Best Bird Food for Sparrows: A Comprehensive Guide

Sparrows are one of the most common birds in North America, and they can be found in nearly every environment. They are omnivorous, which means that they eat a variety of foods, including insects, seeds, fruits, and grains.

Because sparrows are so common, many people like to feed them in their backyards. But not all bird food is created equal – some types of food are better for sparrows than others. In this article, we will discuss the best bird food for sparrows.

Top 7 Best Bird Food for Sparrows

1. Wagner’s 76027 Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food

Wagner's 76027 Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food

This bag contains premium black oil sunflower seeds, which are rich in essential nutrients that wild birds need. The shells are thin and easy for smaller birds to crack open, making this type of bird food ideal for all species, especially small songbirds such as finches, sparrows, juncos, and chickadees. 

The oil content of the black oil sunflower seeds provides a high energy source that smaller birds need during nesting season or when temperatures begin to drop.

This type of seed is also great for larger birds such as cardinals, jays, doves, and woodpeckers. 

The 25-pound bag comes with a handle on top for easy carrying and storage when not in use. The resealable zipper bag helps maintain freshness during months when you’re not using all of the seed in the bag.

To feed your feathered friends, simply pour some of the seed into a tray or platform feeder and place it outside near trees or bushes where birds may perch while eating.  

  • Rich in essential nutrientsnThin shells are easy to cracknHigh energy contentnResealable zipper bag for freshnessn
  • Not suitable for ground-feeding birdsn

2. Kimoe 5LB 100% Natural Non-GMO Dried mealworms-High-Protein for Birds

Kimoe 5LB 100% Natural Non-GMO Dried mealworms-High-Protein for Birds

Mealworms are an excellent source of protein. They offer more than 50% crude protein by weight, making them one of the best sources of animal protein out there. This is especially important if you have chickens or ducks that require additional protein in their diets to maintain their health and wellness. 

Kimoe’s dried mealworms are non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO). This means that they have not been genetically altered in any way, so you can be sure that your birds and other animals are getting the highest quality ingredients without any potentially harmful additives or chemicals. 

In addition to being a great source of protein, the mealworms from Kimoe also contain essential vitamins and minerals that help keep your birds healthy and happy.

These mealworms provide essential fatty acids such as omega-3s, which help support heart health.

They also contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, and manganese – all essential nutrients for promoting strong bones and feathers in birds.

Finally, they contain B vitamins such as thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6) biotin(B7) folate(B9).

All these vitamins work together to promote energy production in cells while supporting healthy brain function.

  • Non-GMOnHigh in proteinnContains essential vitamins and mineralsnRich in essential fatty acids like omega-3sn
  • Not suitable for birds with sensitive digestionnNot suitable for young or developing birdsn

3. Wagner’s 62053 Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food

Wagner's 62053 Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food

Nyjer seed (also referred to as thistle seed) is an oilseed that comes from a flower native to Africa and India. The seeds are high in fat content, making them an excellent source of energy for wild birds.

They are also rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are essential for bird health and growth. This Wagner’s Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Feed contains only the finest quality seeds so you can be sure you’re providing your birds with the nutrition they need.  

Nyjer seed is especially attractive to small songbirds such as finches, chickadees, grosbeaks, juncos, siskins, and goldfinches.

These birds have long slender bills which make them well suited to feeding on smaller seeds like Nyjer seed. Hummingbirds also love this type of seed because its tiny size makes it easy for them to eat quickly and efficiently.  

Wagner’s Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food comes in a 20-pound bag which will last quite some time if stored properly.

It should be kept in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture which can cause it to spoil more quickly. If possible store it in an airtight container or bag so that pests won’t be able to get into it.

Wagner’s Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food is an excellent choice if you want to attract small songbirds such as finches or chickadees to your backyard or garden area.

The tiny size of the seeds makes them ideal for these types of birds while their high-fat content provides them with lots of energy.

Just make sure you store them properly so they don’t spoil! With this 20-pound bag of delicious nyger seed, you’ll be able to provide your feathered friends with all the nutrition they need!

  • Attractive to small songbirds such as finches and chickadeesnRich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteinsnHigh-fat content provides energyn
  • Not suitable for birds with sensitive digestionn

4. Lyric Sunflower Kernels Wild Bird Seed

Lyric Sunflower Kernels Wild Bird Seed

The Lyric Sunflower Kernels Bird Seed is a no-waste blend that attracts a variety of wild birds while minimizing mess. The sunflower seeds in the blend are hulled and cracked so that there are no shells or hulls left behind in your yard or on your patio or balcony.

This helps keep your outdoor space clean and free from debris. Plus, it ensures that all of the seed gets consumed by hungry birds—so none goes to waste. 

This birdseed contains only the highest quality sunflower kernels available. Each kernel is packed with essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fat that provide energy to growing chickadees and other wild birds.

Plus, because it contains no fillers or artificial ingredients, you can rest assured knowing that you’re providing your feathered friends with an all-natural source of nutrition.  

This high-quality birdseed will attract a variety of species including finches, chickadees, jays, sparrows, and more! With its high nutrition content and delicious flavor profile, these wild birds won’t be able to resist stopping by for some snacks. You can even scatter the seed around trees or shrubs in order to attract an even wider array of species!                  

If you want to make sure that wild birds have access to healthy snacks year-round without leaving behind a mess in your yard or decking area then try out Lyric Sunflower Kernels Bird Seed!

This 5 lb bag contains a no-waste blend full of essential nutrients that will attract finches and other wild birds easily!

With its all-natural ingredients and convenient size, this birdseed is perfect for anyone who wants to bring some extra wildlife into their backyard this season!

  • 100% natural ingredientsnNo shells or hulls left behindnAttracts a variety of wild birdsn
  • Not suitable for larger bird speciesn

5. Wildlife Sciences High Energy Suet Cake

Wildlife Sciences High Energy Suet Cake

The Wildlife Sciences High Energy Suet Cake 10 Pack is the perfect solution. This pack of suet cakes contains a variety of ingredients that will bring a range of colorful birds right to your backyard. Here’s what makes this product so special. 

Wildlife Sciences designed their High Energy Suet Cakes with an array of ingredients that appeal to wild birds. This mix contains both insects and seeds, making it attractive to a wide variety of birds such as woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees, and more.

The mix also includes peanuts, sunflower chips, and millet—all favorites among wild birds. 

One of the biggest benefits of using this suet cake mix is that it provides high-quality nutrition for wild birds. The combination of protein-rich insects and energy-packed seeds provides much-needed calories for all types of wild birds, giving them the energy they need to stay healthy and active during colder months when food can be scarce.

Another benefit is that these suet cakes are easy to use—simply place them in your backyard feeder and wait for the feathered visitors! 

Wildlife Sciences High Energy Suet Cake 10 Pack works by providing an easy source of sustenance for hungry wild birds.

When placed in a bird feeder or on a platform feeder, the cakes attract a range of species that can brighten up any garden or backyard setting.

All you have to do is fill up the feeder with these delicious cakes and watch as your feathered guests come flocking!   

If you want to attract more beautiful wild birds into your garden then Wildlife Sciences High Energy Suet Cake 10 Pack is definitely a great choice!

With its high-quality ingredients and easy setup process, this pack is ideal for anyone who wants to bring more color into their outdoor space without having to do too much work.

  • Includes a variety of protein-rich ingredientsnHigh in energy and nutrition for birdsnAttracts a wide range of speciesnEasy to usen
  • Can be expensive if purchased on a regular basis.n

6. Backyard Seeds White Millet Bird

Backyard Seeds White Millet Bird

Backyard Seeds White Millet Bird Seed is filled with essential nutrients that are necessary for the health and well-being of finches and other small birds.

This bird seed contains high levels of protein, vitamins A and B, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, copper, and omega fatty acids.

These important nutrients help to provide birds with energy while also helping to maintain healthy bones, skin, and feathers. 

Finches often have delicate beaks that can make eating difficult. Fortunately, Backyard Seeds White Millet Bird Seed is specially formulated to be easy on those delicate beaks. The millet seeds are small enough that they can easily be eaten by finches without any difficulty or discomfort.

This ensures that your feathered friends get all the nutrition they need without having to struggle just to eat their food. 

Backyard Seeds White Millet Bird Seed comes in an 8-pound bag which will last you a long time—and it won’t break the bank either!

This bird seed costs significantly less than most comparable brands on the market today which makes it an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers who want quality bird food at a great price.  

Backyard Seeds White Millet Bird Seed for Finches is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to provide their feathered friends with nutritious food at an affordable price.

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals as well as being easy on delicate beaks, this bird seed will ensure that your finches remain healthy and happy while saving you money in the long run!

  • Contains essential vitamins and mineralsnEasy on delicate beaksnAffordable pricen
  • Not suitable for larger birds such as parrots or macaws. n

7. Lyric 2647464 Peanut Pieces Wild Bird Food

Lyric 2647464 Peanut Pieces Wild Bird Food

When it comes to providing your backyard birds with a healthy diet, nothing beats Lyric Peanut Pieces Wild Bird Food, 5 lb.

This product contains a rich blend of peanuts and sunflower seeds which provide essential nutrients that help support strong bones and muscles.

Additionally, the pieces are easy for birds to digest and are small enough for even the smallest species of birds.

Furthermore, this bird food is free from fillers such as corn or wheat which can be difficult for some birds to digest. 

Lyric Peanut Wild Bird Food, 5 lb is an excellent source of nutrition for both wild and domesticated birds alike.

Because it is fortified with vitamins A and E as well as calcium carbonate, your feathered friends will be getting all of the essential nutrients they need in order to stay healthy and active.

Plus, its enticing aroma will draw in more birds than ever before! So if you’re looking for a great way to increase the number of birds in your backyard or garden then look no further than Lyric Peanut Pieces Wild Bird Food, 5 lb! 

All in all, Lyric Peanut Wild Bird Food, 5lb is an excellent choice when it comes to providing nutritious meals for your feathered friends.

Not only does it contain essential vitamins and minerals needed by birds but also it has an attractive aroma that will attract even more wild birds into your garden or backyard.

Plus, since it contains no fillers like wheat or corn – unlike most other bird foods – you can rest assured that your little guys are getting only the best nutrition possible!

  • Contains essential vitamins and mineralsnAttractive aroma that attracts wild birdsnNo fillers like wheat or cornn
  • May be more expensive than other bird foodsn


When it comes to deciding on the best bird food for sparrows, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Ultimately, the right option largely depends on what type of sparrow you’re caring for and their individual needs.

However, there are a few key things to remember when selecting feed: provide variety, always offer fresh water, and avoid overfeeding.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that sparrows are omnivores and need both seeds and insects in their diet for proper nutrition.

With the right combination of seeds, insects, and other ingredients, you can give your sparrow the nutrition it needs to thrive.

With a bit of knowledge, you can provide your sparrow with all the necessary nutrients to keep them happy and healthy for years to come.


What is the best birdseed for sparrows?

The best birdseed for sparrows is a combination of high-quality seeds, such as sunflower seed, millet, and safflower seeds. Additionally, live insects like mealworms are also great sources of protein and nutrition for sparrows.

How do I attract more sparrows?

The best way to attract more sparrows is by providing a reliable food source. Placing bird feeders filled with a variety of seeds and live insects in your yard can attract many different species of birds, including sparrows. Additionally, adding trees and shrubs can provide shelter for the birds and make your yard an even more attractive habitat.

What time of day do sparrows feed?

Sparrows typically feed throughout the day and night, but they are particularly active during the morning and late afternoon. During the summer months, sparrows may also be more active in the evening to take advantage of cooler temperatures.

Do sparrows need fresh water?

Yes, sparrows need a constant source of fresh water for drinking and bathing. Providing a birdbath or small pond in your yard can encourage sparrows to stay around, as they need regular access to water to survive.
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