Best Bird Feeder for Blue Jays: Top Picks for Attracting These Vibrant Birds

Finding the best bird feeder for blue jays means looking for durability and size, as these vibrant birds are larger and more boisterous than many backyard species.

Consider feeders with sturdy platforms or large perches to accommodate their size, and opt for materials resistant to squirrel damage and harsh weather conditions.

With the right feeder, you can enjoy the lively spectacle of blue jays in your garden while ensuring they return safely day after day.

Top 5 Best Bird Feeder for Blue Jays Compared:

Here’s the top 5 options for the best bird feeder for blue jays:

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Meleave Heavy Duty Bird Feeder

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You’ll revel in the company of vibrant blue jays flocking to this feeder, a sturdy haven designed to withstand nature’s elements.


  • Enhanced perching space caters to blue jays’ comfort
  • Robust metal construction deters squirrels
  • Impressive 6.5lb seed capacity reduces refill frequency


  • Filling it requires a bit more effort
  • Larger seed outlets may result in spillage
  • Not completely waterproof, monitoring during heavy rain is advised

As soon as I hung this Meleave feeder, blue jays and a myriad of other birds became regular visitors to my garden. The extended perches provide ample space for blue jays to land and dine at leisure.

Constructed entirely of metal, it’s a fortress against squirrels and the bird-shaped safety lock keeps the seeds secure.

Its considerable size means less time spent on refills. However, large seeds can occasionally slip through the mesh, a reminder to choose the right seed mix. Despite the solid build, heavy rain can still pose challenges, so position it with care for optimal dryness.

Aesthetically, it’s a charming addition, turning my garden into a bustling bird sanctuary that’s both functional and decorative.

Keyfit Blue Jay Feeder

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If you’re seeking a bird feeder that caters to larger birds with an appetite for nuts and seeds, this one has the robust design to become a backyard staple.


  • Designed for larger birds like Blue Jays and Cardinals
  • Robust and has a large capacity to hold more feed
  • Features 2 tiered chambers which help separate different types of nuts


  • Some smaller seeds may slip through the large openings
  • Squirrels may still attempt to access this feeder
  • Plastic components might not withstand persistent wildlife

As soon as I hung this feeder in my garden, the difference was noticeable. The distinct call of Blue Jays became a regular soundtrack to my mornings—they seemed to love the generous portions of peanuts.

The feeder, with its spacious two-tiered chambers, became an inviting buffet for cardinals as well. Refilling it was straightforward, simply by removing the top and pouring in more nuts.

Despite its sturdy metal frame, determined squirrels made it an ongoing battle of wits. However, their attempts were mostly in vain, thanks to the feeder’s solid construction.

Cleaning was hardly a chore, ensuring that the new avian visitors could dine from a hygienic spot. While some smaller seeds did escape through the openings, this was a minor nuisance compared to the joy of seeing those majestic birds up close.

Kingsyard Platform Feeder

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If you’re looking for a sturdy, weather-resistant bird feeder that repels squirrels and is easy to maintain, consider this one.


  • Adjustable cover height caters to various bird sizes
  • Spinning top mechanism deters squirrels
  • Integrated drainage keeps seeds fresh


  • Might require overhead protection for optimal performance
  • Metal components can be susceptible to rust over time
  • Limited to hanging mount, restricting placement options

Hanging the Kingsyard bird feeder, I immediately noticed its strong metal construction and how it blends with the backyard aesthetics. The adjustable dome top was a breeze to modify, making it inviting for blue jays while keeping the squirrels at bay.

Observing it through the seasons, the feeder’s drainage effectively kept seeds dry, even during downpours. Its spacious tray accommodated a vibrant flurry of avian activity.

Maintenance was hardly a chore; a quick scrub and rinse left it looking as good as new. Despite the metal’s exposure to the elements, signs of wear took months to appear.

Be mindful of where you hang it; optimum enjoyment comes from a spot sheltered from inclement weather.

SOLIOM Bird Feeder

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Your bird-watching experience will be revolutionized with this feeder’s technology and clear camera quality.


  • AI identification of 10,000+ bird species
  • Durable metal construction
  • IP65 waterproof with drainage
  • Real-time notifications
  • Squirrel deterrents and two-way talk


  • Basic cloud service subscription needed for AI
  • Limited to 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • No 5G Wi-Fi support

Transform your backyard into a haven for blue jays with the SOLIOM Bird Feeder with Camera BF08—the undisputed champion for blue jay enthusiasts.

As you get to know the visitors, the feeder’s AI technology offers an educational twist, providing insights about each species. It’s satisfying to not constantly worry about charging, thanks to effective solar power arrays that keep the camera active.

The only snags might be the necessity of a subscription for full functionality and ensuring compatibility with your home WiFi. Once you’re past the hurdle of setting the system up, prepare to share captivating moments with family and friends or on social media.

The SOLIOM feeder truly transforms birdwatching into a modern, interactive pleasure.

BirdDock Smart Bird Feeder

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You’ll find the BirdDock Smart Bird Feeder an innovative addition to your garden, bringing technology to bird watching.


  • HD Night-Version Camera for vivid blue jay observation
  • Real-time notifications enhance the bird-watching experience
  • Intelligent bird recognition system for easy species identification
  • Robust PVC build ensures durability
  • Waterproof design keeps bird food dry


  • Requires a 2.4GHz WiFi connection
  • Limited to battery power, requiring occasional recharging
  • Relatively compact size may not accommodate large bird populations

Enjoyment of bird watching is redefined with this feeder’s crisp camera imagery. Admiring blue jays becomes effortless and intimate.

Expertise shines through the 1080 HD Night-Version Camera capturing the vibrant blue jays in action, day or night.

Despite bearing a premium tag, this feeder stands out on its advanced technical features, investing in long-term bird watching enrichment. The occasional misidentification by AI does little to diminish the overall experience.

Overall Verdict

In the realm of best bird feeders for blue jays, the BirdDock Smart Bird Feeder emerges as the top pick, seamlessly blending technology with avian admiration.

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Its HD Night-Version Camera provides an immersive bird-watching experience, capturing vibrant blue jays in vivid detail, day or night. Real-time notifications and an intelligent bird recognition system elevate your interaction with feathered visitors.

The robust PVC build ensures durability, and the waterproof design keeps bird food dry even in unpredictable weather.

While the feeder requires a 2.4GHz WiFi connection and occasional recharging, these minor inconveniences are outweighed by the unparalleled joy of observing blue jays in their natural habitat.

The BirdDock Smart Bird Feeder stands as a testament to innovation and commitment to enriching the bird-watching experience, making it the go-to choice for blue jay enthusiasts.

Buying Guide

Size and Capacity

Consider the size of the feeder to accommodate multiple blue jays, as they are social birds. A larger feeder means refilling less often but requires more space.


Choose weather-resistant materials like metal or heavy-duty plastic to ensure durability.

Feeder Type

Choose between hopper, platform, or tube feeders based on where you’ll place it and how many birds you wish to feed at once.

Ease of Cleaning

Select feeders that are easy to dismantle and clean to maintain bird health and prevent disease.


Opt for feeders with a secure mounting system or stable hanging mechanism to resist tipping by larger birds.


Ensure perches and feeding ports are large enough for blue jays to feed comfortably.


Look for features like squirrel guards or baffle systems to deter pests and protect the birdseed.

Feature Why It’s Important
Size & Capacity Suits multiple birds; less refilling
Material Ensures durability and longevity
Feeder Type Matches feeding behavior and space
Ease of Cleaning Promotes bird health; prevents disease
Placement Provides stability and accessibility
Accessibility Comfortable feeding for blue jays
Protection Secures food from pests

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right bird feeder can significantly enhance the chances of attracting blue jays to your yard and provide long-lasting enjoyment for birdwatching enthusiasts.

How can I attract blue jays to my yard with the appropriate feeders?

You can attract blue jays by using open tray feeders or large hopper feeders that accommodate their size and preferential feeding style.

What type of bird feed is preferred by blue jays?

Blue jays favor a diet of sunflower seeds, peanuts, and corn. Offer a mix of these in your feeder to entice them.

What are effective strategies to squirrel-proof a blue jay bird feeder?

Choose feeders with weight-sensitive perches that close access to the food when a squirrel jumps on, or install a baffle to deter them.

Can you recommend durable bird feeders suitable for both blue jays and cardinals?

Look for heavy-duty feeders, such as those made from metal or thick plastic, with ample room for both blue jays and cardinals to perch.

Which features should I look for in a blue jay bird feeder when purchasing from online retailers like Amazon?

Prioritize feeders with robust construction, large feeding stations, and easy cleaning features to ensure longevity and hygiene.

Why might blue jays suddenly stop visiting my bird feeder?

Blue jays may temporarily leave if they feel threatened by predators or if the feeder is empty or has been moved to a new location.

Final Thoughts About Choosing Best Bird Feeder for Blue Jays

When you’re selecting a bird feeder for Blue Jays, consider their size and feeding habits. Blue Jays prefer platform or hopper feeders, which allow them ample space to land and access to a generous amount of food.

To discourage squirrels, consider a feeder with a weight-sensitive mechanism that closes access to the food when a squirrel lands on it.

Remember to clean your feeder regularly to prevent the spread of disease among the bird population. A clean feeder also encourages more frequent visits.

Your choice in feeder not only impacts how well Blue Jays are accommodated but also influences how safely and comfortably they feed in your yard. By highlighting these key points, selecting a feeder for these magnificent birds becomes a hassle-free process.

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