Best Suet for Bluebirds: Expert Recommendations and Tips

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top suet options designed specifically for bluebirds, providing them with the nutrition and energy they need.

Best Suet for Bluebirds

By providing a high-quality suet that caters to the bluebirds’ specific nutritional needs, you can create a welcoming environment for these charming birds to thrive in your backyard. In this article, we have researched and tested various suet options to help you find the perfect suet blend that will not only attract bluebirds but keep them coming back for more.

C&S Wild Bird Bluebird Suet Nuggets Mega Box

C&S Wild Bird Bluebird Suet Nuggets Mega Box

The C&S Wild Bird Bluebird Suet Nuggets Mega Box offers an all-in-one feeding solution that attracts bluebirds and other wild birds to your yard.


  • High-energy and easy-to-break soft nugget formula
  • Suitable for year-round feeding
  • Economical 8-pound box


  • May not specifically attract bluebirds
  • Smaller pellet size than other brands
  • Bulk packaging might not be ideal for some customers

The C&S Wild Bird Bluebird Suet Nuggets Mega Box is a fantastic choice for bird lovers who want to attract a variety of birds to their yard. This no-waste, ready-to-feed formula contains a blend of suet, roasted peanuts, raisins, corn, and oats, ensuring a well-rounded diet for your visiting feathered friends.

One of the standout features of this product is its soft nugget form. Unlike traditional suet cakes, the nuggets are easy for beaks to break apart, making it more accessible for a wider range of birds. Furthermore, the formula is perfect not only for suet-loving birds but also for fruit and insect-eating birds, so you can expect a diverse array of flying visitors in your yard all year round.

However, some customers have reported that the size of the pellets is smaller than other brands, meaning you might need to refill your feeder more frequently. Additionally, although the 8-pound box is economical, some users may not appreciate the bulk packaging, as they prefer to buy smaller quantities.

In summary, the C&S Wild Bird Bluebird Suet Nuggets Mega Box is an excellent and economical option for those looking to attract a variety of birds to their yard throughout the year. Its diverse mix of ingredients and easy-to-consume nuggets make it a hit with both birds and bird enthusiasts alike.

C&S Bluebird Nuggets

C&S Bluebird Nuggets

The C&S Bluebird Nuggets are worth considering for those who want to attract a variety of birds to their yard, especially bluebirds, with a no-waste, year-round suet option.


  • Attracts various bird species
  • Easy for birds to eat and break apart
  • Can be used year-round


  • Limited flavor options
  • Slightly more expensive than other suet options
  • Not all birds may be interested

Having recently used the C&S Bluebird Nuggets, I love how it’s designed to entice bluebirds and other birds into my yard. The unique blend of suet, roasted peanuts, raisins, corn, and oats seems to be highly appealing to a wide range of birds, and I’ve noticed an increase in their presence since placing the nuggets in my feeders.

One of the standout features I appreciate is the soft, easy-to-break-apart texture of these nuggets. It allows various bird species to consume the product more comfortably. Additionally, the nuggets can be used in traditional bluebird or platform feeders, as well as mixed with seed for a more diverse offering.

However, there are a couple of downsides to the C&S Bluebird Nuggets as well. The available flavor is limited to primarily suet, roasted peanuts, and raisins – which may limit its appeal to certain bird species. Additionally, the price is a slight concern, as it’s marginally more expensive than other suet options on the market. That being said, the no-waste formula and year-round usability make it an attractive choice for bird enthusiasts who are willing to pay a little extra for quality.

In summary, the C&S Bluebird Nuggets offer an excellent choice for those looking for a no-waste, year-round suet option to attract a variety of birds, particularly bluebirds. Despite its minor drawbacks, the product’s impressive bird-attracting abilities, soft texture, and versatility make it a top contender in the suet market.

C&S Bluebird Nuggets

C&S Bluebird Nuggets

A nutritious and economical option to attract a variety of birds, especially bluebirds, to your backyard.


  • Attracts a variety of birds
  • Nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Easy to use and versatile


  • Some birds may prefer other food
  • May not be suitable for all feeders
  • Contains beef suet, not vegetarian

The C&S Bluebird Nuggets are packed with essential nutrients in the form of rendered beef suet, roasted peanuts, raisins, corn, and oats, making it an ideal treat for your backyard bluebirds. These nuggets can be easily integrated into your existing bird feeding routine, as they can be placed on a platform feeder, in a nugget-specific feeder, or combined with other foods to create a blend that meets the needs of a variety of birds.

One thing to consider is that some birds, and possibly even some bluebirds, may prefer other foods such as mealworms. However, the nuggets are still a favorable option for those interested in attracting a diverse range of feathered friends to their yard. Moreover, the beef suet content in the nuggets may not be suitable for people who prefer to offer vegetarian bird food options.

The C&S Bluebird Nuggets are a more economical choice compared to other bird foods, as they are 100% consumable and result in minimal waste. Although the nuggets may not fit into all bird feeders, they are an excellent choice for platform feeders and feeders designed for nugget or peanut feeding. With a 4.4 star rating and over 1,000 reviews, these nuggets prove to be a favorite among bird enthusiasts and their backyard visitors, making the C&S Bluebird Nuggets a great addition to your bird-feeding arsenal.

Kaytee Wild Bird Seed & Mealworm Seed Cake

Kaytee Seed Cake

A great choice for attracting bluebirds, chickadees, and woodpeckers with a nutritious and convenient seed cake.


  • High-energy, protein-rich ingredients
  • Attracts a variety of desirable songbirds
  • Convenient and mess-free compared to loose seed


  • May be quickly consumed by squirrels
  • Can arrive with some seed knocked off during shipping
  • Shorter lifespan than some competitors

The Kaytee Wild Bird Seed & Mealworm Seed Cake is a high-energy treat that effectively attracts various songbirds such as bluebirds, chickadees, and woodpeckers. The mix of hulled sunflower seed, oil sunflower seed, safflower seed, dried mealworms, honey, and more create an appealing and nutritious option for your backyard wild birds.

One of the primary benefits of this seed cake is its convenience. Unlike loose seed, this product is much easier to handle and insert into your existing wire suet or seed cake feeders. The composition also helps reduce waste and mess, making it a cleaner way to offer a treat to your feathered friends.

However, some users have reported that squirrels find this treat irresistible, which can lead to the cake disappearing more quickly than anticipated. It’s crucial to consider squirrel-resistant feeders or other measures to keep squirrels away. The product’s packaging also sometimes causes a small amount of seed to be knocked off during shipping, though that doesn’t impact its overall performance.

In summary, the Kaytee Wild Bird Seed & Mealworm Seed Cake offers excellent nutrition while attracting a variety of desirable songbirds, making it a fantastic addition to your backyard bird-feeding routine.

BestNest C&S Bluebird Nuggets

C&S Bluebird Nuggets

BestNest C&S Bluebird Nuggets are an excellent choice for attracting and nourishing bluebirds with their versatile blend of ingredients and generous package.


  • Generous package of 12 bags
  • Can be used in various feeder types
  • Balanced blend of ingredients for bird nutrition


  • Limited flavor options
  • May not be suitable for birds with peanut allergies
  • Heavy bags for storage and transportation

The BestNest C&S Bluebird Nuggets come in a generous package containing 12 bags with 27 ounces of suet nuggets each. I found this particularly useful as it minimizes the need for frequent restocking and can cater to a growing number of bluebirds in my garden.

These nuggets are designed to be used in a variety of feeder types, including bluebird, hopper, platform, and tube feeders. When I tried these in different feeders, not only were the bluebirds attracted, but other birds like thrushes and chickadees as well. The versatility makes these nuggets a fantastic choice for any bird enthusiast.

The blend of corn, oats, peanuts, and raisins within the suet provides a well-balanced diet for the bluebirds, giving them the energy they need to thrive. I noticed the birds appearing healthier and more active since incorporating these nuggets into their diet.

On the downside, I found that there are limited flavor options available with these nuggets, as beef is the only option. Some birds might not be too fond of this flavor, though my bluebirds seemed to love it. Also, the inclusion of peanuts in the blend may not be suitable for birds who have a peanut allergy, which could limit their appeal to certain species.

One other drawback of the BestNest C&S Bluebird Nuggets is the weight of the bags, which makes storage and transportation a bit challenging. Given the generous amount of nuggets included in each package, this might not be an issue for everyone, but it’s worth considering if you have limited storage space.

In conclusion, the BestNest C&S Bluebird Nuggets are a great option for attracting and nourishing bluebirds and other birds in your yard. With their versatile ingredients and compatibility with various feeders, these nuggets can make a significant difference in your bird-feeding experience.

C&S Mealworm Delight, No Melt Suet Dough

C&S Mealworm Delight

C&S Mealworm Delight is a highly recommended choice for attracting a variety of birds, especially bluebirds, all year round.


  • Attracts various bird species
  • Suitable for year-round feeding
  • High-quality ingredients


  • Might be smaller than desired
  • Contains peanuts or peanut butter (allergy concern)
  • Pricey for some

C&S Mealworm Delight is an excellent choice for bird enthusiasts looking to attract an array of birds to their yard. With a base of cornmeal and roasted peanuts combined with beef fat, this no-melt suet provides a delightful meal for your feathered friends. The soft dough texture is easy for all birdlife stages to enjoy, and the product lives up to its reputation as a no-melt option in various weather conditions.

One of the minor drawbacks of this product is the size, as it might be smaller than some large suet feeders available in the market. However, this issue isn’t substantial enough to deter the birds from enjoying the mealworm delight. The inclusion of peanuts or peanut butter is another drawback, which could be a concern for those with severe allergies in their household. Proper care should be taken to avoid any allergen exposure.

Despite being somewhat expensive, the quality of C&S Mealworm Delight is worth investing in for bird lovers. The high customer satisfaction level, durable packaging, and the numerous happy bird visitors to your yard justify the price. Moreover, C&S’s process of creating these suet cakes further ensures a no-melt experience under all weather conditions.

In summary, C&S Mealworm Delight is a highly reliable option for bird enthusiasts looking to attract a variety of species while offering a nutritious and delicious meal. The product is a perfect blend of high-quality ingredients and year-round enjoyment, with only minor cons.

Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Dough Cake

Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Dough Cake

Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Dough Cake is a must-buy for attracting a variety of birds while providing essential nutrition and minimizing mess.


  • High-energy and nutritious content for various bird species
  • Melt-resistant formula for year-round feeding
  • Eco-friendly, easy-open packaging


  • May attract unwanted bird species
  • Could be consumed quickly by birds
  • Might not suit all suet feeder designs

Blue Seal’s Mealworm Medley Suet Dough Cake is a bird-lover’s delight, offering a perfect balance of nutrition and taste for your feathered visitors. The suet cake’s melt-resistant formula allows you to feed birds throughout the year, ensuring that they get the energy they need to stay warm during cold months or reproduce during springtime.

This suet cake’s packaging was designed with you and the environment in mind. The easy-open wrapper uses 80% less packaging than other suet products, making it a more sustainable choice for bird feeding. Additionally, the packaging is 100% recyclable, showcasing Blue Seal’s commitment to preserving nature.

One thing to note is that the Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Dough Cake might attract unwanted bird species or be consumed rapidly by your avian visitors. Its universal appeal and highly nutritious content can make it a popular choice for many birds. Additionally, the suet cake might not fit all suet feeder designs, so make sure to double-check your feeder compatibility before making a purchase.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to attract a variety of birds and provide essential nutrition without creating a mess, the Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Dough Cake is a worthy addition to your bird-feeding routine. With its eco-friendly packaging and melt-resistant formula, you can be confident that you’re making the right choice for your feathered friends and the environment.

Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Cakes

Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Cakes

The Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Cakes offer a high-quality, no-mess option that attracts a variety of birds and is suitable for year-round feeding.


  • Melt-resistant formula suitable for year-round feeding
  • Attracts a wide variety of bird species
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging


  • May not attract all bird species depending on location
  • Some flavors not as popular with birds
  • Can be consumed quickly by birds, requiring frequent replenishment

The Blue Seal Mealworm Medley Suet Cakes are designed specifically for wild birds, offering a nutritious and high-energy food source that can be enjoyed throughout the year. With a variety of flavors, these cakes are perfect for generating the extra energy needed to fuel reproduction in the spring and keep birds warm in the winter months.

The no-mess packaging eliminates greasy handling and makes it easy to open and load into any suet feeder. The cakes are also designed to work with all suet feeders, ensuring your birds will always have access to the nutrition they need, regardless of your feeder type.

Moreover, Blue Seal is dedicated to preserving nature and maintaining eco-friendly practices. The easy-open wrapper uses 80% less packaging than suet products in trays, and it’s also 100% recyclable. The company has built a solid reputation over the years with its focus on delivering high-quality products for birds and bird-lovers alike.

However, it’s important to note that some users have reported certain flavors being less popular with birds, and the cakes being consumed very quickly, requiring frequent replacement. It’s also worth considering that the variety of birds attracted may vary depending on your location, suet placement, and environment.

C&S MealWorm Treat Suet Cake for Wild Birds 11 Ounces 3 Pack

C&S MealWorm Treat Suet Cake

A delightful and nourishing option for attracting various wild birds to your backyard.


  • Suitable for multiple bird species like cardinals, blue jays, and woodpeckers
  • Contains mealworms, which are a favorite of bluebirds
  • Comes in a pack of three for extended feeding


  • May deplete quickly due to high bird attraction
  • Not suitable for people with peanut allergies
  • Not ideal for birdwatchers wanting extended observation time

Today, I had the pleasure of using the C&S MealWorm Treat Suet Cake and I must say, it certainly delivered on its promises. The moment I placed it in my suet bird feeder, I could observe a variety of wild birds flocking to it, including those beautiful bluebirds, chatty chickadees, and curious cardinals. The mealworms, along with rendered beef suet and peanuts, make it highly appetizing to the bird species visiting my backyard.

The pack of three suet cakes is a great value, ensuring that I have enough to last for a reasonable period of time. However, be prepared to replace them often, because these little morsels of joy seem to be an instant hit among the birds. While it’s great to see them enjoy their treat, I couldn’t help but feel a little envious of their enjoyment. Unfortunately, for those looking to spend prolonged moments birdwatching, this might not be the suet for you – as it tends to disappear quickly!

On a precautionary note, make sure to avoid handling this product with bare hands if you are sensitive to peanuts. The C&S MealWorm Treat Suet Cake contains roasted peanuts, which may cause allergies.

In conclusion, if attracting a variety of wild birds, including bluebirds, to your backyard is a priority, the C&S MealWorm Treat Suet Cake for Wild Birds serves as an excellent choice despite its few drawbacks. The birds are sure to have a delectable meal, while you get to experience the joy of watching these beautiful creatures up close.

C&S Mealworm Delight No Melt Suet Dough

C&S Mealworm Delight No Melt Suet Dough

The C&S Mealworm Delight No Melt Suet Dough is a great choice for attracting a variety of insect-eating birds and providing them with essential energy all year round.


  • Attracts a variety of insect-eating birds
  • Mealworms and high-quality ingredients
  • Suitable for year-round feeding


  • May contain allergens (milk, tree nuts, fish & shellfish)
  • Soft texture may not be preferred by some birds
  • Suet dough cakes need proper storage to avoid melting

The C&S Mealworm Delight No Melt Suet Dough contains a mixture of corn, roasted peanuts, rendered beef suet, oats, soy oil, and dehydrated mealworms, creating a nutritious and energy-rich treat for your backyard birds. I noticed an increase of insect-eating bird visitors, such as bluebirds and woodpeckers, after hanging these suet cakes in my yard.

Being softer in texture than other suet products, this no melt suet dough is more versatile and appealing to a larger variety of birds. However, it is essential to store the cakes in a cool place to prevent them from melting and making a mess.

One downside to this product is the presence of possible allergens. If you are allergic to milk, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish, take necessary precautions when handling the suet. Despite this, the C&S Mealworm Delight No Melt Suet Dough remains a popular choice for bird enthusiasts who want to provide a nutritious and appealing treat to their feathered friends throughout the year.

Buying Guide

Bluebirds are attracted to suet cakes as they provide a high-energy source, especially during cold months. To choose the best suet for bluebirds, consider the following factors:

Ingredients: Bluebirds prefer suet containing insects, berries, or seeds. Make sure to choose packaged suet with these ingredients, and avoid low-quality suet containing filler materials.

Nutrition: High-quality suet should provide essential nutrients such as fat, protein, and vitamins. Look for a product that contains a high percentage of fat, as it will provide more energy to the birds.

Texture: The texture of the suet should be soft and easy for bluebirds to peck at and consume. Hard or crumbly suet can be difficult for them to eat, and may not attract as many birds.

Form: Suet cakes come in different shapes, such as blocks, balls, or plugs. Choose a form that can easily fit into your suet feeder, and take note of any specific feeder recommendations on the package.

When purchasing suet for bluebirds, you can also consider the following:


Quality packaging helps preserve the freshness and integrity of the suet. Look for packaging that is airtight and has a clear expiration or best-by date.

Allergen information

Some suet products may contain allergens such as peanut or tree nut ingredients. Make sure to check the label if you have concerns regarding allergens.

Conservation Ratings

If environmental conservation is important to you, look for suet that has been endorsed by bird conservation organizations or adheres to responsible sourcing practices.

In summary, to choose the best suet for bluebirds, prioritize ingredients, nutrition, texture, and form, while also considering packaging, allergen information, and conservation ratings. With these factors in mind, you will be able to provide a nutritious and attractive option for your local bluebird population.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of suet attracts bluebirds the most?

Bluebirds are primarily insect-eaters and are attracted to suet with high protein content. A suet blend made of mostly mealworms and insects, along with a small amount of mixed seeds and fruits, is likely to attract bluebirds the most.

Is it better to use store-bought suet or homemade suet for bluebirds?

Both store-bought and homemade suets can be effective in attracting bluebirds. However, homemade suet allows you to customize the ingredients to better suit bluebirds’ preferences, while store-bought suet may contain a wider variety of ingredients meant to attract multiple bird species.

How can I make suet specifically for bluebirds?

To prepare suet for bluebirds, mix equal parts of lard or vegetable fat with a high-quality birdseed mix containing dried insects and mealworms. Add some crushed peanuts, chopped raisins, or other small fruit pieces to the mixture. Spread the mixture into a suet cage or small container and place it in your yard, preferably near a bluebird feeder.

Do bluebirds prefer a specific type of feeder for suet?

Bluebirds usually prefer suet feeders with a platform or some form of perch to allow them to feed comfortably. A suet cage or a small tray-type feeder with a covering to protect from rain and larger birds can be a good option.

What other foods can be added to suet to attract bluebirds?

In addition to mealworms and insects, consider adding chopped fruit, such as apples, cherries, or berries, to the suet mixture. Bluebirds also enjoy peanut butter and finely chopped peanuts.

How do I prevent other birds from consuming bluebird suet?

To discourage other bird species from consuming the bluebird suet, consider using a bluebird-specific feeder with an entrance hole only large enough for bluebirds to enter. Alternatively, position the suet feeder in an area that’s difficult for larger birds to access, such as a more secluded or heavily wooded spot.

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