Best Budgie Food: A Comprehensive 2023 Guide

We have carefully curated a list of the top budgie food products to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy.

Discover our top picks below for the best nutritional options available on Amazon.

Best Budgie Food

Dr. Harvey’s Best Parakeet Food

Dr. Harvey

Dr. Harvey’s Our Best Parakeet Food provides a balanced diet of seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, making it an excellent choice for your budgies.


  • Promotes active lifestyle and vibrant plumage
  • Encourages natural foraging behavior
  • No chemicals, dyes, or synthetic ingredients


  • Some birds may only eat selected ingredients
  • Larger pieces might be challenging for smaller birds
  • May cause slightly runny droppings in some birds

Dr. Harvey’s Best Parakeet Food is a wholesome mix that aims to create a healthy lifestyle for your parakeets. The formula contains a wide variety of ingredients that mimic the natural diet of these birds, promoting foraging behavior. With 10 types of seeds and millet, 9 types of nuts, 14 types of fruits and vegetables, and oat groats, your birds are sure to benefit from this diverse blend.

However, some bird owners have reported that their birds may only pick out certain ingredients, leading to wastage of food. It’s essential to monitor your bird’s eating habits to ensure they are getting a balanced diet from this mix. Additionally, some larger pieces in the mix might be a bit too big for smaller birds to consume comfortably.

Despite the minor drawbacks, many users have appreciated the quality of ingredients used and the fact that the mix is packed with protein, fat, fiber, and moisture required for parakeets. But keep in mind that each bird is unique, and some may react to specific ingredients differently. It’s crucial to pay attention to your bird’s droppings to maintain their optimal health.

In conclusion, Dr. Harvey’s Our Best Parakeet Food is a nutritious and versatile option for your budgies. With vigilant monitoring and adjustments according to your bird’s individual needs, it can be an excellent addition to their diet.

Living World Premium Parakeet/Budgie Mix

Living World Premium Parakeet/Budgie Mix

The Living World Premium Parakeet/Budgie Mix is worth considering for its high nutrition, flavor variety, and bird satisfaction.


  • High-quality blend of seeds, fruits, and vegetables
  • Enriched with Tropican for additional nutrients
  • Air-cleaned and polished seeds for dust-free blend


  • Slightly expensive compared to other brands
  • Some birds may prefer other seed mixes
  • Could come in a larger sized bag

Living World’s Premium Parakeet/Budgie Mix is an excellent choice of bird food, crafted with an exquisite combination of specialty seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables. The carefully selected ingredients cater to your bird’s appetite for high nutritional and taste appeal. The seeds undergo air-cleaning and polishing to ensure optimum nutrition and a dust-free mix loved by birds.

The addition of Tropican to this blend provides birds with essential nutrients to maintain a healthy diet. Living World has earned the HARI Seal of Approval, demonstrating their commitment to providing top-quality food for your avian companions. This gourmet formula promotes vibrant feathers, stronger bones, and supports an all-natural diet for your bird.

While the price might be slightly higher than other bird food brands, the investment is worthwhile, given the quality of ingredients and nutritional benefits. However, every bird has its preferences. Some budgies may favor other seed mixes, so it is essential to monitor your bird’s reaction to this blend. Lastly, the 2-pound stand-up zipper sealed bag may not be enough for multiple birds or larger bird species, but it works well for budgies and smaller avian companions.

ZuPreem Sensible Seed Bird Food for Small Birds

ZuPreem Sensible Seed Bird Food

The ZuPreem Sensible Seed Bird Food is a well-rounded option for small birds like budgies, providing a delightful mix of seeds and pellets to keep them healthy and satisfied.


  • Premium blend of seeds and FruitBlend Pellets
  • Suitable for various small bird species
  • Encourages interactive feeding activities


  • May need to be limited to 30% of the bird’s weekly food intake
  • Pellet conversion might take time for some birds
  • Price could be a concern for some buyers

The ZuPreem Sensible Seed Bird Food has been formulated with small birds such as parakeets, budgies, parrotlets, canaries, and finches in mind. It consists of a premium blend of seeds and FruitBlend flavor smart pellets, making it a nutritious and exciting treat for your feathered friends. Not only does the mix offer essential nutrients, but it also adds variety to their diet, preventing them from getting bored with their food.

The product promotes an interactive feeding experience that caters to your bird’s playful instincts, creating a fun activity with every meal. The mix comes in right-sized pieces, which helps minimize wasted food. However, it is essential to note that this mix should be limited to about 30% of your bird’s weekly food intake. It ensures a sensible diet while still providing them with a healthy, rewarding experience.

Transitioning your bird to a diet that includes pellets, such as the ZuPreem Sensible Seed Bird Food, can be beneficial for their overall health and wellbeing. However, some birds may take time to become accustomed to the pellets, so patience is necessary. The price of the food might be a concern for some buyers, but the quality of the blend and the health benefits it provides can be well worth the investment.

In conclusion, the ZuPreem Sensible Seed Bird Food for Small Birds is a reliable choice for anyone looking to add variety, nutrition, and fun to their bird’s diet. The blend of seeds and pellets offers multiple benefits and promotes a healthier lifestyle for your small birds.

Hagen Parakeet/Budgie Staple Vme Seed, 6-Pound

Hagen Parakeet/Budgie Seed

A top quality seed blend for budgies and parakeets worth trying to ensure great taste and ideal nutritional balance.


  • High-quality seed blend with balanced nutrition
  • Specially selected for taste appeal
  • Air cleaned and polished for a dust-free mix


  • Package may arrive with a tear
  • Might not be suitable for international shipping
  • Pricing may be an issue for some

The Hagen Parakeet/Budgie Staple Vme Seed is composed of top-quality seeds, creating a perfect balance for the nutritional requirements of budgies and parakeets. These seeds are handpicked for their high nutrition content and taste appeal, so it’s no surprise that birds are attracted to it.

The seeds are air cleaned and polished, resulting in a dust-free and appetizing mix that even the pickiest of budgies and parakeets find hard to resist. It’s fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to offer a complete meal for your feathery friends. This seed mixture can be used as the main diet for extended periods to prevent nutrient deficiencies while keeping your pet’s interest.

However, some customers reported the package arriving with a tear. To avoid spilling, it’s essential to check and store it properly. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the product may not be available for international shipping, and the price might not suit everyone’s budget.

Overall, the Hagen Parakeet/Budgie Staple Vme Seed, with its carefully chosen blend of high-quality seeds and added nutrients, makes an excellent choice for your bird’s dietary needs. Its taste and quality are bound to keep your pet bird satisfied and healthy.

ZuPreem Natural Pellets Bird Food for Small Birds

ZuPreem Natural Pellets

ZuPreem Natural Pellets Bird Food provides essential nutrition with added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, offering a balanced diet for small birds like budgies and parakeets.


  • Made in the USA, specifically for small birds
  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Wholesome ingredients including vegetables and seeds


  • Might not be suitable for larger birds
  • Some birds may take time to adapt to a pellet-based diet
  • Not eligible for international shipping

ZuPreem’s Natural Pellets Bird Food struck me as an ideal choice for my budgies. The mix contains a variety of vegetables such as celery, carrots, and parsley, which helps ensure that my birds get all the essential nutrients they need. Additionally, the pellets are flavored naturally and, in my experience, have been appealing to my birds, encouraging them to eat a well-rounded diet.

The fact that this product is made in the USA gives me confidence in its quality. I’ve been feeding it to my birds for a while now, and the positive effects on their overall health and energy levels are evident. This bird food is specifically designed for small birds like parakeets, budgies, parrotlets, canaries, and finches, which means it’s not suitable for larger birds – keep this in mind when purchasing.

One downside to this product is that some birds might take time to adjust to a pellet-based diet if they’re used to eating seeds. However, I believe the benefits of a balanced diet outweigh the initial adjustment period. Unfortunately, if you’re living outside the U.S., this product is not available for international shipping.

In conclusion, ZuPreem Natural Pellets Bird Food is a great choice for small birds, offering a nutritious and wholesome diet enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. If you’re looking to provide your bird with a healthier diet, definitely give this product a try.

LAFEBER’S Classic Nutri-Berries for Parakeets


LAFEBER’S Classic Nutri-Berries is worth considering for parakeet owners who want a nutritionally complete, non-GMO food that keeps their birds entertained.


  • Nutritionally complete and non-GMO ingredients
  • Encourages foraging and beak exercise
  • Rich in antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6


  • Inconsistent quality in some batches
  • May arrive with crushed Nutri-Berries
  • Possible infestation issues

I recently fed LAFEBER’S Classic Nutri-Berries to my parakeet, and I found the round shape to be perfect for promoting foraging and beak exercise, which helped to keep my bird from getting bored. The Nutri-Berries are made with non-GMO and human-grade ingredients, ensuring my feathered friend was getting a high-quality, nutritionally complete meal.

One feature that stood out was the antioxidant and Omega 3 & 6 content, which contributed to the overall health of my parakeet’s skin, feathers, and immune system. It was evident that LAFEBER’S cared about producing a top-notch product for pet birds and lived up to their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

However, there were some drawbacks to using LAFEBER’S Classic Nutri-Berries. In my experience, the quality of the product seemed to vary between batches. One batch had softer Nutri-Berries that my bird loved, but another batch had harder berries that seemed less appealing. Additionally, the container’s Nutri-Berries arrived somewhat crushed, requiring me to break them up further before feeding them to my parakeet. Moreover, I came across an infestation issue involving small insects getting into the container, which was frustrating and unappetizing for my bird.

In conclusion, LAFEBER’S Classic Nutri-Berries present a nutritious and engaging option for parakeet owners, but the product’s quality may be inconsistent at times. Overall, it is still a suitable choice for those looking to provide well-rounded nutrition and a foraging experience to their pet birds.

Vitakraft VitaSmart Egg Food for Birds

Vitakraft VitaSmart Egg Food for Birds

Vitakraft VitaSmart Egg Food for Birds is a highly recommended supplement for parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, and canaries to ensure optimum health, especially during stressful periods.


  • Provides essential nutrients during breeding, nesting, and molting
  • Great for stress relief in changing environments
  • Can be used as a carrier for medication and supplements


  • Some birds may need time to acquire a taste for it
  • Bag’s smell might be strong for some individuals
  • Requires moistening before serving to certain birds

Vitakraft VitaSmart Egg Food for Birds is a fantastic daily supplement to support the wellbeing of your pet bird. The product offers calcium and digestible proteins, making it an excellent addition to any bird’s diet, regardless if it’s a parakeet, cockatiel, budgie, or conure. This egg food is especially crucial during times of stress, environmental changes, breeding, nesting, and molting.

I have personally used this product and noticed a positive difference in my birds’ health and behavior. The taste seems to be enjoyable for them, and they readily consume the supplement. Another benefit is that it can also be used as a carrier for medication and other supplements when needed, making it a versatile product to have on hand for your pet bird.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Some birds might need a little time to develop a taste for the egg food. Moreover, the smell of the bag can be overpowering for certain individuals. Finally, depending on your bird’s preferences, moistening the food before serving might be necessary. Overall, Vitakraft VitaSmart Egg Food for Birds is still an excellent investment in your pet bird’s health and happiness.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best budgie food for your pet, there are several essential factors and features to consider. This buying guide will help you make an informed decision based on these criteria.

Firstly, consider the nutritional content of the food. Budgies require a complete and balanced diet to maintain their health and well-being. Look for food that contains:

  • A variety of seeds: Budgies enjoy various seeds, such as millet, canary seed, and sunflower seeds. A mix of seeds provides different nutrients and encourages natural foraging behavior.
  • Pellets: These are an essential source of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. To ensure your budgie receives adequate nutrition, choose a food that contains pellets.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Budgies need a mix of both fresh and dried fruits and vegetables. Foods that incorporate fruits and vegetables in their blends provide a broader range of nutrients for your pet.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the freshness and quality of the food. A good-quality budgie food should:

  • Be free of additives and artificial preservatives: These can cause health problems and should be avoided.
  • Have an expiration date clearly printed on the package: This helps ensure that the food is fresh and has not lost its nutritional value.
  • Be stored in an airtight container or bag after opening to maintain freshness and prevent contamination.

Finally, consider the preference and eating habits of your budgie. Each bird is unique, and their preferences for texture and taste can significantly impact their overall diet. Observe your budgie’s eating habits to determine which food types they prefer, such as:

  • Seed mixes vs. pellets: Some budgies may prefer one over the other, so different combinations can be tried until you find the best fit.
  • Soft foods vs. hard foods: Depending on the bird’s preference, you can choose food with different textures to suit their taste.

By taking all of these factors into account, you can choose the best budgie food that meets your pet’s nutritional needs while catering to their taste and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most nutritious options for parakeets?

Parakeets should be provided with a balanced diet, which includes a mix of seeds, pellets, vegetables, and fruits. Prioritize fresh, organic produce and high-quality pellets to ensure a nutritious diet for your parakeet.

Which brands offer the healthiest budgie pellets?

Some of the top recommended brands for budgie pellets include Harrison’s Bird Foods, Roudybush, Zupreem, and Lafeber Premium Daily Diet. These brands provide fortified, nutritionally complete pellets for a healthy budgie diet.

What ingredients should be in a balanced budgie diet?

A balanced budgie diet should include a variety of seeds, pellets, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Pellets should make up the majority of the diet, while seeds should be limited. Fresh vegetables should be offered daily, and fruits can be given in moderation as a treat. Ensure a varied diet to meet all the nutritional needs of your budgie.

How does Kaytee food compare to Vita Seed?

Both Kaytee and Vita Seed offer quality bird foods suitable for budgies. Kaytee is a popular option that provides a variety of seeds, pellets, and treats for your bird. Vita Seed is also a trusted brand known for their all-natural, GMO-free ingredients. Consider the specific needs of your budgie when choosing between these brands.

What is the best pellet-to-seed ratio for budgies?

A pellet-to-seed ratio of around 75% pellets to 25% seeds is recommended for budgies. Pellets should be the staple of the diet, providing the necessary nutrients, while seeds should be limited due to their high-fat content. Monitor your budgie’s diet to ensure a balance between pellets, seeds, and fresh produce.

Are seasonal diet changes necessary for budgies?

Seasonal diet changes are not crucial for budgies, as they can adapt well to a consistent diet throughout the year. However, offering seasonal fruits and vegetables can provide additional variety and nutrition for your bird. Adjust the diet as needed to ensure your budgie remains healthy and active.

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