Best Night Vision Monocular Available Today (2022 Buyers Guide & Reviews)

There are so many choices available when you are looking to purchase a monocular.

Here’s a list of the best night vision monoculars available. Now, this isn’t your ordinary list!

For you to make the best choice, we have compiled an all-encompassing list for comparison. 

This list covers the pros and cons of each of the top monoculars and specific details and a product overview.

Important details for you to know include low light or night vision monocular, a field of view, magnification, quality, and so much more! 

Best Night Vision Monocular Available For Bird Watching Today 

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What To Look For When Purchasing A Monocular

There are several things that you should take into consideration before buying a monocular for birdwatching. The following areas are what you should look at when comparing monoculars and making your purchase decision. 


Customer feedback can be invaluable. The higher the rating, the better, but also keep in mind the number of reviews. The more reviews, the better the validity of the customer feedback. 


It’s always a good idea to stick to your budget. One helpful way to do this is to first know your budget; then price match your top picks. 

Low Night Vision vs. Full Night Vision

Low night vision or low light vision is not the same as full night vision.

Monoculars with low night vision cannot be used in complete darkness. If you’re using this product primarily during the daytime, dusk, or dawn, a low light monocular will fit your needs. 

Magnification and Field of View

To find out how powerful a monocular is, look at the magnification. This is typically a set of two numbers.

The first is the magnification level, and the second is the lens diameter. For example, a 4×50 monocular has four times magnification and a 50mm lens diameter. 

The field of view numbers will tell you how far you will be able to see, followed by how wide of an area you will be able to see.

For example, “321ft, 1,000yds” will allow you to see 321 feet away from you and 1,000 yards across the area.  

9 Other Night Vision Monoculars That Are Perfect For Birdwatching And MORE

1. Digital Night Vision Monocular with Recording Capabilities 

BOBLOV 32GB, Infrared Camcorder, Digital 5x8 Optics Scope

With only 50 reviews, this full night vision monocular with recording capabilities has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating. Added features, such as the ability to record, raise the price of this monocular to $139.99.

  • Full Night Vision & Infrared
  • High Contrast Magnification: 5 x 32
  • Field of View: 150 yards (complete darkness), 250 yards (in daylight or low light)
  • IR illuminator and auxiliary illuminator
  • Water-resistant 


  • Includes 16GB memory card, AV & USB cables, soft carrying case, and lens cloth
  • Digital zoom increases the magnification from 5x zoom to 8x zoom
  • Photo and video capabilities
  • Camouflage color for easy concealment 


  • High price point
  • Only 2.5 hours of run time when the auxiliary illuminator is on (up to 6 hours when it’s off)
  • Not fully waterproof 

This monocular can be used to take pictures or video recordings in daylight, low light, and full darkness, which makes it perfect for capturing those birds that you may only see once in a lifetime. 

2. Waterproof Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Holder & Tripod

VIVREAL Telescope - 12X42 High Power

The customer rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars, has amazing 8,530 reviews, and can be purchased for just $29.99.

Features include: 

  • Low light level night vision. This means that you can’t see in complete darkness, but it’s helpful in low-light situations. 
  • High Power Magnification: 12 x 50 
  • Field of Vision: 360 ft/1,000yds 
  • High contrast is guaranteed with the BAK-4 prism lens. 
  • Waterproof, and fog-resistant as well as dustproof 


  • Connects to a smartphone with a holder
  • Allows for steady picture taking when used with both the tripod and smartphone attachment
  • Smartphone holder, tripod & carrying case are included
  • Weighs under 1 pound


  • An adapter is needed for use with iPhone X or above due to the phone’s multiple lenses
  • The soft case that is included does not hold all of the accessories that come with the purchase
  • Not suitable for use in complete darkness

Overall, this product would be beneficial for birdwatchers who use their smartphones and people who are out in rainy or foggy weather conditions. 

3. Day & Low Night Vision Monocular with Dual Focus and Zoom

16x52 High Powered Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope

The customer rating is high at 4.7 out of 5 but has only 389 ratings. It is available for purchase starting at $28.98.

Features include: 

  • Day & Low Night Vision Capable
  • High Power Magnification: 16 x 52 
  • Field of Vision: 66 meters/8,000m
  • The BAK-4 prism lens yields a high-quality contrast and resolution for better visibility   
  • Waterproof and fog proof 


  • A detachable hand strap is included
  • Also included are a carrying pouch, lens cleaning cloth, phone clip, tripod, and product manual
  • Will hold up nicely in poor weather conditions because it is both waterproof and fog proof 


  • Heavier than other compact monoculars, this one weighs about 12 ounces 
  • The phone mount can be difficult to align and set up
  • Does not work in complete darkness

This monocular leaves its customers happy with a large field of vision and high power magnification, which is perfect for zooming in while bird watching from afar. 

4. High Definition Telescope Monocular with Phone Holder

Allkeys 16x55 HD for Adults Kids

With 138 reviews, this telescope monocular has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Its price tag fits in well with its competitors at $29.99

Features include: 

  • Day & Low Night Vision
  • High Power Magnification: 15 x 55
  • Field of View: 285ft, 1,000yds
  • High-quality contrast thanks to the BAK-4 prism lens 
  • Waterproof and fog proof 


  • Allows for one-hand focus adjustment with side panel controls 
  • Only 7″ in length and 10 ounces in weight
  • Smartphone attachment works with multiple brands like Apple, Sony, and Samsung


  • The tripod that is included is not sturdy when the smartphone is attached
  • Works better for short distances
  • Cannot be used in full darkness 

This monocular is perfect if you’re looking for primarily handheld use because the included tripod isn’t strong enough to hold a smartphone on its own. 

5. Durable and Clear Monocular Telescope with Smartphone and Tripod Capabilities 

Telescope, 40X60 High Power HD with Smartphone Holder & Tripod

Customers have rated this product a 4.2 out of 5-stars, and it has been reviewed over 550 times. Priced at just $26.99, it has proven its value to birdwatchers across the country. 

Features include: 

  • Low-Light-Level Vision
  • High Contrast Magnification: 40 x 60
  • Field of View: 360ft, 1,000yds 
  • Fully coated BAK-4 prism lens for high contrast optics
  • Waterproof and fog proof


  • Single hand focus buttons allow for one-handed use
  • Includes a built-in lens cover for lens protection when not in use 


  • The lens cover does not detach from the body of the monocular
  • Accessories are cheaply made and break easily 
  • Cannot be used after nightfall, only good for low light and daylight

This monocular is a good choice for someone who is new to monoculars and is looking to get started in hobbyist bird watching.  

6. Mini Sport Compact Monocular

Aurosports 12x40 Telescope with Bak4 Porro Prism FMC-Lens HD

This small and compact monocular has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. It has a low number of reviews, at just 55, and only 57% of those reviews are 5-star reviews. Slightly more expensive than other monoculars on our list, this mini sport monocular costs $32.99.

Features include: 

  • Low-Light-Level Night Vision
  • High Contrast Magnification: 12 x 40
  • Field of View: 321ft, 1,000yds 
  • BAK-4 prism lens for quality, high definition optics
  • Waterproof and fog proof 


  • Soft and adjustable eyecup can be used even if you wear glasses
  • Single hand operation makes it easy to use
  • This purchase also includes a hand strap, carrying bag, cleaning cloth, and manual
  • Lightweight – approximately half a pound 


  • Lower magnification compared to other monoculars in the same price range
  • Does not have the ability to attach a tripod to the scope
  • Smartphone attachment is unavailable at this time
  • Will not work in complete darkness

Most suitable for daytime birdwatching, this mini sport monocular is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. 

7. Nightfall Night Vision Monocular

Firefield Nightfall

This full night vision monocular has 812 ratings with 4 out of 5 stars. Due to being a full night vision monocular, the price is much steeper than a low light monocular at $110.91

Features include: 

  • Full Night Vision Capable 
  • High Contrast Magnification: 4 x 50
  • Field of View: 197 yards
  • PULSE IR illuminator
  • Water-resistant 


  • Fully night vision capable
  • Will also work well in daylight and low light
  • Infrared illumination
  • Fabric carrying case included 


  • Tripod is not included with purchase, but there is a socket for mounting a tripod if desired
  • Heavier than other monoculars at 1.3 pounds 
  • Narrow field of view
  • Only water-resistant, not waterproof 

This full night vision monocular allows you to see in complete darkness but has a limited field of view and a large price tag compared to its low light monocular competition. 

8. Night Vision Monocular For Photos and Videos

ESSLNB 5X40 Infrared with 1.5

While this seems to be one of the lower-ranking monoculars, it has more features than its low light competition. It has a 3.9 out of 5-star rating with almost 200 reviews. 

Features Include: 

  • Full Night Vision & Infrared 
  • Optical Magnification: 5 x 40
  • Range of View: 656 feet 
  • Image Resolution is 640 x 480 pixels
  • Not Waterproof


  • 16 GB TF Card is included for photo and video recording
  • Hand Strap, cleaning cloth, and carrying bag are included
  • There is a place where a tripod (not included) can be attached


  • Not waterproof or water-resistant
  • Poor battery strength and low run time
  • Heavyweight at over 1.5 pounds

Even though this full night vision monocular has the ability to take photos and videos, it is among the higher priced and lower-rated monoculars on this list. 

9. Night Vision Monocular with Camera & Camcorder Functions

Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital with 1.5 inch TFT LCD

This outstanding night vision monocular boasts a $199 price tag but has over 250 reviews for a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Features Include: 

  • Full Night Vision & 4 Adjustable Infrared Levels
  • Optical Magnification: 5 x 50
  • Range of View: 1150 ft/350 m
  • Image Resolution is 640 x 480 pixels 
  • Water-Resistant


  • 16 GB TF Card is included for photo and video recording
  • A removable hand strap is included
  • There is a place where a tripod (not included) can be attached


  • The video resolution is only 1 MP
  • Poor battery strength and screen may frequently freeze
  • Heavyweight at over 1.5 pounds
  • Not fully waterproof 

Top Pick: Day and Night Vision Monocular with Recording and Infrared Optics 

BOBLOV 32GB, Infrared Camcorder

This low light and night vision monocular has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating from almost 100 reviewers. Its price tag is amongst the best for full night vision monoculars at only $129.99.

Features include: 

  • Low Night Vision, Full Night Vision, and Infrared Optics
  • Magnification: 5×32
  • Field of View: 150 yards (complete darkness) or 250 yards (low light
  • Optical, Digital, and Infrared capable 
  • Water-resistant, high-quality seals 


  • 2.5-hour battery life, 6 hours when the illuminator is off
  • 1.5-inch display screen
  • 16 MB memory card included
  • Records pictures, video, and sound
  • Includes carrying bag, lens cleaner, AV cable, USB cable, and memory card


  • High-quality batteries are suggested for use but are not included with the purchase
  • 1.3 pounds, which is light compared to other night vision monoculars, but heavy when compared to low light monoculars
  • Not fully waterproof 

For the price and ratings, this monocular seems to have everything you need for birdwatching, including photo, recording, low light, and full night vision. 

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