Best Blue Jay Peanut Feeder: Top Picks for 2023

We have compiled a list of the top blue jay peanut feeders available in the market. These feeders are specially designed to cater to the feeding preferences of blue jays and ensure a delightful backyard bird watching experience.

Best Blue Jay Peanut Feeders

Through extensive research and testing, we have identified several top-performing blue jay peanut feeders suitable for various preferences and budgets.

Let us guide you through our findings to help you select the perfect feeder to attract these charming birds to grace your outdoor spaces.

Naturesroom Blue Jay Peanut Feeder

Naturesroom Blue Jay Peanut Feeder

The Naturesroom Blue Jay Peanut Feeder is a great addition for bird enthusiasts looking to attract large birds and squirrels with its unique wreath design and durable construction.


  • Easy to hang and fill with whole peanuts
  • Made of high-quality steel, durable and chew-proof
  • Attracts a wide variety of large birds and squirrels


  • Some users reported rusting issues in a short period
  • May require frequent refilling due to high demand from wildlife
  • Challenging to fill for some users

The Naturesroom Blue Jay Peanut Feeder is specially designed for attracting larger nut-loving birds and squirrels. The unique wreath shape and spiral ring tube make it easy for wildlife to pick their treats and helps to keep them away from other bird feeders in your outdoor area.

Constructed with high-quality steel and coated with a green powder finish, this feeder is both durable and chew-proof. It features a hanging hook for easy installation on a garden gate, tree, shed, or fence post, and measures 16″ in diameter.

Parents, children, and viewers of all ages will enjoy watching the flurry of large birds like Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, and Northern Cardinals, amongst others, as well as squirrels, while they snack on the whole peanuts you provide. It offers a fun and educational experience, especially during the winter months when food may be scarce for them.

One downside to consider, however, is that some users noticed rusting in a few spots within a short period of time. Additionally, the feeder may need to be refilled frequently due to the high demand from the birds and squirrels. Lastly, a few users found it challenging to fill with peanuts.

Despite these minor issues, the Naturesroom Blue Jay Peanut Feeder proves to be an engaging and eco-friendly gift for bird lovers and those who appreciate watching wildlife in their outdoor spaces. The unique design and durable materials make it an enjoyable and long-lasting addition to your yard.

Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder

Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder

The Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder is a reliable and easy-to-use option for attracting Blue Jays and Cardinals with its large capacity and two-tiered chambers.


  • Large openings for peanuts and sunflower seeds
  • Two-tiered chambers to keep different nuts separate
  • Attracts larger birds like Blue Jays and Cardinals


  • Smaller than other similar feeders
  • A bit challenging to fill
  • Hanging loop may not be very durable

The Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder is perfect for those who enjoy watching Blue Jays, Cardinals, and other larger birds feed in their backyard. The feeder has large openings that make it easy for the birds to access peanuts, sunflower seeds, and tropical bird food mix. Its two-tiered chambers are great for keeping nuts separate, ensuring a good variety for the visiting birds.

However, this feeder is smaller than other similar styles feeders, which may be disappointing for some users. Filling the feeder can be a bit challenging, as the top has to be unscrewed and removed to access the two compartments. This is not a deal-breaker, but it could be a potential inconvenience for some users.

Another issue reported by customers is the durability of the hanging loop, which may break within a couple of days. While this could be a one-off issue, it’s something to keep in mind when purchasing.

Overall, the Keyfit Tools Blue Jay Feeder is an excellent choice for those who want to attract larger birds to their yard with a feeder that accommodates nuts like peanuts and sunflower seeds. Despite the cons, it is a worthy addition to any bird lover’s collection, providing enjoyable bird-watching experiences.

Songbird Essentials Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder

Songbird Essentials Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder

A great feeder for blue jays and squirrels, designed to hold whole unsalted peanuts, keeping them entertained and away from other bird feeders.


  • Holds whole unsalted peanuts for birds and squirrels
  • Basic black color blends well with surroundings
  • Durable metal construction


  • Might not deter all squirrels from bird feeders
  • Can be difficult for some birds to access peanuts
  • Requires frequent refilling due to size and popularity

The Songbird Essentials Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder is perfect for those looking to attract blue jays and keep squirrels entertained in their backyard. The feeder’s basic black color allows it to blend seamlessly into the surroundings, so birds and squirrels don’t feel threatened when approaching the feeder. Its durable metal construction ensures it’ll last for a while, providing ample entertainment for wildlife.

However, it’s important to note that while the feeder is designed to keep squirrels away from your other bird feeders, it might not work for all squirrels. Some may still find ways to access your other feeders, so it’s not a foolproof squirrel deterrent. Additionally, some birds may find it difficult to access the peanuts inside the wreath feeder, causing frustration. Lastly, due to its size and the popularity of the peanuts, you may find yourself refilling the feeder often, as the supply is quickly depleted.

Overall, the Songbird Essentials Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder is a solid choice for those looking to provide food and entertainment for blue jays and squirrels in their backyard. Its design and durable construction make it a worthwhile investment, albeit with a few potential drawbacks.

Pink Bench Squirrel Feeder

Pink Bench Squirrel Feeder

This Pink Bench Squirrel Feeder offers an excellent solution for feeding both blue jays and squirrels, with its appealing design and included peanuts.


  • Easy-to-fill design
  • Festive red color that attracts wildlife
  • Bundle includes unsalted peanuts


  • Spiral wire might require some effort to remove peanuts
  • May not deter squirrels from other feeders completely
  • Limited to whole peanut feeding

I recently hung up the Pink Bench Squirrel Feeder in my backyard, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up. The festive red color caught the attention of several blue jays and squirrels in no time. With its simple design, filling the feeder with the included unsalted peanuts was a breeze.

I appreciate that the feeder’s spiral wire requires a bit of effort for animals to remove peanuts, keeping them occupied and entertained. However, it’s worth noting that some squirrels might still venture to other bird feeders in search of easier food. Additionally, this feeder works best with whole peanuts, so if you want to provide other types of food, this may not be the ideal option.

Overall, the Pink Bench Squirrel Feeder is a great addition to any backyard, attracting blue jays and squirrels with its bright red color and providing them with a fun way to enjoy their favorite snack. Just bear in mind that this feeder may not completely deter squirrels from your other bird feeders, and you’ll mostly be limited to feeding whole peanuts.

FazCo Peanut Bird Feeder Hanging

FazCo Peanut Bird Feeder

An ideal choice for nature enthusiasts who want to attract a variety of birds and mammals while adding a decorative touch to their outdoor space.


  • Multi-purpose: attracts various bird species and can be used as seasonal decoration
  • Durable: powder-coated metal ensures weather resistance and longevity
  • Easy to use: simple filling and hanging mechanism for convenient feeding


  • Limited capacity: can only hold up to 1.2 lbs of peanuts or 10-12 suet balls at a time
  • Potentially fragile: not the sturdiest option for heavy or aggressive feeders
  • Space between metal rings might be restrictive for some birds and squirrels

The FazCo Peanut Bird Feeder Hanging is a versatile and practical addition to any garden or patio. The unique wreath design not only attracts a range of bird species but also doubles as a seasonal decoration. Its powder-coated metal construction ensures that the feeder stays rust-free and weathers harsh outdoor conditions well throughout the seasons.

The feeder is easy to use – simply open the spring ring’s hook and fill it with whole peanuts or suet balls before closing and hanging it in an accessible location. The included lightweight and durable iron bird feeder chain allows you to hang the feeder from various spots, both indoors and outdoors. However, it’s worth noting that the feeder’s capacity is somewhat limited, accommodating around 10-12 standard-sized suet balls or 1.2 lbs of whole peanuts.

While many users find the FazCo Peanut Bird Feeder Hanging to be an attractive and functional addition to their outdoor space, some have noted that it might be too fragile for more assertive feeders like squirrels. In addition, the spacing between the metal rings could be restrictive for some birds or squirrels trying to access the peanuts.

Overall, the FazCo Peanut Bird Feeder Hanging is a stylish and practical solution for attracting a variety of birds and squirrels to your outdoor space. Its multi-purpose design and ease of use make it a desirable choice, but consider the feeder’s capacity and potential durability concerns when making your purchase.

Birds Choice Whole Peanut Blue Jay Feeder

Birds Choice Whole Peanut Blue Jay Feeder

This feeder is a reliable and eco-friendly option for attracting Blue Jays and Woodpeckers with whole peanuts.


  • Bird-friendly design with large holes for easy peanut access
  • Durable recycled poly-lumber construction
  • Convenient hinged roof for easy refilling


  • May take some time for birds to learn how to use it
  • Potential for overeating if filled to the top
  • No instructions for cable hanger setup

The Birds Choice Whole Peanut Blue Jay Feeder is designed for attracting Blue Jays and Woodpeckers while providing an enjoyable experience for both you and the birds. With large holes in the thick acrylic panels, birds can easily extract the peanuts, making it an engaging and entertaining way to observe them.

Constructed from recycled poly-lumber, the feeder is not only environmentally friendly but also highly durable, ensuring that it won’t fade, crack, or split over time. The green roof and taupe base give an aesthetic appeal, while the hinged roof design allows for easy refilling of whole peanuts.

However, it may take some time for birds to learn how to use this feeder. Also, if filled to the top, there might be a chance of birds overeating. Additionally, the cable hanger does not come with instructions for proper setup, so be prepared to do some research on your own.

In conclusion, the Birds Choice Whole Peanut Blue Jay Feeder is an excellent investment for those looking to attract Blue Jays and Woodpeckers by providing whole peanuts in a durable and eco-friendly feeder. With its bird-friendly design and easy-to-use features, it’s a great addition to any backyard or outdoor space.

CountryMax Backyard Seeds Raw Peanuts

Backyard Seeds Raw Peanuts

The CountryMax Backyard Seeds Raw Peanuts provide an excellent source of energy and protein for backyard birds, making them a great purchase for bird enthusiasts.


  • Attracts a variety of birds, especially Blue Jays and Woodpeckers
  • Offers a high-quality source of protein and unsaturated fats
  • May help deter squirrels from bird feeders by providing them with their own food source


  • Some bags may contain moldy peanuts
  • Inconsistent quality with more empty shells in certain bags
  • In some cases, orders might arrive with less than the stated amount of peanuts

CountryMax Backyard Seeds Raw Peanuts are designed to appeal to a wide range of wild birds. Blue Jays and Woodpeckers are particularly fond of them, so if you are looking to attract these species, these peanuts would be a perfect choice. They are packed with protein and unsaturated fats, providing essential nutrients for your backyard visitors to stay healthy and active.

One advantage of offering these peanuts is that they might be effective in keeping squirrels away from bird feeders. Many wildlife enthusiasts claim that providing a designated food source for squirrels can discourage them from raiding bird feeders. So, if you’re dealing with persistent squirrel issues, giving CountryMax peanuts a try might be a practical solution.

However, while there are many positives, a few issues have been reported. Some customers have mentioned receiving bags of peanuts with mold or other quality problems. Additionally, a few reviews claim that there are more empty shells in certain bags compared to others. Although these issues seem to be isolated cases, it is something to be aware of before purchasing the product.

In summary, the CountryMax Backyard Seeds Raw Peanuts are an excellent choice for attracting Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, and other wild birds to your backyard, due to their high protein and unsaturated fat content. The potential benefits of deterring squirrels from bird feeders make them an even more attractive option. However, be prepared to encounter occasional quality issues.

JCs Wildlife PB Pit Stop Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

JCs Wildlife PB Pit Stop Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

A solid choice for attracting blue jays and woodpeckers with the convenience of using 40 oz peanut butter jars.


  • Accommodates large peanut butter jars
  • Easy jar installation
  • Made in the USA


  • Limited to only peanut butter
  • May attract squirrels
  • Only one customer review

I recently tried the JCs Wildlife PB Pit Stop Peanut Butter Bird Feeder, and it was an interesting addition to my backyard bird feeding setup. The feeder is designed to hold peanut butter jars up to 40 oz, which makes refilling simple and quick. I appreciated how easy it was just to slide an open jar under the roof to provide an instant snack for my feathered friends.

The design is straightforward but effective, bringing woodpeckers and blue jays straight to the feeder for a healthy and protein-rich meal. Just as the product claims, I was able to observe increased visits from woodpeckers and blue jays that seemed to enjoy the available treat.

However, there are some drawbacks to this product. Since it exclusively caters to peanut butter, it lacks versatility in offering different foods for a more diverse bird population. Additionally, the feeder doesn’t seem to have any squirrel-proofing features, which could be a problem if you have squirrels in the area competing for the peanut butter. Lastly, the product only has one customer rating on Amazon, which means it may not have been widely tested yet by other users.

In conclusion, the JCs Wildlife PB Pit Stop Peanut Butter Bird Feeder is a decent option if you want to attract blue jays and woodpeckers specifically but may not work as efficiently in serving a broader range of bird species or deterring unwanted squirrels.

JCs Wildlife Poly Lumber Hanging Whole Peanut Feeder (Green and Tan)

JCs Wildlife Poly Lumber Hanging Whole Peanut Feeder

Ideal for attracting a variety of birds, this eco-friendly and durable JCs Wildlife peanut feeder offers a practical solution for bird enthusiasts.


  • Made from eco-friendly recycled poly lumber that is crack and fade resistant
  • Vinyl coated wire protects the birds’ feet from getting too hot
  • Easy access for birds to whole-in-shell peanuts


  • Squirrels may gnaw at the poly wood
  • Rivets could be stronger or replaced with screws for hanging cable attachment
  • Peanuts may not last long due to bird and squirrel popularity

This JCs Wildlife Poly Lumber Hanging Whole Peanut Feeder is a well-constructed feeder designed to withstand the test of time, thanks to its eco-friendly recycled poly lumber material. Being both crack and fade resistant, this feeder is bound to maintain its appearance and remain sturdy throughout changing seasons. Its vinyl-coated wire mesh ensures that birds’ feet are safe from the hot metal during summer months.

One possible concern is that squirrels have been reported to gnaw at the poly wood material, which may prove damaging over time. Enhancing the feeder’s durability further, the current rivets could potentially be replaced with stronger ones or upgraded to screws where the hanging cable attaches to the house.

Although the compact size of the feeder may require more frequent refilling, especially with blue jays and squirrels around, the easy-to-fill design ensures that the process is straightforward and hassle-free. In addition, the feeder’s neutral green and tan colors allow it to blend seamlessly into various natural environments.

In conclusion, JCs Wildlife Poly Lumber Hanging Whole Peanut Feeder is a reliable, eco-conscious option for those looking to attract and feed blue jays and other birds. Despite some concerns regarding squirrel damage and frequent refills, its durability and ease of use make it a worthwhile choice for bird enthusiasts.

DutchCrafters Whole Peanut Bird Feeder

DutchCrafters Peanut Feeder

A great choice for attracting blue jays, woodpeckers, and other large birds, this DutchCrafters feeder offers strong build quality and easy use.


  • Popular with a variety of large birds
  • Convenient hopper style for various snacks
  • Durable and made with quality materials


  • May attract squirrels
  • Blue jays might empty it quickly
  • Limited appeal for smaller bird species

The DutchCrafters Whole Peanut Bird Feeder is designed to hold whole peanuts, suet nuggets, and other large snacks, facilitating a convenient feeding process for your backyard visitors. The 1″ wire mesh cage easily dispenses peanuts as they are removed by birds, making room for more food at the top.

Built from poly lumber, this feeder can withstand outdoor conditions with ease. Cleaning and refilling are simple tasks, as the roof can be easily removed, and a quick wash with warm water and mild soap will remove any dirt and debris. It also has a platform and perch for birds to land on, making it welcoming for a variety of species.

Handcrafted in Amish Country, the DutchCrafters feeder is proudly made in the USA with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting use and durability. However, keep in mind the potential for squirrels to be attracted to this feeder. Additionally, blue jays might consume a large portion of the food quickly, which may necessitate more frequent refilling. Despite these few drawbacks, this peanut feeder is an excellent option for attracting and feeding large birds like blue jays and woodpeckers.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best blue jay peanut feeder, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you’re making the right choice. In this buying guide, we will discuss key features and criteria to help you make an informed decision.

Material and Durability

The feeder’s material plays a crucial role in its longevity and resistance to weather conditions. Look for feeders made from high-quality, sturdy materials such as stainless steel, metal, or heavy-duty plastic. These materials will ensure the feeder’s durability and protect it from harsh weather elements.

Size and Capacity

Consider the feeder’s size and how much peanut it can hold. Larger feeders are ideal if you have a big backyard and a lot of blue jays or other birds visiting. On the other hand, a smaller feeder may suffice for a smaller area with fewer visitors. Keep in mind how often you want to refill the feeder as well – larger capacity means less frequent refills.

Ease of Cleaning and Refilling

Choose feeders with an easy-to-clean design. This is an important factor for maintaining hygiene and preventing the accumulation of mold, which can harm the birds. Feeders with removable parts or a simple structure make cleaning more convenient. Also, consider the ease of refilling the feeder. Options with wide openings are usually more user-friendly.

Squirrel Resistance

Squirrels are known to steal bird food, so it’s important to find a peanut feeder with squirrel-resistant features. Some feeders have weight-sensitive mechanisms that close the feeding ports when a squirrel tries to access the peanuts. Others may use a cage design that allows only smaller birds to enter the feeding area.

Price and Warranty

Lastly, always compare the price of different feeders while assessing their features and durability. Opt for a feeder worth its price and provides a warranty or guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Using these guidelines will help you choose the best blue jay peanut feeder with confidence, ensuring the birds get a reliable source of food while enhancing the beauty of your backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top peanut feeders suitable for Blue Jays?

There are several peanut feeders that are suitable for Blue Jays. Some popular options include the Droll Yankees X1 Seed Saver Dome, the Squirrel Buster Peanut Plus, and the Wild Birds Unlimited EcoTough Tail Prop Suet Feeder. These feeders are made with durable materials and are designed to withstand the weight and activity of Blue Jays.

Which feeder design is most appealing to Blue Jays?

Blue Jays are attracted to feeders that allow them to cling or perch while eating. Tray feeders, platform feeders, and mesh tube feeders are all great options, as they provide easy access to the peanuts and accommodate the size and feeding habits of Blue Jays.

What is the ideal food combination for Blue Jays in a feeder?

Blue Jays enjoy a variety of foods, including peanuts, sunflower seeds, and safflower seeds. Offering a mix of these options will encourage Blue Jays to visit and stay at your feeder. Additionally, providing a separate hopper or suet feeder with a suet cake can provide a valuable source of energy for Blue Jays during colder months.

Do Blue Jays prefer certain tray bird feeders?

Blue Jays generally prefer tray feeders with ample space to perch and navigate, especially those with a covered top or dome to protect them and their food from the weather. The materials used in the construction are also important, as Blue Jays can be quite active and heavy for their size. Opt for a sturdy, durable feeder to withstand their activity.

Is a hopper bird feeder effective for feeding Blue Jays?

Hopper bird feeders can be effective for feeding Blue Jays, especially when they have a large platform for the birds to perch and access the food. Make sure the hopper feeder is designed to accommodate larger birds like Blue Jays, as they can be deterred by feeders that are too cramped.

Should suet be included in a Blue Jay peanut feeder?

While Blue Jays do enjoy suet, it is not necessary to include suet in a peanut feeder. Instead, offer separate feeders for peanuts and suet, as this allows Blue Jays and other birds to access their preferred foods without competing for space. Additionally, having separate feeders can help maintain a cleaner feeding area and reduce the risk of mold or bacteria growth in the food.

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