Best Bird Feeders for Blue Jays: Top Picks in 2023

Bringing vibrant blue jays into your backyard is a joy as a bird lover.

These intelligent, adaptable birds are a pleasure to watch and a feeder designed for their needs is key.

Considering feeder type, ease of access, capacity, and durability is important to accommodate these larger, sociable birds.

From my extensive research of various feeders, I’m here to help you find the best bird feeder for blue jays, enhancing your backyard birdwatching.

Best Bird Feeders for Blue Jays

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top bird feeders specifically designed for attracting and accommodating blue jays.

PLOCVY Metal Bird Feeder for Blue Jays

PLOCVY Metal Bird Feeder

A great option for bird enthusiasts looking for a large capacity, squirrel-proof feeder capable of attracting blue jays and other birds.


  • Large capacity and retractable design
  • Squirrel-proof and rust-resistant
  • Easy to fill, empty, and clean


  • Small squirrels may still access the feeder
  • Feeding ports could be challenging for some birds
  • May be difficult to add feed without hanging first

The PLOCVY metal bird feeder offers a sturdy and large capacity solution for those looking to feed blue jays and other bird species. Its retractable design allows you to adjust the amount of seed it holds, accommodating up to 4.4 lbs of seed. The 360-degree sturdy perch and six feeding ports provide ample space for multiple birds to feed comfortably.

Boasting a squirrel-proof construction, this bird feeder is made of rust-resistant, powder-coated metal which adds to its durability. The gazebo design with a smooth, inclined roof not only protects seeds from getting wet but also helps deter squirrels. However, some customers have mentioned that smaller squirrels may still manage to figure out a way to access the feeder.

Filling, emptying, and cleaning the PLOCVY bird feeder is hassle-free. A large opening makes it easy to refill and clean, while hanging the feeder is simple due to the sturdy wire rope and hook. Some users do note that adding feed is easier when the feeder is hung before filling. Overall, the PLOCVY metal bird feeder is an attractive, functional, and durable option for those interested in feeding blue jays and other birds in their backyard, garden, or balcony.

Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder

Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder

A solid choice for attracting blue jays and larger birds, offering easy nut access and separated chambers.


  • Large openings for peanuts and sunflower seeds
  • 2-tiered chambers for variety and separation
  • Sturdy metal construction


  • Potential peanut sticking issues
  • Smaller capacity compared to other feeders
  • Tricky filling process

The Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder features large openings that make it perfect for providing peanuts, sunflower seeds, or tropical bird food mix to your backyard blue jays, cardinals, and other larger bird species. The feeder has a metal construction, ensuring durability throughout different seasons.

Within the feeder, two-tiered chambers are present to keep nuts separate, so your birds have access to a variety of food choices. Despite being praised for its functionality, some users experienced issues with peanuts getting stuck in the openings. Another point of concern is the feeder’s smaller capacity when compared to other bird feeders. This might require more frequent refilling, depending on the quantity of visiting birds.

To fill the feeder, the top must be removed, and the top compartment has to be separated from the bottom. Although this method could be seen as inconvenient, it ensures that nuts are evenly distributed across both chambers. Overall, the Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder does require a bit more effort, but its effectiveness in attracting and feeding larger birds makes it worth considering.

Meleave Large Capacity Bird Feeder

Meleave Bird Feeder

The Meleave Bird Feeder is a great choice for those looking to support various wild birds, with a durable design and sizable capacity.


  • Durable metal construction with bird-shaped safety lock
  • Large 6.5lb capacity for various bird seeds
  • Accessible 360° feeding tray with four long perches


  • Smart squirrels might still access the perch
  • Drainage holes might be insufficient
  • Potentially not raccoon-proof

This bird feeder is designed with durability in mind, being made entirely of metal and featuring a bird-shaped safety lock to prevent unwanted critters from accessing the seeds. The design of the feeder ensures it stands up against sharp talons, heavy pecking, and all types of weather conditions.

The Meleave Bird Feeder offers a generous 6.5lb capacity, making it suitable for a variety of bird seeds including corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and more. This large capacity is perfect for attracting different types of birds, such as cardinals, blue jays, finches, and robins. The feeder also boasts a four-sided food distribution design, which features four fold-out perches for easy landing and feeding from all sides.

Despite its many advantages, some potential issues with the Meleave Bird Feeder are worth considering. Although it’s designed to deter squirrels, clever ones might still be able to jump onto the perch and eat the seeds. Additionally, the drainage holes at the bottom of the feeder might not effectively drain water, which could affect the freshness of the seeds. Lastly, while the feeder is advertised as raccoon-proof, some users have reported it’s not completely resistant to raccoon attacks.

Overall, the Meleave Large Capacity Bird Feeder provides a durable and functional solution for bird enthusiasts who want to attract and support various wild birds in their backyard. Its large capacity and accessible design make it a solid option, but potential buyers should be mindful of the possible challenges involving squirrels and raccoons.

YHIJURS Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

YHIJURS Bird Feeder

An ideal choice for attracting a variety of birds while keeping seeds fresh and safe from squirrels.


  • Durable metal construction, waterproof and rustproof
  • Suitable for different types of seeds to attract various bird species
  • Large capacity and retractable design – 6.2lbs


  • Not completely effective against squirrels
  • Can be challenging to clean
  • Seeds may clog feeder

Crafted with durable iron metal, the YHIJURS Bird Feeder offers a long-lasting option for feeding your local birds. The waterproof and rustproof design ensures that the feeder remains functional under various weather conditions, keeping your feathered friends well-fed all year round.

This bird feeder is designed to accommodate various seeds, attracting a multitude of bird species like cardinals, blue jays, or finches. With a 6.2-pound seed capacity, you won’t have to constantly refill it, ensuring the birds in your vicinity always have access to nourishment.

However, despite being advertised as squirrel-proof, this feeder may still be susceptible to these meddling creatures. While it deters larger birds and some squirrels, it is not entirely effective in keeping all unwanted visitors away. Additionally, the seed tray is quite narrow and can be difficult to clean, especially when it gets clogged with seeds.

In conclusion, the YHIJURS Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is a good investment for bird enthusiasts due to its durable construction and impressive seed capacity. However, it may not be the most effective choice in completely deterring squirrels, and the cleaning process could be a bit inconvenient. But if you can overlook these shortcomings, this feeder will provide a welcoming spot for beautiful birds to enjoy a meal in your backyard.

DesGully Bird Feeder

DesGully Bird Feeder

The DesGully Bird Feeder is an excellent choice for those seeking a durable and spacious feeder to attract blue jays and other birds to their garden.


  • Large 7 lbs seed capacity
  • Durable and weather-resistant design
  • Thoughtful features for various bird species


  • Water cups may require frequent refilling
  • Possible difficulty with the top section staying in place
  • Seed might empty quickly due to easy access

The DesGully Bird Feeder boasts a large seed capacity and a sturdy heavy-duty design, allowing you to attract a diverse array of birds, including blue jays, to your yard. Recently, after filling it up with a mix of different seeds, I observed numerous bird species drawn to its inviting design and spacious perches.

Not only is the feeder easy to fill and clean, but it also features a 360° seed outlet that lets birds access food effortlessly from all sides. It’s clear that this feeder has been thoughtfully designed with bird comfort in mind – the panoramic gazebo style provides rain protection and shade, while the round standing platform accommodates birds both large and small.

However, I’ve noticed that the feeder may have some drawbacks. The water cups included are prone to drying out quickly and filling up with debris. Additionally, although the top lock prevents animals from easily gaining access to the seeds, it may take some effort to secure it in place. Lastly, some users have found that the seeds may empty quite quickly due to how accessible they are to the birds.

Overall, the DesGully Bird Feeder provides an attractive and functional solution for attracting blue jays and other birds to your outdoor space. The feeder’s generous capacity and thoughtful design elements outweigh any minor cons, making it a valuable addition to any bird lover’s garden.

Naturesroom Blue Jay Feeder

Naturesroom Blue Jay Feeder

The Naturesroom Blue Jay Feeder is a solid choice for attracting large birds and keeping squirrels away from other feeders, thanks to its sturdy construction and unique design.


  • Durable and chew-proof steel material
  • Wreath design that is ideal for large birds
  • Easy to hang and fill with whole peanuts


  • Might require frequent refilling
  • Some users reported early rusting
  • Filling can be a bit challenging

The Naturesroom Blue Jay Feeder features a wreath-shaped design, making it particularly appealing to squirrels and various nut-loving birds like blue jays, woodpeckers, and northern cardinals. Constructed from high-quality steel, this feeder is resistant to chewing by squirrels, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The green power-coated finish adds an aesthetic touch and allows it to blend seamlessly into any outdoor area.

This bird feeder is quite simple to hang and fill with whole peanuts, thanks to its convenient 16-inch diameter and spiral ring tube. Birds and squirrels alike can easily pick peanuts from the feeder, providing an entertaining and educational experience for viewers of all ages. The hanging hook enables easy placement on garden gates, trees, sheds, or fence posts.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Some users have reported rusting in certain spots after just a couple of weeks. Also, this feeder may require daily refills as squirrels and birds tend to empty it quickly. Despite these minor issues, the Naturesroom Blue Jay Feeder remains an effective and enjoyable product for attracting large birds and keeping squirrels away from your other feeders.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best bird feeder for blue jays, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure a pleasant and successful bird-watching experience. Follow the guidelines below to make an informed decision:

Capacity and Size: Blue jays are large birds, and they usually travel in groups. Select a bird feeder with ample capacity to hold enough seed to accommodate multiple jays and minimize frequent refills. A spacious design that allows more birds to feed simultaneously is also ideal.

Material: The feeder’s material should be sturdy and durable since blue jays can peck aggressively. Metal, wood, and heavy-duty plastic are suitable choices, although metal is typically the most resilient option. Be sure the chosen feeder is also weather-resistant and easy to clean.

Type of Seed: Blue jays have a preference for certain types of seeds, such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, and cracked corn. Choose a bird feeder that can securely hold these types of seeds without spilling or causing waste.

Easy to Clean and Refill: Select a feeder with simple, accessible design features for efficient refilling and cleaning. Empty seed shells and droppings can accumulate over time and result in mold or bacterial growth if not cleaned regularly.

Squirrel-Proof Features: Blue jays have to compete with squirrels for food, so it’s wise to choose a bird feeder with squirrel-proof features. Such features could include weight-related mechanisms or baffles that prevent squirrels from accessing the seed.

Choosing Feeder Types

There are several types of bird feeders suitable for blue jays. Consider the following options:

  1. Hopper feeders – These feeders have a large seed capacity and allow multiple birds to feed at once. Ensure the hopper is made of durable materials to withstand blue jays’ rough eating habits.
  2. Tube feeders – Though blue jays may have some difficulty feeding from tube feeders due to their size, they can still use them. Choose a feeder with large perches and feeding ports to accommodate blue jays comfortably.
  3. Platform or tray feeders – These open-design feeders offer blue jays ample space to perch and eat comfortably. A mesh or drainage system should be included to prevent the accumulation of water and maintain seed quality.

Remember to consider the above factors and feeder types to provide an enjoyable experience for both you and the blue jays visiting your yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of feeders are most attractive to blue jays?

Blue jays are attracted to a variety of bird feeders, including platform, hopper, and ground feeders. They can easily perch on these feeders and access the food. Remember to clean the feeders and refill them regularly to maintain blue jays’ interest.

Which bird seed varieties are preferred by blue jays?

Blue jays have a preference for seeds such as sunflower seeds (both striped and black-oil varieties), peanuts (shelled and unshelled), cracked corn, and even small fruit pieces. Mixing these seeds in your bird feeder will attract blue jays.

How can I select a bird feeder that appeals to cardinals and blue jays?

To attract both cardinals and blue jays, opt for a platform or hopper feeder that has enough space to accommodate the birds’ size and offers easy access to food. It is also essential to provide various seed types such as sunflower seeds and peanuts.

What features in a ground feeder make it suitable for blue jays?

A suitable ground feeder for blue jays should have easy access to food, a wide and sturdy base for them to perch, and provide enough space to accommodate multiple birds. Placing the feeder near trees or shrubs may provide additional protection from predators while feeding.

Are platform bird feeders a good choice for blue jays?

Yes, platform bird feeders are an excellent choice for blue jays. These feeders offer easy access to food, allow multiple birds to feed simultaneously, and accommodate various seed types preferred by blue jays, such as sunflower seeds and peanuts.

Do hopper bird feeders attract blue jays?

Hopper bird feeders can indeed attract blue jays, as they provide an easy and convenient way for the birds to access various types of seeds. Make sure the hopper feeder has enough space for the blue jays to perch comfortably and refill it regularly to keep them coming back.

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