Best Monocular Telescope for iPhone: Top Picks for 2023

Discover our top selection of the best monocular telescopes for iPhone users to enhance their photography and enjoy stunning close-ups of distant views.

Best Monocular Telescopes for iPhone

Our comprehensive guide is aimed at helping you find the optimal monocular telescope for your iPhone. By analyzing various products’ magnification levels, lens quality, durability, and compatibility, we have identified the top contenders in the market. Our findings aim to provide insight into the best options available, making it easier for you to find the right device to enhance your iPhone photography experience.


PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope

PhysioPhyx 80x100 Monocular Telescope

The PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope is a great addition to your outdoor adventures, providing clear magnification and compatibility with your smartphone.


  • High magnification (80×100)
  • Excellent image clarity and brightness
  • Wide compatibility with smartphones


  • Limited field of view
  • Smartphone holder may not fit all devices
  • Works best with a tripod

The PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope offers a high-definition 80 times magnification and a 100mm object diameter for a clear and detailed view of distant objects. With its fully coated lens and BAK-4 prism, you’ll experience excellent light transmission and brightness, providing a superb viewing experience even in low-light conditions.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, this monocular telescope is suitable for various activities such as hunting, observing wildlife, camping, traveling, and more. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy for both adults and children to carry around, ensuring that you won’t miss any breathtaking sights during your adventures.

One of the standout features of the PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope is its compatibility with most smartphones on the market. You can easily attach your phone to the monocular using the included phone bracket, allowing you to capture stunning images of your discoveries up close.

However, keep in mind that the field of view may be limited, so you may need to adjust your position to get the best view. Additionally, the smartphone holder might not fit all devices, so it’s essential to check if it’s compatible with your phone before purchasing. Lastly, for the best performance and stability, using a tripod is recommended, especially when capturing photos or videos with your smartphone.

Overall, the PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor experience, offering clear magnification and compatibility with your smartphone for capturing memorable moments.

Pankoo 12×50 Monocular Telescope for iPhone

Pankoo Monocular Telescope

A fantastic choice for both beginners and professionals, the Pankoo Monocular Telescope provides excellent performance with the convenience of smartphone compatibility.


  • Impressive 12×50 magnification and 6.5° wide field of view
  • Equipped with large 21mm BAK-4 for bright and clear images
  • Compatible with various smartphones and easy to install


  • May be slightly bulky for some users at 14 ounces
  • Tripod quality could be better
  • Manual focus might be cumbersome for beginners

The Pankoo 12×50 Monocular Telescope is an ideal choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their nature exploration, bird watching, or simply outdoor activities. Its 12x magnification and 50mm objective lens provide a wide field of view, making it easier to capture the beauty of any scenery.

Equipped with a large 21mm BAK-4, this high-powered monocular effectively reduces light refraction and ensures bright, clear images without any distortion. The advanced fully multi-coated glass surface is also a great feature as it improves the overall quality and durability of the device.

The telescope comes with a quick alignment smartphone holder and a tripod, which are compatible with a wide range of smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, and more. This feature makes it incredibly easy to take stunning images and share them with friends and family.

One downside to consider with this monocular is its weight. At 14 ounces, it might be slightly bulky for some users to carry around. Additionally, the tripod quality could be improved for better stability. Finally, the manual focus feature might be a bit tricky for beginners to master.

Overall, the Pankoo 12×50 Monocular Telescope’s excellent performance and smartphone compatibility make it a top choice for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors with ease and clarity. Just remember to consider its few drawbacks before making your final decision.

Pocooe Monocular Telescope for Smartphone

Pocooe Monocular Telescope

This Pocooe Monocular Telescope is a portable and versatile option for nature enthusiasts who want high-quality magnification on-the-go with smartphone compatibility.


  • Ultra-Clear HD Image
  • High Power Monocular
  • Compact & Lightweight


  • Limited zoom capability
  • Phone attachment alignment challenges
  • Requires a tripod for stable shots

The Pocooe Monocular Telescope for Smartphone features German optics, FMC lenses, and BAK4 prisms, delivering ultra-clear HD image quality and extraordinary high-definition experience. This device is perfect for bird watching, hunting, or hiking due to its sleek design and lightweight (only 0.61lb), as it can easily fit in pockets or small bags.

One of the standout features of the Pocooe monocular telescope is its compatibility with smartphones. Including a phone adapter and an extendable tripod, this telescope allows users to capture and share every breathtaking moment seamlessly. I found it easy to connect to my iPhone, and it should be compatible with most other phones too.

While using the Pocooe Monocular Telescope, I did encounter some drawbacks. The zoom on this device is not as powerful as hoped, making it slightly difficult to see objects at greater distances. Additionally, there have been some alignment issues when attaching the phone, which may require extra effort for a perfect fit. Finally, taking a steady photo or video without using the tripod might be challenging, so it’s best to carry the tripod along.

In conclusion, the Pocooe Monocular Telescope for Smartphone is an excellent tool for those looking for a lightweight, compact, and smartphone-compatible option for various outdoor activities. Although the zoom could be better and the phone attachment may need some adjustments, the overall performance and features of this telescope make it worth considering for anyone wanting to enhance their outdoor experience.

APEXEL 6×20 HD Mini Monocular Telescope

APEXEL 6x20 HD Mini Monocular Telescope

The APEXEL 6×20 HD Mini Monocular Telescope is a compact and versatile choice for smartphone users looking to enhance their viewing experience.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Solid metal alloy construction
  • Compatible with most smartphones


  • Limited magnification (6x)
  • Some issues with newer iPhones
  • Slightly heavy for its size

The APEXEL 6×20 HD Mini Monocular Telescope is a small yet powerful accessory designed to enhance your smartphone’s viewing capabilities. It boasts a 6x magnification and a 20mm objective lens, offering crisp and clear images for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and bird watching.

One of the standout features of this monocular telescope is its solid metal alloy construction, which offers more durability than competing models made from rubber or plastic materials. Despite being slightly heavy for its size, the compact design ensures that it is easy to carry wherever you go.

The monocular comes with a universal clip, making it compatible with most smartphones, including iPhones, Samsungs, and Huaweis. However, some users have experienced issues with newer iPhone models that have three camera lenses. It’s important to ensure compatibility with your specific smartphone before making a purchase.

In conclusion, the APEXEL 6×20 HD Mini Monocular Telescope is a portable and durable option for those looking to improve their smartphone viewing experience. Its solid construction and compatibility with most smartphones make it an attractive choice, but be aware of potential issues with newer iPhone models. Despite these concerns, this compact monocular is a great addition to any smartphone user’s toolkit.

Adasion 12×56 HD Monocular Telescope

Adasion 12x56 HD Monocular Telescope

The Adasion 12×56 HD Monocular Telescope is a great investment for those seeking a high-quality, easy-to-use telescope for their smartphone.


  • Clear, high-definition view with 12x magnification
  • One-click photography with stable tripod and phone adapter
  • Lightweight design and IPX7 waterproof protection


  • Smartphone clarity is good, but not perfect
  • Not as high-quality as more expensive competitors
  • Branding and description inconsistencies

The Adasion 12×56 HD Monocular Telescope provides a clear, high-definition view, thanks to its 12x magnification and 18mm BAK4 prism lens. This telescope is perfect for bird watching, star gazing, and other outdoor activities. The large 56mm objective diameter lens offers an impressive field of view, yielding vivid and color-accurate images of distant subjects. The telescope also performs well in low light settings, making it a versatile and practical choice for various scenarios.

One notable feature of this monocular is its one-click photography function, which is possible through the upgraded tripod and smartphone adapter. The tripod offers much-needed stability for clear, distortion-free images. With the use of a Bluetooth remote shutter, you can easily take photos with just one click. The universal smartphone adapter is compatible with most phone models, ensuring that any user can enjoy this feature.

While the Adasion 12×56 HD Monocular Telescope has many advantages, it does have a few downsides. First, the smartphone clarity may not be as high as some users may expect. Secondly, the quality of the telescope may not be on par with more expensive models available in the market. Lastly, there are some inconsistencies in branding and product description which can cause confusion.

In conclusion, the Adasion 12×56 HD Monocular Telescope is an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality, easy-to-use telescope for their smartphone. Its lightweight design, clear optics, and one-click photography features make it a valuable asset for any outdoor enthusiast. However, users should manage their expectations regarding smartphone image clarity and be aware of potential branding inconsistencies when purchasing.

CallVi 12×50 HD Monocular Telescope

CallVi 12x50 HD Monocular Telescope

The CallVi 12×50 HD Monocular Telescope is a reliable and versatile choice for outdoor enthusiasts, providing clear and long-distance viewing with added smartphone compatibility.


  • High contrast and resolution images
  • 12×50 HD magnification
  • Compatible with various smartphones


  • Phone camera attachment can be tricky
  • A bit bulky for some users
  • Not as sharp in super bright daylight

The CallVi 12×50 HD Monocular Telescope offers remarkable quality and clarity in the images it produces. Equipped with a BAK-4 prism and FMC fully multi-coated lens elements, you’ll enjoy excellent light transmission and brightness. The 12x magnification and 50mm objective wide lens make this telescope perfect for outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, and bird watching.

One of the standout features of this monocular telescope is its compatibility with a wide range of smartphones. The included adjustable metal tripod and phone holder make it easy to capture stunning photos from any angle. However, some users have reported difficulty in attaching the camera securely.

Designed to be portable, waterproof, and fog-proof, this monocular allows for comfortable use in various environments. Its durable rubber armor and hand strap provide a secure grip. While it is slightly larger than some alternatives, the CallVi 12×50 HD Monocular Telescope is an excellent choice for those in need of a versatile and high-quality monocular.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a monocular telescope that delivers clear, long-distance vision while being compatible with your smartphone, the CallVi 12×50 HD Monocular Telescope is worth considering. With its impressive features and durable design, it’s the perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure.

Evershop Monocular Telescope for iPhone

Evershop Monocular Telescope

Ideal high power monocular telescope for clear and bright views in various outdoor scenarios, but not suitable for true night vision capabilities.


  • Excellent 12×50 magnification with 50mm object lens
  • BAK4 prism and multi-coated lens for bright images
  • Smartphone holder and tripod included


  • Not suitable for actual night vision
  • Adapter setup can be challenging for some smartphones
  • Some users find it bulky for hunting purposes

The Evershop Monocular Telescope is a versatile and powerful tool featuring 12×50 high power magnification, making it perfect for bird watching, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. The BAK4 prism and multi-coated lens ensure superior light transmission and brightness, helping you attain clear and vivid images.

One of the stand-out components of this telescope is its smartphone holder and tripod compatibility. These additions make it easy to capture stunning pictures and videos of the distant world, hassle-free. However, it is essential to note that the adapter may not fit all smartphones perfectly, and some users may find it challenging to assemble.

Although it’s advertised as having low-light night vision capabilities, it is critical to understand that this monocular is not suitable for true night vision use. It does perform well in low light conditions, but don’t expect it to work in complete darkness.

The Evershop Monocular Telescope is an excellent gift for outdoor enthusiasts and casual observers alike. Its powerful magnification and bright images ensure that you have an enjoyable experience in various outdoor adventures. Keep in mind that it might not be the best choice if you require true night vision capabilities or if you’re looking for a lightweight and compact device for hunting.

OXXYT 12X50 Monocular Telescope

OXXYT Monocular Telescope

The OXXYT Monocular Telescope is a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts in need of a compact and versatile telescope with smartphone compatibility.


  • 12X magnification and excellent viewing distance
  • BAK-4 prism and fully multi-coated lens
  • Smartphone holder and tripod included


  • Build quality could be better
  • Not all users are satisfied with the focus
  • The carrying case feels cheap

The OXXYT Monocular Telescope brings you closer to nature with its impressive 12X magnification, allowing for clear and detailed views up to 1,000 yards away. The BAK-4 prism and fully multi-coated lens give you sharp images and excellent light transmission, even in low-light or nighttime conditions.

This handheld telescope also comes with a smartphone holder and tripod, turning your phone into a powerful scope for capturing stunning photos and videos. The telescope is compatible with most iPhone and Samsung models, making it a great gift for sports fans and outdoors enthusiasts.

The OXXYT Monocular Telescope does have a few downsides, with some users reporting concerns about the overall build quality and focus capabilities. The carrying case, while functional, may not offer the highest level of protection for the telescope.

Overall, the OXXYT 12X50 Monocular Telescope is a useful and portable tool for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experiences. Although it may not be perfect in every aspect, its features and smartphone compatibility make it a valuable addition to any adventure.

PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope for Smartphone

PhysioPhyx 80x100 Monocular Telescope

The PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope offers a compact and powerful solution for enhancing your iPhone photography and nature observation experiences.


  • 80×100 HD magnification with clear and sharp images
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
  • Compatibility with various smartphone models


  • Image quality could be improved at maximum zoom
  • Smartphone bracket might be fragile
  • Eye relief might not be comfortable for some users

The PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope stands out as an excellent enhancement to your iPhone photography, thanks to its 80×100 HD magnification and impressive light transmittance from its fully coated lens. I found that the images it produced were generally clearer and sharper compared to other models, particularly when observing wildlife or watching a distant sports event.

Its compact and lightweight design deserves praise; I could easily use it one-handed and had no trouble carrying it around in my backpack on hikes and outdoor excursions. Additionally, the monocular comes with a quick positioning smartphone bracket and tripod that makes it compatible with different smartphones, enabling me to capture high-quality images and share them with friends.

However, I noticed that when using the maximum zoom, the image quality slightly degraded compared to lower magnifications. The smartphone bracket, while convenient, seemed fragile and might not withstand rigorous use. Some users might also find that the eye relief is not as comfortable as they would prefer, especially if wearing glasses.

In conclusion, the PhysioPhyx 80×100 Monocular Telescope is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a powerful, compact, and smartphone-compatible monocular for diverse outdoor uses. Despite its minor drawbacks, it offers an engaging and high-quality experience, enhancing your iPhone photography and making it easier to appreciate nature and other distant subjects.

Fadaoos 80×100 Monocular Telescope for iPhone

Fadaoos 80x100 Monocular Telescope

A recommended buy for those seeking an affordable and versatile monocular telescope compatible with smartphones.


  • Impressive 80×100 magnification
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Smartphone compatibility


  • Learning curve for beginners
  • Larger than some alternatives
  • Tricky attachment and focusing system

The Fadaoos 80×100 Monocular Telescope is an excellent choice for those interested in exploring distant landscapes and objects with ease. Its high-powered magnification brings images close while maintaining sharpness and quality. Designed for use both with the naked eye and smartphone cameras, this monocular provides a unique way to capture and share your adventures.

One key advantage of the Fadaoos Monocular is its portability. Its lightweight design and rubber grips make it comfortable to hold for extended periods, plus the included case ensures safety during transport. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or attending a concert, this monocular telescope allows you to get closer to the action without weighing you down.

However, it’s essential to note that there is a learning curve associated with using this monocular telescope, particularly when attaching it to a smartphone. Some users may find focusing and getting the perfect shot challenging at first. With a bit of patience and practice, though, users should be able to master the attachment and focusing system.

In conclusion, the Fadaoos 80×100 Monocular Telescope is a versatile and high-powered addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear collection. Its compatibility with smartphones makes it perfect for capturing memories, and its portability ensures you can take it anywhere. Keep in mind that it may take some practice to master its usage, but once you do, the opportunities for exploration are endless.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best monocular telescope for your iPhone involves considering several factors to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Below, we discuss some key features and aspects to look for when buying a monocular telescope.

Magnification and Objective Lens Diameter

One of the primary features to consider is the magnification power of the monocular telescope and the size of its objective lens. Higher magnification levels, such as 10x or 12x, can bring distant objects closer, but may not always offer the sharpest image quality. A larger objective lens diameter, such as 42mm or 50mm, allows more light to enter the monocular, creating brighter and clearer images, especially in low light conditions.

Build Quality and Durability

Look for a monocular telescope made of high-quality materials and with a robust build. Many models come with rubberized exterior coatings to provide a secure grip and protect against minor impacts. Additionally, opt for monoculars with waterproof, fog-proof, and dustproof features to ensure your device can withstand harsh conditions.

Compatible Mounting System

To use a monocular telescope with your iPhone, ensure it comes with a compatible mounting system to attach the monocular to the smartphone camera. This mounting system should be easy to install and not damage the phone or the monocular. Compatibility with different phone models is a plus, as it offers flexibility if you change your smartphone in the future.

Lens Coating

Lens coating plays a significant role in reducing glare, enhancing light transmission, and improving overall image quality. Monocular telescopes with multi-coated lenses provide better results than those with single coated or uncoated lenses. Look for monoculars with anti-reflective coatings, as they help reduce glare and increase image clarity.

Field of View and Close Focus

A wide field of view and close focus are essential aspects of a monocular telescope as they provide more comprehensive coverage and better viewing capabilities. A broader field of view is beneficial when observing large areas or moving objects, while a monocular with a close focus distance allows you to see smaller objects in great detail. Compare these specifications to find the optimal balance between the field of view and close focus according to your viewing needs.

By considering these factors, you can be confident in choosing the best monocular telescope for your iPhone that provides high-quality images and a satisfying viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which monoculars are compatible with iPhones?

Most monocular telescopes can be used with iPhones, as long as they come with a compatible smartphone adapter. This adapter helps attach the monocular to your iPhone’s camera, enabling you to take photos and videos through the telescope. Ensure the adapter fits both your iPhone model and the monocular before purchasing.

What are the top monoculars for long distance and smartphones?

Some top monoculars for long distance and smartphones include:

  1. Gosky Titan 12×50 High Power Monocular
  2. Vortex Optics Solo 10×36 Monocular
  3. Celestron 71232 Nature 10×25 Monocular
  4. Wingspan Optics Explorer 12×50 Monocular

These monoculars offer excellent optical quality, features like fog-proof and water-resistant designs, and smartphone compatibility.

How do I use a monocular with my iPhone for bird watching?

To use a monocular with your iPhone for bird watching, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the smartphone adapter to the monocular.
  2. Fix your iPhone in place within the adapter, ensuring the camera aligns with the monocular eyepiece.
  3. Find a stable support or use a tripod to keep the set steady.
  4. Open your iPhone’s camera app, locate the bird, and adjust the monocular’s focus.
  5. Capture photos or videos as desired.

Which monoculars are best for stargazing with an iPhone?

For stargazing with an iPhone, consider monoculars with a larger objective lens and higher magnification, as they provide better light gathering capacity and image quality. Some options include the Celestron 71232 Nature 10×25 Monocular and Gosky Titan 12×50 High Power Monocular.

What factors should I consider when choosing a monocular for my iPhone?

When choosing a monocular for your iPhone, consider the following factors:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the monocular comes with a smartphone adapter compatible with your iPhone model.
  • Magnification: Higher magnification results in a more detailed image but may reduce image stability.
  • Objective lens diameter: A larger lens gathers more light, improving image quality in low light situations.
  • Field of view: A wider field of view makes tracking moving objects easier.
  • Material and build: Durable, water-resistant, and fog-proof monoculars are ideal for outdoor use.
  • Size and weight: Smaller and lighter monoculars are more portable and convenient to carry.

Are there any iPhone-specific monocular telescopes on the market?

Currently, there are no iPhone-specific monocular telescopes available. However, many monoculars come with universal smartphone adapters, which can be easily adjusted to fit iPhones and other smartphone models. When purchasing a monocular, ensure it comes with a compatible adapter for your iPhone.

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