Best Fake Owl to Scare Birds: Top Picks and Tips for 2023

We have compiled a list of the most effective and realistic fake owls designed to scare away unwanted birds.

Explore our top picks to find the perfect solution for your bird repelling needs…

Best Fake Owls to Scare Birds

To help you find the most effective bird deterrent for your specific needs, we’ve conducted in-depth research and testing of popular fake owl products on the market.

In the following section, we’ll present our top picks to assist you in your decision-making process and guide you towards an effective solution to protect your outdoor space from unwanted feathered guests.

Punkram Owl Decoy

Punkram Owl Decoy

This Punkram Owl Decoy effectively scares away birds and pests while serving as a visually appealing garden ornament.


  • Realistic design with rotating head
  • Durable and weatherproof materials
  • Eco-friendly and wildlife-friendly pest control


  • Some reported issues with eyes coming off during transportation
  • Birds may eventually get used to it if not moved periodically
  • May not be effective against all bird species

The Punkram Owl Decoy is designed with a realistic appearance and is made of high-end PE plastic, making it a durable and weather-resistant solution for scaring away birds, pests, and squirrels from your garden. Its rotating head mechanism responds to wind, mimicking natural owl movement which effectively deters unwanted visitors.

One great aspect of this fake owl is that it’s an eco-friendly and wildlife-friendly pest control option. It doesn’t use chemicals or harm any animals, making it a guilt-free choice for keeping unwanted creatures away from your plants and outdoor spaces. Additionally, the decoy is easy to install with several methods provided, such as filling the base with sand, placing it on a stick or pole, or using screws to secure it onto a surface.

However, there have been reports of the owl’s eyes coming off during transportation, requiring a replacement. Furthermore, the fake owl may lose its effectiveness if left in one place for too long, as birds and pests may become accustomed to its presence. Lastly, it may not be successful in scaring away all bird species, depending on the specific nuisance birds in your area.

In conclusion, the Punkram Owl Decoy serves as a practical and visually appealing solution for those looking to humanely deter birds and pests from their outdoor spaces. The decoy’s realistic design and weather-resistant materials make it an effective and long-lasting choice, provided that users are willing to occasionally relocate the owl as needed.

Hedoc 2 Pack Fake Owl Decoys

Hedoc Fake Owl Decoys

These fake owl decoys effectively scare away birds and small mammals, adding a touch of charm to your outdoor space.


  • Realistic design with vivid colors
  • Rotating head movement with wind panel
  • Eco-friendly and humane wildlife deterrent


  • May require frequent repositioning
  • Stability could be improved
  • Not as effective for larger birds

These Hedoc fake owl decoys are an excellent solution for homeowners looking to deter birds and small mammals from their gardens or patios. The realistic design, featuring bright eyes and life-like physique, plays a crucial role in keeping unwanted visitors away from your outdoor areas. The hand-painted, weatherproof material ensures the decoys remain attractive, even when exposed to harsh conditions.

One outstanding feature of these fake owl decoys is the rotating head, which moves 360 degrees in response to the wind. This adds to the realism, effectively frightening birds and other critters. However, it is recommended to change the placement of the decoys frequently, as their effectiveness may diminish once the wildlife becomes familiar with their stationary presence.

While the decoys have a built-in anchor and can be filled with sand for additional stability, some users have noted issues with them toppling in strong winds. Additionally, these fake owls might not be as effective in scaring larger birds such as woodpeckers. In summary, the Hedoc 2 Pack Fake Owl Decoys offer a humane and eco-friendly way to protect your garden from smaller birds and animals while adding an appealing touch of decor to your outdoor space.

Mageloly Owl Decoy

Mageloly Owl Decoy

The Mageloly Owl Decoy is an effective and environmentally friendly option for scaring away birds and other pests from your property.


  • Solar-powered, no wires or batteries needed
  • Swings with the wind, providing realistic movement
  • Deters a variety of pests with glowing eyes at night


  • Requires initial 24-hour charge in sunlight before use
  • Needs to be moved frequently to maintain effectiveness
  • No included stakes or screws to secure the decoy

The Mageloly Owl Decoy is designed to effectively scare away unwanted birds, snakes, and other pests from a variety of outdoor areas. The fake owls are solar-powered, eliminating the need for wires or batteries. Simply turn the switch on and place the decoy in a visible location, and it’ll absorb solar energy throughout the day, activating its glowing eyes at night for an added deterrent effect.

One of the best features of this owl is its movement with the wind. This gives the impression of a real-life owl, making it even more effective in scaring away pests. In addition, the decoy is made from durable plastic, ensuring long-lasting protection for your property.

However, it’s essential to note that for the best results, the Mageloly Owl Decoy should be charged under the sun for 24 hours before use. It’s also important to move the decoy to different locations every few weeks to prevent the animals from becoming accustomed to its presence. While this may require extra effort, it ensures the continued efficacy of the decoy in keeping your space free of pests.

Overall, the Mageloly Owl Decoy offers a practical and environmentally friendly solution to keep unwanted creatures at bay. With its realistic design, solar-powered operation, and glowing eyes, this decoy provides long-lasting protection for your outdoor spaces. Just remember to charge it initially and change its position regularly to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Gardeneer by Dalen Fake Owl Decoy

Dalen Fake Owl Decoy

The Dalen Fake Owl Decoy is a decent option for those seeking an ultra-realistic owl scarecrow to protect their gardens and outdoor spaces.


  • Ultra-realistic design
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Hand-painted in USA


  • Head may require adjustments
  • Doesn’t work on all birds
  • Some quality control issues

The Gardeneer by Dalen Fake Owl Decoy is designed to scare away birds and other pests from your gardens, rooftops, and patios. With an 18-inch, lifelike design that features a fearsome 360-degree rotating head, it is sure to deter many garden intruders. The hand-painted owl is created with precise detail, showing off its piercing eyes to create a formidable presence.

However, some users have reported that the rotatable head may require a bit of adjusting for optimal performance. Also, it should be noted that the decoy does not work on all types of birds, so it may be less effective depending on the specific pests you are dealing with. There have been a few reports of quality control issues, such as chipped paint or wobbly head mechanisms.

Overall, the Gardeneer by Dalen Fake Owl Decoy offers a decent solution for protecting your outdoor spaces from unwelcome birds and pests. While the effectiveness may vary depending on the type of bird, its ultra-realistic design, rotating head, and hand-painted details make it an attractive addition to your garden or patio.

Ezoon Owl Decoys

Ezoon Owl Decoys

An excellent choice for those seeking realistic owl decoys to effectively and humanely deter unwanted birds and pests from their outdoor spaces.


  • Highly realistic and effective at scaring birds and pests
  • Durable and resistant to weather conditions
  • Easy to install with a hollow bottom


  • Some might require additional weight in the bottom for stability
  • Only available in one standard design
  • Comes as a set of three, which may be excessive for some users

The Ezoon Owl Decoys are a fantastic solution for homeowners seeking to protect their gardens and outdoor spaces from birds and other pests. These decoys look incredibly authentic, and the fact that they deter without causing harm to animals makes them a responsible option for wildlife enthusiasts. Besides scaring away pigeons, squirrels, and raccoons, these decoys can also be used as decorative garden ornaments.

Constructed of high-quality plastic, these owl decoys are built to withstand various weather conditions without fading or deterioration. The hollow bottom design makes it easy to install by simply placing the decoy on a pole or stick and even allows for the addition of sand to increase stability in windy areas.

Despite their impressive level of realism and effectiveness, potential buyers should be aware that these owl decoys come in a set of three. While this may be a valuable addition to larger properties, it could be excessive for those with smaller spaces or who only require a single decoy. Also, with only one standard design available, some users might desire more variety in appearance.

Overall, the Ezoon Owl Decoys are an excellent choice for those seeking a humane and eco-friendly solution to deter birds and pests from their gardens and outdoor areas. With their realistic design, simple installation, and durable materials, these decoys are well worth considering for protecting your space while remaining mindful of the environment.

Galashield Owl Decoy to Scare Birds Away

Galashield Owl Decoy

Consider this Galashield owl decoy for keeping unwanted animals away from your garden and property in a humane way.


  • Realistic design with reflective eyes and detailed body
  • Rotating head adds to the effectiveness
  • Multiple uses: garden, orchard, lawn, and more


  • May require additional weight or support for stability
  • Clear fin on the head might fall out easily
  • Birds could become accustomed to it over time

Galashield’s Owl Decoy is an effective way to scare birds and other critters away from your property. The realistic design featuring reflective eyes and detailed body make it quite convincing to unwanted visitors. I found the rotating head to be an added bonus for making this owl decoy more lifelike in the breeze.

Stability was a slight issue, as I needed to add sand to the base or attach it to a stick/pole for more support. Unfortunately, the clear fin on the owl’s head, which acts as a wind vane, can fall out easily and might need to be glued in place.

Although this decoy worked well initially, birds might become used to its presence over time. To maximize effectiveness, it is advisable to move the owl around occasionally to different spots.

Overall, the Galashield Owl Decoy serves its purpose and offers a humane solution to deter unwanted animals from your property. Make a few minor adjustments for stability, and this product should be a valuable addition to your garden, lawn, or orchard’s protection.

HiAnifri Fake Owl Decoy

HiAnifri Fake Owl Decoy

This HiAnifri Fake Owl Decoy is an effective and humane solution to deter birds and squirrels from your garden or home.


  • Realistic design with 360° rotating head
  • Non-fading and waterproof paint
  • Multi-functional – scares animals and works as a garden ornament


  • May require frequent rotation/relocation for maximum effectiveness
  • Sand or gravel needed for added stability
  • Some users reported issues with head rotation

The HiAnifri Fake Owl Decoy is a well-crafted and realistic-looking owl decoy designed to protect your garden from bird and squirrel intruders. Its 360° swiveling head movement and reflective eyes make it an attractive addition to your garden while serving as a humane, non-toxic method of deterring unwanted guests.

The waterproof and non-fading paint ensures that your decoy will withstand the test of time and various weather conditions, so you’ll enjoy a long-lasting solution to keep pests away. Additionally, the owl decoy doubles as a nice garden ornament, adding an interesting touch to your outdoor space.

There are, however, a couple of downsides to the HiAnifri Fake Owl Decoy. For the decoy to work effectively, you may need to relocate it frequently or place it in different spots around your garden, making it a bit inconvenient. Additionally, you may need to fill it with sand or gravel for added stability, and some users have reported issues with the rotating head. Despite these minor drawbacks, the HiAnifri Fake Owl Decoy remains a sensible choice for those looking to keep birds and squirrels at bay in a humane way.

Ezoon 3 Pack Owl Decoy to Scare Birds Away

Ezoon Owl Decoy

The Ezoon Owl Decoys are a realistic and environmentally friendly solution to deter birds from your garden or outdoor space.


  • Realistic design effectively scares away birds and pests
  • Made of durable, non-fading, and waterproof material
  • Easy to install and position as needed


  • Some users report that it does not work on all bird species
  • Seal is not tight enough to be filled with water
  • Might be too large for tight spaces

The Ezoon 3 Pack Owl Decoy to Scare Birds Away is a set of three plastic owl statues designed to imitate the natural predators of birds. These decoys are not only realistic but also made with non-fading material, ensuring that they remain effective in all weather conditions. They are easy to install, coming with an anchor that can be fixed on a stick or pole. You can also fill the bottom of the owl with sand to hold it in place.

While the Ezoon Owl Decoys have been successful in deterring many pests from gardens, some users have reported that the product is not effective against all bird species. Additionally, the seal at the bottom of the statue is not tight enough to be filled with water, so users must use sand to weigh it down. Another downside is the size of the decoys, which may not easily fit in tight spaces.

In conclusion, the Ezoon 3 Pack Owl Decoy is a practical solution for those seeking to deter birds and other pests from their outdoor spaces without causing harm. Although they might not work on all bird species and have a few minor drawbacks, these realistic owl decoys can still be a valuable addition to your garden protection arsenal.

Kungfu Mall 4PCS Fake Owl

Kungfu Mall 4PCS Fake Owl

A budget-friendly option for those looking to scare birds away with fake owls made from weather-resistant material.


  • Effective at scaring birds in various locations
  • Durable and weather-resistant material
  • Easy to install


  • Made of flat paper cardboard – not as realistic as 3D designs
  • May lose effectiveness over time
  • Color may fade after prolonged sun exposure

The Kungfu Mall 4PCS Fake Owl set offers an affordable solution to deter birds and small animals from perching in gardens, patios, and other outdoor areas. Made of PP material with double-sided printing, these fake owls are both waterproof and weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Installation is a breeze, with each owl coming with a hanging rope, bell, and reflective tape. Hang them in strategic locations, and the combination of the owl’s appearance and the wind-triggered movement will help scare birds away.

However, it’s important to note that the product is made of flat paper cardboard, which may not be as realistic as 3D designs and could lose effectiveness over time as birds become accustomed to their presence. Additionally, some users have reported color fading after prolonged sun exposure. To maximize the owls’ efficiency, it may be helpful to move them around periodically or combine them with other bird-scaring methods.

In summary, the Kungfu Mall 4PCS Fake Owl set is a cost-effective option for those seeking a simple bird deterrent. While not as lifelike as some other products, it’s made of durable materials and is easy to install, making it a convenient choice for bird control in various outdoor settings.

Hedoc Fake Owl Decoys

Hedoc Fake Owl

A decent choice to scare birds away, but might not be equally effective for all types of pests.


  • Lifelike bobble head and rotating design
  • Weatherproof and non-fading material
  • No battery required, easy to install


  • May not deter squirrels effectively
  • Head and body alignment issues
  • Owls head might face backwards at times

The Hedoc Fake Owl Decoys offer a lifelike and rotating scarecrow to keep birds and other pests out of your garden, patio, or backyard. Its natural rotating head is easy to set up and doesn’t require any battery, making it eco-friendly and maintenance-free. The realistic physique and bright yellow eyes of the decoy effectively frighten birds, keeping them at bay.

Made with high-quality weatherproof PE plastic and hand-painted with vivid, non-fading color, this fake owl can withstand various weather conditions. It’s easy to install, and you can also fill the base with sand to enhance stability. In addition to serving as an effective bird repellent, it doubles as a decorative item for your outdoor space.

However, like any other product, the Hedoc Fake Owl Decoys do have some shortcomings. Squirrels might not be scared away as effectively as birds, and some customers have reported that the head and body of the decoy don’t align properly. Additionally, the owl’s head may sometimes face backward, weakening its deterrent purpose.

Overall, the Hedoc Fake Owl Decoys can be a useful addition to protect your garden from birds while adding a touch of decoration. Be mindful of its limitations, and make sure to change its position regularly to maximize its efficiency.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best fake owl to scare birds away, there are several factors to consider. These include the realism of the replica, the type of materials used, as well as any additional features that may enhance its effectiveness.


The more realistic the fake owl appears, the better chance it has of scaring birds away. Some features that can contribute to its authenticity include lifelike colors, feathers, and a detailed face. In addition, consider the size and proportions of the replica, as these can also impact its effectiveness. Opt for a fake owl that closely resembles the real thing to maximize its ability to deter birds.


The materials used in the construction of a fake owl play a significant role in its durability and ability to withstand outdoor elements. Choose a product made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials like plastic or resin to ensure it lasts a long time and continues to effectively scare birds away. UV-resistant materials can further protect the fake owl’s colors from fading, maintaining its realistic appearance.

Additional Features

Some fake owls come with added features that can boost their overall effectiveness at scaring away birds. Here are a few to consider:


Fake owls with moving parts, such as a rotating head or swiveling body, can create an illusion of being alive. When birds see movement, they’re more likely to be frightened and stay away.


Choose a fake owl equipped with noise-making mechanisms if you want to enhance its bird-scaring potential. Some models emit owl sounds or even bird distress calls, which can be more effective at deterring birds.

Reflective Elements

Reflective materials can be added to a fake owl to create light flashes that startle and deter birds. Reflective eyes, in particular, can help create the illusion that the owl is watching and ready to attack.

Remember these factors when choosing the best fake owl to scare birds away. A combination of realistic appearance, durable materials, and additional features can ensure that the fake owl effectively keeps birds from your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective owl decoys for scaring birds?

The most effective owl decoys are those that have a lifelike appearance, with realistic details such as painted feathers and eyes. Some decoys also include moving or rotating parts, such as the head, to mimic a live owl’s movements. These features can enhance the decoy’s ability to scare birds effectively.

Which fake owl models work best at deterring birds?

There are several fake owl models in the market that work well at deterring birds. Some popular brands include Gardeneer, Dalen, and Bird-X. When selecting a model, consider factors such as size, material, and whether it has any additional features like motion or sound. The more realistic the decoy looks and acts, the greater potential it has to scare birds away.

Where can I find a highly-rated fake owl for scaring birds?

You can find highly-rated fake owls at various brick-and-mortar stores, such as home improvement and gardening centers. Online marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, are also good places to find a wide variety of fake owl decoys with different features and prices. Be sure to read customer reviews to determine the effectiveness of specific models.

How realistic should a fake owl be to effectively scare birds away?

A realistic fake owl should imitate the appearance and behavior of a live owl as closely as possible. Key factors are accurate size, detailed colors, and feather patterns. The use of realistic eyes and occasional movement, such as rotating the head, can further enhance the decoy’s effectiveness.

Do fake owls work well for scaring birds off rooftops?

Yes, fake owls can be used to scare birds off rooftops. However, the placement of the decoy is crucial. Position the fake owl in a visible and raised location, making it appear as a natural perch for a live owl. You may need to relocate the decoy periodically to maintain its effectiveness, as birds can eventually become used to its presence.

What’s the optimal placement for a fake owl to maximize its bird-scaring ability?

The optimal placement for a fake owl decoy depends on the area you want to protect. Place it on a raised surface, such as a tree branch or rooftop, facing the area from which you want to scare birds away. Ensure the decoy is clearly visible to birds and appears as a natural perch location for an owl. It’s essential to periodically move the decoy to maintain its effectiveness.

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