Best Outdoor Squirrel Repellent: Effective Solutions for 2023

Explore our top picks for the most effective outdoor squirrel repellents to protect your garden and home from these persistent critters.

Best Outdoor Squirrel Repellents


ANEWNICE Squirrel Repellent Outdoor

ANEWNICE Squirrel Repellent

Keep squirrels at bay with ANEWNICE’s natural and effective outdoor repellent pouches.


  • Uses natural ingredients like peppermint and garlic oil
  • Long-lasting effectiveness, up to 2-3 months
  • Easy application, perfect for various locations


  • Strong odor might not be suitable for some users
  • Unusable for indoor application
  • Limited to outdoor areas only

Recently, I used ANEWNICE’s Squirrel Repellent Outdoor pouches for my garden, and I found them to be a natural and efficient solution in keeping squirrels away from my plants and bird food. Its blend of potent essential oils, especially peppermint and garlic oil, caused the critters to feel disoriented and prevented them from causing damage to my garden.

I appreciated how simple it was to use the product; all I had to do was place the pouches around my plants and property. This versatile deterrent can be used near bulbs, tree bark, pumpkins, or fruit trees. I noticed its effectiveness in keeping squirrels away from my garden for a good two to three months, making it quite cost-efficient.

However, the strong smell of the repellent might not be for everyone. It’s essential to know that it’s specifically formulated for outdoor use, so considering using it indoors is not recommended. Additionally, the product could be more versatile by being suitable for indoor applications.

In conclusion, ANEWNICE’s Squirrel Repellent Outdoor pouches are an effective, long-lasting, and easy-to-use solution to keep pesky squirrels away from your outdoor property. Keep in mind that the fragrance may be overpowering for some users and is limited to outdoor use only.

Abilly 2023 Solar Ultrasonic Repellent

Abilly 2023 Solar Ultrasonic Repellent

The Abilly Solar Ultrasonic Repellent is a reliable solution to keep your outdoor space free of rodents, squirrels, and other unwanted animals.


  • Effective ultrasonic technology with motion detection
  • Eco-friendly and dual charging options (solar and USB)
  • Waterproof and made of heavy-duty ABS material


  • May not work on all types of animals
  • Limited sensing angle (110˚)
  • Requires proper placement for optimal effectiveness

The Abilly 2023 Solar Ultrasonic Repellent is designed to keep pests at bay while prioritizing safety and eco-friendliness. It can be easily installed in various locations, such as your garden, farm, or backyard, and its efficient dual-charging system keeps the device powered up throughout the day. The ultrasonic repellent uses a combination of motion detection and ultrasonic waves, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from protecting your lawn to safeguarding your vegetable garden from intruders.

Moreover, the repellent’s waterproof construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance, even in harsh weather conditions. Its ABS material guarantees a robust build that withstands the test of time.

However, keep in mind that the device’s effectiveness may vary depending on the specific type of animal you wish to repel, and the 110˚ sensing angle may require strategic placement for optimal results. Regardless of these mild drawbacks, the Abilly 2023 Solar Ultrasonic Repellent is a dependable and environmentally-friendly solution for keeping your outdoor space protected against unwanted critters.

ANEWNICE Squirrel Repellent

ANEWNICE Squirrel Repellent

A highly effective and all-natural solution to keep pesky squirrels away from your garden, bird feeders, and other outdoor areas.


  • Powerful and effective repellent with essential oils
  • All-natural ingredients, safe for pets and plants
  • Long-lasting protection for up to 120 square feet


  • Scent may be overpowering for some people
  • May not fully deter all squirrel species
  • Needs to be periodically re-applied for continued effectiveness

After using the ANEWNICE Squirrel Repellent in my own garden, I found that it performed remarkably well in keeping squirrels at bay. The concentrated blend of garlic oil and peppermint oil seems to create a potent barrier that deters not only squirrels, but also chipmunks, rabbits, and other pests from invading my garden.

The fact that all the ingredients are natural and environmentally friendly is a big plus. I didn’t have to worry about my pets or plants being affected by harsh chemicals. However, the scent can be quite strong, so it may take some getting used to, but in my experience, it was well worth it for the results I observed.

Another aspect that I appreciate about the ANEWNICE Squirrel Repellent is its long-lasting effects. The bag claims to offer protection for up to 60-90 days, covering an area of about 120 square feet. In practice, I did notice that I had to reapply the repellent from time to time to maintain its effectiveness, but it’s overall a small inconvenience for the peace of mind provided.

In conclusion, the ANEWNICE Squirrel Repellent offers a powerful and natural solution to protect your garden, bird feeders, and other outdoor areas from unwanted squirrels and pests. While the scent might be strong for some, its all-natural ingredients, long-lasting effects, and ease-of-use make it a great choice for keeping your property pest-free.

I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent

I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent

A decent option for squirrel repellent, offering natural ingredients with room for improvement in effectiveness.


  • Uses natural ingredients and pet safe
  • Protects a variety of surfaces and plants
  • Prevents damage to vehicles


  • Inconsistent results reported for effectiveness
  • Not intended for keeping squirrels off bird feeders
  • Effect may wear off quickly, requiring frequent reapplication

I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent features natural ingredients, making it safe for both pets and the environment. The repellent’s primary use is to deter squirrels from gnawing on surfaces such as wires, outdoor furniture, and plants. Moreover, it doesn’t have a foul smell and is not harmful to humans. However, it’s essential to mention that this repellent is not formulated for keeping squirrels off bird feeders, so don’t expect it to work in that regard.

The repellent is also convenient to use on various plants, including tomatoes, hibiscus, and fruit trees, among others. By spraying it directly on plants, I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent provides protection without harming them. Furthermore, it’s great for stopping squirrels from nesting under the hood of your vehicle, which can prevent costly damages to wires and other components.

While the repellent provides protection against damage to outdoor furniture, planters, decking, and more, the effectiveness can be inconsistent. Some users report that the repellent works well initially but wears off quickly, requiring frequent reapplication. To ensure the best results, it’s important to follow the instructions closely and reapply as needed.

In conclusion, the I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent is a decent option with natural ingredients and versatile uses. However, it may require consistent reapplication for optimal effectiveness and is not meant for bird feeders. Consider your specific needs and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent Outdoor

DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent

The DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent is a strong, effective, and easy-to-apply solution for keeping squirrels away from your garden, car, and home.


  • Powerful and effective repellent
  • Easy to apply and long-lasting
  • Safe for pets and plants


  • May not work for all squirrel species
  • Requires reapplication every 2 months
  • Might have a strong initial scent

The DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent is both powerful and effective, designed specifically to prevent squirrels from digging or nesting in your lawn, garden, car engine, and other potential entry points. As someone who’s had issues with squirrels in the past, this repellent has saved me the headache of dealing with squirrels destroying my plants and chewing on wires.

Application is a breeze – simply distribute the repellent packs in desired areas, such as outdoor furniture, cushions, planters, and potential nesting spots. I found it particularly useful in preventing squirrels from nesting under the hood of my car. The repellent remains effective for up to 2 months, making it a worthwhile investment.

One of the best aspects of this product is its safety for pets, plants, and children when used as directed. I never had to worry about any negative side effects on my garden, family, or pets. However, it’s important to note that its initial scent might be strong for some users, and it may not work on all squirrel species. Nonetheless, the DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent is a reliable choice for those looking to protect their property from squirrel-related damages.

Pukeen 12 Packs Squirrel Repellent

Pukeen Squirrel Repellent

Pukeen Squirrel Repellent offers a natural, safe, and effective method to deter squirrels from your garden and property.


  • All-natural and safe ingredients
  • Long-lasting and effective protection
  • Easy to use with various applications


  • Mild scent may not be preferred by all users
  • May require frequent reapplication in high infestation areas
  • Not specifically targeted for squirrels – also repels other rodents

Pukeen’s Squirrel Repellent uses a blend of essential oils such as peppermint, garlic, corn mint, and rosemary, creating an eco-friendly and safe solution to keep squirrels away without harming them. The ingredients are completely harmless to humans and pets, giving you peace of mind while using the product on your property.

The repellent provides long-lasting protection for up to 90 days, making it perfect for use in a variety of locations including yards, attics, garages, and more. Simply place the repellent in areas where squirrels often frequent and let the volatile oils do their job in keeping these pesky critters at bay.

Although the minty scent is mild and non-toxic, it may not be preferred by all users. Additionally, in areas where squirrel infestations are particularly heavy, you may need to reapply the repellent more frequently to maintain its effectiveness. Regardless, Pukeen’s Squirrel Repellent is an affordable, humane, and environmentally friendly option for keeping your property free from squirrel-related troubles.

DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent

DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent

Keep squirrels at bay and protect your garden and vehicle with DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent Spray, a powerful and safe solution.


  • Effective repellent for squirrels and chipmunks
  • Long-lasting protection for up to 2 months
  • Easy to apply and pet/plant safe


  • Strong smell might be overwhelming for some users
  • Needs careful handling to avoid skin contact
  • Might require reapplication in large areas

DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent Spray is specifically formulated to deter squirrels from digging in your lawn, chewing on wires, and nesting in inconvenient areas. With its easy-to-use packs, you can simply distribute them in desired locations, such as outdoor furniture, planters, and even under the hood of your car. This repellent is effective for 2 months, ensuring long-lasting protection for your property.

One of the advantages of DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent is that it’s safe for use around plants, pets, vegetation, and children when used as directed. However, it’s worth noting that the strong smell of the repellent might be overwhelming for some users. To avoid any discomfort, you might want to handle the repellent packs with gloves and strategically place them to minimize the odor effect on your outdoor experience.

While DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent provides powerful repellent effects, it might require reapplication in larger areas to ensure consistent protection. Despite this minor drawback, thousands of users have found this product to be effective in keeping squirrels and chipmunks away from their property. With its easy application and safe ingredients, DALIYREPAL Squirrel Repellent is a reliable option for safeguarding your garden and vehicle from unwanted furry visitors.

SUAVEC Squirrel Repellent

SUAVEC Squirrel Repellent

This repellent is worth considering for those seeking a natural, easy-to-use solution to keep squirrels and chipmunks away from their property.


  • Effective natural ingredients
  • Long-lasting results
  • Safe for pets and plants


  • May not deter more resistant squirrels
  • Might require multiple pouches for larger areas
  • Effectiveness may diminish with extreme weather

Using the SUAVEC Squirrel Repellent has been a game-changer for protecting my home and garden from squirrels and chipmunks. The blend of essential oils, including peppermint and garlic, naturally deters these critters without causing harm to them or relying on chemical alternatives.

I noticed that after placing the repellent pouches around my property, there was a significant reduction in squirrel activity and damage. The pouches were easy to apply, and I appreciated that they lasted up to 90 days before needing to be replaced. This long-lasting effectiveness meant I didn’t have to worry about constantly reapplying.

However, I did notice that some persistent squirrels seemed to be less bothered by the scent. In these cases, it might be necessary to use a few extra pouches or couple the repellent with other deterrent methods to keep them at bay. Also, the effectiveness of the pouches seemed to diminish slightly during heavy rain or extreme weather, so it may be required to replace pouches more frequently in such conditions.

Overall, the SUAVEC Squirrel Repellent is an excellent choice for those who want an effortless and eco-friendly way to keep squirrels and chipmunks from damaging their property. It’s effective for most cases, safe for pets and plants, and provides long-lasting protection.

Daioloes Squirrel Repellent Pack

Daioloes Squirrel Repellent

This squirrel repellent provides a natural solution to keep squirrels away, but may not deliver consistent results for all users.


  • Powerful and natural ingredients
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Safe for children, pets, and plants


  • Inconsistent effectiveness
  • Unpleasant odor for some
  • Mesh bags may be of lower quality

The Daioloes Squirrel Repellent Pack offers a natural way to deter squirrels and chipmunks from your property. Made from essential oils, this repellent works to protect car engines, gardens, potted plants, and outdoor spaces from squirrel activity. The natural ingredients ensure that this product is safe for use around children, pets, and plants when used as directed.

Easy to apply, simply distribute the repellent packs in desired areas to create an effective barrier against squirrels. The concentrated botanical oils have a long-lasting scent that lasts between 30-90 days, providing efficient repellency for an extended period.

However, the repellent may not work consistently across all areas and environments. Some users have reported the odor to be unpleasant, reminiscent of mothballs. Additionally, the included mesh bags to hold the balls may be considered cheaply made, potentially lessening the product’s overall effectiveness.

In conclusion, the Daioloes Squirrel Repellent Pack provides an easy-to-use and natural deterrent that is environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets. While this product has potential, its inconsistent effectiveness and unpleasant odor may deter some prospective buyers. It might be worth considering alternative squirrel repellent products, or combining this repellent with other methods to ensure optimal protection against squirrels and chipmunks.

USKICH 20Pack Squirrel Repellent

USKICH 20Pack Squirrel Repellent

A worthwhile purchase for those seeking an effective and safe way to repel squirrels and chipmunks from their outdoor spaces.


  • Long-lasting and water-resistant
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Easy to use with wide coverage


  • Strong garlic scent may be off-putting to some
  • Might shrink faster than expected
  • Gloves and suspension bags may be unnecessary for some users

Upon placing the USKICH 20Pack Squirrel Repellent around my garden, I immediately noticed how simple it was to use. The product effectively covers an area up to 120 square feet, making it ideal for protecting not only my garden but also my yard and nearby trees. With 20 repellent packs included, I appreciate that I have plenty of coverage for the entire season.

The combination of concentrated essential oils, mainly ultra-powerful garlic oil, creates a strong scent that effectively deters squirrels and chipmunks. Although the scent might be a bit overpowering for some, I personally found it tolerable and well worth the benefit of keeping pesky critters away from my plants.

One downside I noted was that the repellent packs seemed to shrink faster than I initially anticipated. It’s important to keep an eye on them and replace them as needed to maintain their effectiveness. Additionally, while the included gloves and suspension bags may be useful for some, I didn’t find them particularly necessary for my own use.

In conclusion, the USKICH 20Pack Squirrel Repellent is an effective and safe option for keeping squirrels and chipmunks away from gardens and other outdoor spaces. Although it does have some minor drawbacks, overall, I am satisfied with its performance and would recommend it to others facing similar issues with pests.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best outdoor squirrel repellent, it’s essential to consider several key features to ensure effectiveness and the safety of squirrels and other wildlife. The following paragraphs will guide you on what to look for in a squirrel repellent.

Effectiveness: This is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing an outdoor squirrel repellent. Look for products that use proven ingredients and technology, such as predator scents, natural oils, or ultrasonic devices, to deter squirrels from your property effectively. Remember to check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the product’s success rate.

Safety: It’s essential to choose a squirrel repellent that is safe for squirrels, other animals, and your family. Opt for products that use non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients or methods, as well as those that don’t harm or trap squirrels in any way. Make sure the repellent is safe to use around children and pets too.

Ease of use: The ideal squirrel repellent should be easy to install and use. Look for products with clear instructions, as well as those that require minimal effort to set up or apply. Some repellents come in ready-to-use forms, while others might need some assembly or preparation.

Durability and weather resistance: Since the repellent will be used outdoors, it should be resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sun exposure. Look for products that have been designed and tested for outdoor use to ensure their longevity and effectiveness.

Coverage area: Ensure the squirrel repellent you choose is suitable for the size of the area you need to protect. Some repellents might have limitations regarding the space they can cover, so consider this when making your decision.

Key Features to Consider

When assessing outdoor squirrel repellents, pay close attention to the following features:

  • Ingredient type (natural oils, predator scents, etc.)
  • Method of deterrence (visual, scent, or ultrasonic)
  • Safety and eco-friendliness
  • Ease of application or installation
  • Durability and weather resistance
  • Coverage area

By considering the factors and key features outlined in this buying guide, you’ll be well-equipped to select the best outdoor squirrel repellent for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective squirrel repellents for gardens?

There are various squirrel repellents available for gardens including natural, chemical and physical deterrents. Some popular natural options include garlic, peppermint and cayenne pepper. Chemical repellents, such as capsaicin, can also be effective, but should be used with care around children and pets. Physical barriers, like fencing or tree guards, are another solution for keeping squirrels at bay.

How can I prevent squirrels from damaging my car?

To prevent squirrels from damaging your car, consider implementing a combination of deterrents. Remove food sources near your vehicle, use repellents like mothballs or peppermint oil, and try physical barriers like car cover protection or wiring mesh. You can also invest in a pest repeller for your garage or driveway to further discourage squirrels.

Do electronic squirrel repellents work?

Electronic squirrel repellents emit high-frequency sounds that are intended to be unpleasant for squirrels, deterring them from the area. While some users report success with these devices, their effectiveness varies depending on factors such as the specific device, the surrounding environment and the persistence of the squirrels.

What scents do squirrels dislike the most?

Squirrels are repelled by scents that are strong and spicy, including peppermint, garlic, and cayenne pepper. They also dislike the smell of predator urine, such as from foxes or coyotes, which can be purchased at specialty stores. These scents tend to work well in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Are ultrasonic squirrel repellers worth trying?

Ultrasonic squirrel repellers use high-frequency sounds to deter squirrels from the area. While some users have found these devices to be effective, there are also cases where squirrels have adapted to the ultrasonic sounds or the devices have not provided the desired results. It’s best to use a combination of different deterrents, including ultrasonic repellers, for optimum effectiveness.

What are the top squirrel repellent products available in stores?

Some of the top squirrel repellent products include granular repellents with capsaicin, natural spray deterrents made from peppermint oil, and predator urine-based solutions. For physical barriers, tree guards and bird feeder baffles are popular choices. The effectiveness of these products may vary due to their application, the environment, and the individual squirrel population.

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