The Ultimate Guide to the Best Bird Toys for Cockatiels: 10 Picks for Happy Birds

Cockatiels are delightful birds that make for wonderful companions. They are highly social, intelligent, and active creatures, which is why it’s important to provide them with a variety of toys and activities to keep them entertained.

Toys not only stimulate their minds but also improve their physical health as they encourage exercise and exploration.

Today we’ll discuss some of the best bird toys for cockatiels, their benefits, and how to choose the right one for your feathered friend.

List of Top 10 Best Bird Toys for Cockatiels

Check out our comparison table of the top 10 best bird toys for cockatiels or just scroll down to see each review:

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1. Super Bird Creations SB747 Mini Flying Trapeze Bird Toy

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This trapeze bird toy is designed for small birds such as canaries, finches, parakeets, cockatiels, and lovebirds – or any other variety that fits within the recommended size range (6” x 7” x 9”).

The trapeze bar is made from natural wood, which helps to keep beaks busy and strong. This toy also features bright colors that appeal to birds of all life stages. 

The hanging hardware included with this product allows you to easily hang it in the cage. The toys feature multiple pieces that can be rearranged to create different play patterns each time.

There are four colorful wooden beads that slide on the trapeze bar along with two colorful vine balls attached by faux suede laces.

Your bird will enjoy batting them around and exploring all their different features. The bright colors will help keep your bird engaged and interested in playing with this toy every day. 

As an enrichment item, this trapeze bird toy helps relieve boredom for your pet while providing important mental stimulation as they explore their environment through playtime activities.

It encourages activity like swinging or climbing which are both essential aspects of a bird’s behavior in the wild.

Playing keeps your bird’s muscles active and healthy so it can stay agile even when confined inside a small space such as a cage or aviary enclosure.

Plus, because it attaches to the cage walls you don’t have to worry about your pet knocking it over during playtime! There are lots of ways they can interact with this fun-filled contraption! 

The Super Bird Creations SB747 Mini Flying Trapeze Bird Toy is made from safe materials including natural wood, plastic beads, metal hardware and faux suede laces that won’t harm your pet in any way if chewed on or swallowed accidentally.

All these materials have been tested for safety before being approved for use in producing these toys so you know you’re getting something reliable when buying from this brand!

Plus, all pieces are securely fastened together so there’s no risk of them becoming loose during playtime activities either!  

  • Natural wood construction for beak-strengthening activities.
  • Multiple pieces can be rearranged for variety in play patterns.
  • Bright colors to help keep your pet engaged.
  • Encourages activity such as swinging and climbing.
  • Not suitable for larger birds.
  • Could be challenging to install in some cages.

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2. Prevue Hendryx 62801 Naturals Coco Bird Toy

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The Coco Hideaway Bird Toy is made from 100% natural materials, which makes it environmentally friendly. It consists of a ladder-shaped hideaway made out of woven coconut fiber and sisal rope.

This allows your feathered friend to climb up and down the ladder while enjoying its textured surface. This helps to provide physical exercise as well as mental stimulation.

The dimensions of the toy are 12 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide, so it will fit into most cages easily. 

One of the best features of this bird toy is its easy installation; you can attach it to your cage in no time with its quick-link attachment.

It also comes with two hanging rings that let you suspend it from different points in your cage if desired.

The ladder shape also encourages your bird to hop up and down while exploring its new environment.

It also has several wooden pieces attached to it that provide additional textures for them to explore. This helps keep them occupied for hours on end! 

The product is made from durable materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear—which means that your feathered friend can enjoy their new toy for a long time without any issues!

It is also resistant to moisture, so it won’t get damaged by accidental spills or splashes from water bowls or baths.

Furthermore, since it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or other harmful substances, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety when using this product.  

  • Made from 100% natural materials.
  • Quick-link attachment for easy installation.
  • Durable and resistant to moisture.
  • Contains no toxic or harmful substances.
  • Not suitable for larger birds such as parrots or macaws.

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3. Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy

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The Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy is made with all-natural materials that your bird would find in their natural environment—like colorful palm leaves formed into a fun pineapple shape your bird will love!

Plus, they offer various colors to choose from so you can pick the one that best suits your bird’s personality and preferences.

All the materials used are non-toxic and safe for birds so you can rest assured knowing that your feathered friend is well taken care of when playing with this toy.  

This toy encourages healthy behaviors such as exploration, problem-solving, and physical activity since it requires birds to use their beaks to pull out the colorful pieces inside.

This helps keep their minds sharp and active while giving them something fun to do each day.

It also promotes positive behaviors by rewarding them with tasty treats hidden inside once they have completed their task!

And since it’s made out of durable materials, it will last for years despite its constant use – making it an excellent investment both in terms of cost and time spent entertaining your pet.  

This product was designed specifically for medium-sized birds (such as parakeets or cockatiels) so make sure you take measurements before purchasing if you have an unusually large or small pet!

The measurements are 8″ x 8″ x 8″ which should make it suitable for most medium-sized birds out there – though do double-check before buying just to ensure it’s right for your pet!  

  • Made with all-natural, non-toxic materials
  • Encourages exploration, problem-solving and physical activity
  • Durable and designed for medium-sized birds
  • Not suitable for larger birds (though measurements can be checked before purchase)

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4. Benvo Rattan Balls Wicker Ball Birds

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These rattan balls are made from 100% natural material and are safe for animals to play with and chew on. The natural material is also ideal for crafts DIYers who want to create something special using quality materials.

They won’t break easily and will be durable enough to last through multiple projects. 

With 32 pieces included in this set, you’ll have plenty of rattan balls on hand for whatever project you decide to undertake.

Whether it’s a pet toy or vase filler, you’ll have enough pieces available to complete your project without having to worry about running out of material. 

This pack includes brightly colored rattan balls in blue, pink, yellow, green and more! The vibrant colors make them perfect for craft projects that require color contrast or as a stand-alone decorative element.

They will surely bring life into any room they’re placed in!  

The uses for these rattan balls are virtually endless! Pet owners can use them as toys while crafts DIYers can use them as decorations or components of other creations.

You can even use them as vase fillers if you’re looking for something unique and stylish! No matter what the purpose is, these rattan balls will not disappoint. 

The quality assurance offered by Benvo ensures that every piece of their product is made with precision and care. That means no loose threads, no messy edges, and no defects—just top-notch quality products delivered directly to your door!

With their commitment to high standards, you can rest assured that your purchase will provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction.  

  • Made from 100% natural material
  • Perfect for pet toys and vase fillers
  • Includes 32 pieces in various vibrant colors
  • Quality assurance offered by Benvo
  • Can be a bit pricey for some budgets

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5. Niteangel Natural Living Playground for Birds

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Birds are playful creatures by nature, so having different toys in their cage will keep them occupied and help keep their minds sharp.

This activity center from Niteangel provides birds with plenty of activities to do that not only stimulate their brains but also offer them physical exercise.

This product can also be placed on top of the cage to give birds a change of scenery and make them feel like they have more space to explore. 

This activity center measures 13-3/4-inch in length, 9-7/8-inch in width, and 10-1/2-inch in height, making it the perfect size for parrots or other medium-sized birds.

The natural wood material used ensures that the product is safe and non-toxic while providing birds with an enjoyable texture they can interact with.

With multiple rope perches as well as ladders, swings, and rings all included in one product, this activity center gives your bird plenty of ways to play and stay active. 

For its price point, this activity center offers tremendous value for money compared to similar products on the market today.

For pet owners who want to get their birds something special without breaking the bank, this activity center from Niteangel is definitely worth considering.

Not only does it provide hours of entertainment for your feathered friend but it’s also built from high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last through years of use.  

  • Natural wood material is safe and non-toxic
  • Includes multiple rope perches, ladders, swings, and rings
  • Can be placed on top of the cage for extra space
  • Affordable price point
  • Not suitable for larger birds
  • Some pieces may detach easily over time

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6. Prevue Hendryx 62803 Naturals Coco Rope Mini Bird Toy

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This toy is made from 100 percent natural and sustainable materials, so you can trust that it’s safe for your bird to play with.

The main material used is coconut fiber rope which is durable enough to withstand hours of rugged playtime.

It also has other natural elements such as vegetable tanned leather strips, colorful wooden pieces, palm leaf weaving caps, sisal rope strands, and soft cotton rope strands.

All these different materials will provide your pet with a variety of textures to explore and help keep him entertained. 

The Prevue Hendryx Naturals Coco Rope Mini Bird Toy comes with a quick-link attachment which makes it easy to attach the toy to the cage or any other area where you want your bird to play.

The quick-link attachment also makes it easy to take off when cleaning or when changing toys around in the cage. 

Your pet will benefit greatly from all the mental stimulation this toy provides as well as from its physical activity capabilities.

Not only does it give your pet something interesting to chew on but it also helps keep his beak trimmed down so he won’t have any overgrown nails or cuticles.

This toy encourages foot exercise because of its various shapes and sizes that your pet must maneuver through when playing with it.

Additionally, this toy helps improve fine motor skills as he works through each element of the toy with his claws or beak in order to get at hidden treats if you choose to hide them inside!  

  • Made with 100% natural materials
  • Features multiple textures and shapes to stimulate your pet
  • Quick-link attachment allows for easy installation and removal
  • Encourages physical activity, fine motor skills, and mental stimulation
  • May not be as durable as other bird toys on the market.

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7. JW Pet Company Activitoys Fun House Mirror Bird Toy

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The JW Pet Bird Toy is brightly colored with mirrored panels, plastic beads, and an acrylic ring.

It is available in large or extra-large sizes, so if you have a smaller-sized bird, you can purchase the smaller size for them to play with safely.

The small size measures 3 inches long by 3 inches wide while the larger version measures 7 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Both sizes have a link chain attached for easy hanging from your bird’s cage and come with assorted colors that vary from one item to the next. 

This fun toy offers birds plenty of interactive activities including mirrors, toys, and spinning fun!

Your bird can use both feet to hold onto the acrylic ring while they move around it to see their reflection in the mirror or try to get to the plastic beads inside of it.

The bright colors and multiple textures provide hours of entertainment that help reduce boredom and stimulate their senses.

Plus, this toy is lightweight so you can easily hang it where it won’t obstruct your bird’s movement as they explore their environment.

The JW Pet Bird Toy is made from durable materials that are designed for long-term use without fraying or tearing.

To clean this fun toy, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap when needed, followed by a dry cloth afterward.

Be sure not to submerge it in water as that could cause damage or deterioration over time and make sure it’s completely dry before hanging back up again in your pet’s cage. 

The JW Pet Bird Toy is unlike any other bird toy on the market. It features three mirrors, each with a different reflection, that will provide hours of entertainment for your feathered friend.

The material used in this toy is a nylon reflective surface that provides the mirror functionality.

In addition to being entertaining, this toy also helps stimulate your bird’s mind and body while encouraging play and physical activity!

Birds love interactive toys, as they help keep them occupied and mentally engaged.

This particular toy is great because it encourages physical activity as well as mental stimulation. As an added bonus, it comes in several different colors so you can choose one that matches your bird’s personality!

Not only will this be fun for your pet but it also looks great in their enclosure or cage.

Plus, the price point makes this an affordable option for all pet owners out there who are looking to give their birds something special. 

  • Comes in large and extra-large sizes
  • Easy to hang up with link chain
  • Made from durable materials
  • Lightweight design won’t obstruct your bird’s movement
  • Three mirrors, each with a different reflection provide hours of entertainment
  • Stimulates your bird’s mind and body
  • Several different colors to choose from
  • Affordable price point
  • Can be difficult to clean without submerging it in water, which could cause damage over time

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8. JW Birdie Basketball Bird Toy

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The JW Birdie Basketball has a unique design that promotes both physical and mental stimulation in birds. It features a mirrored surface which encourages birds to interact with their reflection.

Additionally, its bright colors are visually stimulating and attractive to birds, making it more enjoyable for them to use. Its size also allows it to be used by parakeets, cockatiels, and other birds of similar sizes. 

The JW Birdie Basketball is designed with the well-being of your bird in mind.

With its durable construction, it can withstand accidental bumps from your pet bird without breaking or becoming damaged easily.

The material used is also non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful substances being introduced into your pet’s environment.

Furthermore, its design allows for easy cleaning – just use warm water and soap – so you can ensure that the toy remains clean for your feathered friend’s health and safety. 

The toy also features some interactive elements such as bells which add an extra layer of stimulation for your pet bird.

Additionally, there are some hidden treats inside the basketball which encourage exploration and promote positive reinforcement when they are found by your bird! 

  • Features a durable construction
  • Comes in bright colors which are attractive to birds
  • Non-toxic material
  • Easy to clean
  • Has interactive elements such as bells and hidden treats
  • It is only suitable for small birds such as parakeets and cockatiels, not larger ones.

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9. 1839 Foraging Star Bonka Bird Toys

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The Foraging Star Bonka Bird Toys are made from colorful vine wood that is suitable for small to medium-sized birds, such as Quaker Parrots, Budgies, and Finches.

The sturdy frame contains multiple layers of shredding materials, including sisal rope and paper rope for your bird to chew on.

This design helps keep your bird entertained and gives them something to do if they’re feeling bored or uninterested in their environment. 

The toy itself is also designed to be durable so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

The vine wood is strong enough to handle your bird’s chewing habits without warping or cracking over time.

Plus, the toy comes with an included hook that allows you to easily attach it to a perch or cage bars for easy access. 

On top of being durable and long-lasting, these toys also come with interactive features that will captivate your bird’s attention.

The colorful vine wood provides an interesting texture that encourages your bird to explore and chew on the toy more intensely than other types of materials would.

In addition, the multiple layers of shredding materials stimulate your bird’s foraging instincts as they work their way through each layer in search of hidden treats or surprises. This can help keep them mentally engaged and reduce boredom throughout the day. 

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Interactive features that encourage exploration
  • Includes hook to easily attach to perches or cage bars
  • Not suitable for larger birds such as Cockatiels or Macaws.

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10. Wild Harvest Sunrise Rope Toy For Parakeets

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With its vibrant colors and unique design, the Wild Harvest Sunrise Rope Toy is sure to capture your pet bird’s attention.

The colorful wooden blocks are made from durable wood that won’t splinter or break easily, making them safe for your pet bird to chew on without worry.

The bright colors also make it easier for birds to spot in their cages so they can start playing right away. 

The rope toy is designed with an adjustable length so it can fit any size cage, making it easy to customize and install.

It also features two different types of materials – cotton rope and sisal – which both provide different textures that your pet bird will enjoy exploring with their beak and claws.

And since the rope material is biodegradable and non-toxic, your pet bird won’t have to worry about any potential health issues caused by chewing on the toy. 

The Wild Harvest Sunrise Rope Toy also comes with a variety of accessories that add even more fun and excitement to playtime!

These include a bell, a mirror, some colorful beads, and other fun items that are sure to keep your pet bird occupied for hours on end.

Plus, they’re all made from non-toxic materials that are safe for birds of all sizes! 

  • Vibrant colors and unique design
  • Durable wood won’t splinter or break easily
  • Easy to customize and install
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic materials
  • Comes with a variety of accessories
  • May be too small for larger birds like cockatiels.

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How To Choose The Best Toy For Your Cockatiel

It’s important to keep in mind that different toys serve different purposes. Some are designed for chewing, while others are designed for climbing or exploring. It’s important to keep your cockatiel’s size and activity level in mind when selecting a toy.

Larger birds may require bigger toys, and more active birds will need more stimulating activities. Additionally, it’s important to select a toy that is safe and non-toxic, as some materials can be harmful to your bird.

Chewable Toys

Cockatiels love to chew, so it’s important to provide them with plenty of chewable toys. Chewable toys help keep their beaks trim and strong, and they also help add variety to their diets.

Cotton rope toys

These are simple yet effective toys that can be hung in the cage or clipped to a perch. Cotton ropes provide a great source of entertainment for your bird as it chews through the material.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys provide a great source of mental stimulation for your cockatiel. Not only do they help stimulate their minds, but they also provide an outlet for chewing.

Leather toys

Leather is a durable material that not only appeals to birds, but it’s also relatively safe and non-toxic. Choose a toy made out of natural leather as it’s safer for your bird than synthetic materials.

Exploratory Toys

Cockatiels are highly inquisitive creatures, so providing them with toys that encourage exploration is important.

Exploratory toys can help keep their minds engaged and active, which is essential for their mental health. Some popular exploratory toys include:

-Foraging toys: These toys are designed to be filled with treats or food, which encourages your cockatiel to forage for their food.

Not only does this provide a great source of stimulation, but it also helps keep them physically active as they search for their treats.

-Mirrors: Mirrors are great toys as they provide an outlet for exploration, as well as help keep your cockatiel entertained.

-Puzzle Toys: Puzzle toys are a great way to challenge your bird’s mind and keep them engaged. Choose a puzzle toy that is the appropriate size for your cockatiel and make sure it’s made out of safe, non-toxic materials.


Keeping your cockatiel entertained and engaged with a variety of toys is essential for its mental health. Super Bird Creations SB747 Mini Flying Trapeze Bird Toy is one of the best bird toys for cockatiels available on the market today.

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This product is easy to install, durable, and features colorful pieces that will keep your bird entertained for hours.

The SB747 Mini Flying Trapeze Bird Toy is an excellent choice to keep your cockatiel occupied and stimulated.


How do you attract birds to a bird feeder in Florida?

Attracting birds to your bird feeder in Florida is a fun and rewarding experience! Providing the ideal habitat is the key, so start by making sure your feeder is placed in an area with tall trees nearby for protection from predators. Plant native plants and trees around the feeder for additional food sources and places for nesting. Consider planting flowers to provide nectar for hummingbirds or providing water sources such as a shallow birdbath or fountain. Once all this is in place, fill your feeder with high-energy seed mixes like black-oil sunflower, millet, and cracked corn – all favorites of Florida’s birds. Make sure you keep the seed fresh, as well as clean up fallen seeds before they spoil; birds are more likely to visit your feeder if it looks inviting! With these tips, you can attract many feathered friends to your backyard in no time.

Is it illegal to feed birds in FL?

Feeding birds in Florida can be a fun, entertaining activity that gives us the chance to connect with our feathered friends. However, it’s important to know that there are certain laws in place when it comes to this activity. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, it is illegal to feed certain species of wild or native birds without a permit – this includes their food, nesting material and any other type of enticement. Though it may not seem severe, feeding these types of birds could potentially create negative consequences such as encouraging disease or making the birds overly dependent on human interaction. To ensure we have healthy and happy birds in Florida, make sure you’re aware of the feeding regulations before giving them a snack.

Should bird feeders be in the sun or shade?

Deciding whether to put outdoor bird feeders in the sun or shade is an important decision for any bird lover. Each option has its merits, but one must consider several factors when making the choice. Sun-exposed feeders will be more quickly filled with birds coming to eat, however this also means that seed may spoil more quickly in warmer temperatures. On the other hand, feeders in a shady location often mean less competition for food so birds will likely stay longer and use their energy for feather moulting or nest building instead of competing with each other. Regardless of the decision, it’s important to remember to cover bird food against rain and provide fresh drinking water year-round. This way, birds can enjoy meals regardless of their location!

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