion, and noise to scare and confuse the birds and deter them from coming close. 


  • Deters birds in multiple ways. 
  • It comes with four to place in different locations. 
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. 


  • It’s not very durable in harsh weather. 
  • The stickers don’t last too long. 
  • Some birds aren’t scared of them. 

This bird deterrent comes with four owl decals and uses multiple methods to keep birds away from your garden. 

4. Bird-X – Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit

X Standard (STS-10-R) STAINLESS STEEL SPIKES-10, 10 feet

This product uses sharp spikes to deter birds from the desired area. Made from durable stainless steel, one strip covers ten feet of surface area.  


  • The strips are flexible for mounting on curved surfaces. 
  • It will last through even harsh weather conditions.
  • It’s a permanant solution.  


  • Some birds have made nests in them. 
  • Some birds may try to land on them anyway and get hurt. 

This simple but effective solution will prevent birds from landing on any surface. 

5. BRITENWAY – Premium Quality Bird Deterrent Reflective Scare Tape Ribbon

Premium Quality Reflective Scare Tape Ribbon 350 ft Long

Scare tape is an easy but extremely effective way to keep birds away.

It reflects the light in an intense way that will deter them from the desired area. It’s eco-friendly and won’t injure the birds. 


  • It’s easy to install. 
  • It won’t hurt the birds in any way. 
  • It’s kind to the environment. 


  • Strong winds can rip them off. 
  • Birds can still land on them if they’re not scared of the light. 

This method of deterring pest birds is simple, effective, and kind to both the birds and the environment. 

6. Bird-X – Scare-Eye Bird Repellent Predator Eyes Balloons

X Scare-Eye® Predator Eyes Balloons, Pack of 3

This product deters birds with the image of holographic predator eyes.

When hung up, the balls also move with the wine to create additional intimidation. Each balloon is effective for6000 sq. feet. 


  • It comes with three predator eyes balloons. 
  • It’s extremely easy to set up and install. 
  • It’s highly effective. 


  • Not all birds are scared of them. 
  • They can be difficult to blow up. 

These holographic predator eye scare balls are a simple, easy, and effective way to keep birds away from your yard or garden. 

7. Bird Blinder – Repellent PinWheels

BLINDER Premium PinWheels

This is a simple, natural, and humane bird deterrent. This pack includes eight reflective pinwheels.

The wind spins the wheels, which causes light to reflect and scare the birds away. 


  • It’s a safety measure that won’t hurt the birds. 
  • They also add a decorative element to your yard or garden. 
  • No assembly and they’re easy to install.


  • They might blow over in strong winds. 
  • Not all birds are scared of the light. 

Perhaps one of the simplest bird deterrents out these pinwheels use light to scare the birds away while looking great at the same time.

8. Chephon – Upgraded Bird Repellent Discs

Chephon Upgraded Scare Discs Set - Large 24 Discs

Another product that uses reflective light to deter the birds, these hanging discs are simple, easy, and versatile.

They can be hung anywhere and the pack comes with eight hangers, allowing you to cover your entire garden.


  • No assembly and easy to install. 
  • They can be placed around the entire garden. 
  • They are eco-friendly and kind to the birds. 


  • They may blow away in strong winds. 
  • They don’t hold up well in heavy rains. 
  • Not all birds are afraid of the light. 

These easy, effective, versatile reflective discs can work all over your garden and won’t harm the birds

9. Bird-X – BirdXPeller PRO Electronic Bird Repeller

X BirdXPeller® PRO Electronic Version WP for Woodpeckers & Sparrows

This sonic bird repeller emits natural predator sounds that scare birds away on instinct.

It can cover up to one acre of property and is a safe and humane way to deter birds and other pests. 


  • It’s small and doesn’t take up much space. 
  • It is effective over a large area. 
  • It’s safe and humane for the birds. 


  • Some birds might eventually get used to the sound. 
  • It’s not super resistant to water and other harsh weather conditions.

This unit uses natural predator noises to repel birds in a safe, humane, and effective way. 

10. Bird B Gone – Reflect-a-Bird Deterrent

B Gone RFLT-1 Reflect-a, Chrome

This bird repeller is simple, effective, and best of all, it’s silent.

It uses a combination of wind, sunlight, and reflective flashing to scare birds away from the area it’s placed in. It’s perfect for buildings, agriculture, and even boats. 


  • Easy to install. 
  • It’s silent. 
  • It’s safe and won’t harm the birds. 


  • It needs a fairly strong wind to make it turn and move. 
  • Not all birds are afraid of the noise. 

This unique and effective bird deterrent uses a combination of methods to keep birds away while being easy to install. 

Final Thoughts: Which Product Is The Best?

All of these products work in different ways and achieve the same purpose with a different method.

All of them are effective, so you must choose the method you like best. Overall, the solar-powered bird repeller is among the best.

Bird B Gone MMRPSLR-1 Solar Powered - White (4-Piece)

It saves you money by using solar power, and it works in a way that won’t harm the birds.

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