Best Video Bird Feeder: Top Picks for 2023

As a bird watcher, I’ve found that video bird feeders take our hobby to a new level, capturing unique behaviors right in our backyard.

With a built-in camera, these feeders record high-quality footage of our avian visitors.

But choosing one means considering camera resolution, storage, weather resistance, and easy installation.

To simplify your search, I’ve researched several models to help you find the best video bird feeder for your unique birdwatching needs.

Best Video Bird Feeders

Discover our top picks for the best video bird feeders on the market, designed to provide you with a clear and enjoyable birdwatching experience.

NETVUE Birdfy Lite

NETVUE Birdfy Lite

The NETVUE Birdfy Lite is a smart bird feeder camera that offers an enjoyable birdwatching experience, making it an excellent choice for bird lovers.


  • Real-time notifications of bird visits on phone app
  • 1080P color night vision for clear images and videos
  • Patent bird-friendly design with large capacity container


  • Requires 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal
  • Limited to 8X magnification
  • Solar panel may need ideal lighting conditions for optimal charging

The NETVUE Birdfy Lite boasts innovative features that make birdwatching more engaging than ever. Its primary feature is its ability to automatically capture videos of visiting birds, notifying you in real-time on your phone. Now you can stay updated on your backyard’s avian guests without constant monitoring.

One of the standout features of this bird feeder camera is its 1080P color night vision, allowing you to capture high-quality images and videos even at night. The 8X magnification further enhances your view, enabling you to observe birds’ intricate details like their feathers.

The bird-friendly design of the NETVUE Birdfy Lite is also impressive; it is IP65 weatherproof, has a firm stand, and boasts a 1.5L large capacity container for less frequent food refills. Built not just for bird enthusiasts but also the birds themselves, this feeder ensures a comfortable home for a variety of avian visitors.

In conclusion, the NETVUE Birdfy Lite offers a unique and enjoyable birdwatching experience, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned enthusiasts and novices. However, keep in mind that it requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal and relies on solar power, which might affect its performance in certain conditions.

IsYoung Smart Bird Feeder with Camera

IsYoung Smart Bird Feeder

The IsYoung Smart Bird Feeder offers bird enthusiasts a convenient way to observe and identify birds in their natural habitat with ease.


  • Watch birds anytime and anywhere with real-time notifications
  • 1080P HD camera with night vision and wide angle
  • Large 2.5L container and IP65 waterproof


  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not 5G
  • May require strong Wi-Fi signal for optimal performance
  • Subscription or TF card needed for extended storage of pictures and videos

The IsYoung Smart Bird Feeder with Camera revolutionizes the way people enjoy birdwatching thanks to its AI technology that automatically captures and identifies birds, sending real-time notifications to your phone app. This allows you to observe a variety of bird species without having to physically stand by the feeder all day.

The high-quality 1080P HD camera, complete with night vision, ensures that you receive clear images and videos of the visiting birds, even during nighttime. The wide-angle lens provides an expansive view of up to 130 degrees, making it easy to capture every moment. Moreover, the large 2.5L container can hold ample bird food, and the IP65 waterproof rating ensures the feeder’s durability.

While this bird feeder offers numerous benefits, it’s worth noting that it only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and not 5G. It’s also advisable to place the feeder within an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal for optimal performance. Additionally, the storage of pictures and videos is limited to 7 days for free, but you can extend this capacity by subscribing or using a TF card.

Overall, the IsYoung Smart Bird Feeder with Camera is a remarkable device for bird enthusiasts who want to enjoy and share their passion without missing out on any fascinating moments. Its innovative features and image quality make it worth considering, despite its few drawbacks.

BROAIMX Smart Bird Feeder Camera

BROAIMX Smart Bird Feeder Camera

The BROAIMX Smart Bird Feeder Camera is a must-have device for bird enthusiasts who want to monitor their winged visitors closely with advanced features.


  • Free AI identification of over 11,000 bird species
  • 1080P HD camera with a 130-degree wide angle
  • Solar panel integrated design for constant power


  • Only compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Installation requires strong Wi-Fi signal
  • May need a repeater for weak Wi-Fi coverage areas

The BROAIMX Smart Bird Feeder Camera comes equipped with AI technology that can identify more than 11,000 bird species, making it a remarkable gadget for those who are passionate about bird watching. The transparent acrylic board allows the birds to easily spot the food, which attracts them to the feeder.

The 1080P HD camera with a wide angle of 130 degrees allows you to monitor and capture high-quality photos and videos of your feathered friends both day and night. Additionally, the built-in two-way microphone lets you listen to the birds while observing them.

One of the standout features is the solar panel integrated design, which ensures that the birdhouse is always powered. The built-in 5200mAh low-power battery can last up to four months on standby, giving you peace of mind when it comes to battery life.

However, the main caveat is that the camera only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and requires a strong signal for proper installation. You may need to invest in a Wi-Fi repeater if you are in an area with weak Wi-Fi coverage. Additionally, the bird feeder camera can be shared with multiple devices, allowing up to four mobile phones to watch online simultaneously.

In conclusion, the BROAIMX Smart Bird Feeder Camera is an excellent choice for those who love observing birds up-close and want to benefit from advanced features like AI bird identification and solar power. Just make sure to have a strong Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance.

NETVUE Birdfy Lite

NETVUE Birdfy Lite

The NETVUE Birdfy Lite is an excellent choice for bird lovers who want a feature-packed, high-quality bird feeder with a camera.


  • Real-time notifications of bird visitors
  • 1080P high-resolution camera with color night vision
  • Spacious, weatherproof design for bird safety and comfort


  • Requires a stable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection
  • May need frequent refilling due to 1.5L capacity
  • Additional purchase of solar panel might be necessary for extended use

The NETVUE Birdfy Lite- Smart Bird Feeder with Camera is a game-changer for bird enthusiasts, offering a unique way to enjoy birdwatching from your phone with its 1080P high-resolution camera and built-in motion detection. Perfect for birdwatching enthusiasts who want to stay connected to their favorite feathered friends, this bird feeder takes birdwatching to a new level of convenience and enjoyment.

The bird-friendly design of NETVUE Birdfy Lite ensures not only a safe home for your backyard birds, but it also provides enough food storage to ensure they stay well-fed and happy. With its IP65 weatherproof rating and large 1.5L capacity, you won’t have to worry about constant refilling or weather damage.

However, the NETVUE Birdfy Lite bird feeder relies on a stable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to deliver real-time notifications and video streams to your phone, which could be a concern for users with spotty internet connectivity. Additionally, while the 1.5L capacity can accommodate a decent amount of food, frequent refills might be necessary, especially if you have a large number of birds visiting your feeder daily.

To sum up, if you are looking to enhance your birdwatching experience or find a thoughtful gift for your nature-loving family and friends, the NETVUE Birdfy Lite – Smart Bird Feeder with Camera stands out as an engaging and innovative choice. Just be prepared to invest in a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection and possibly a solar panel for extended use.

AUXCO Solar Smart Bird Feeder Camera

AUXCO Bird Feeder with Camera

The AUXCO Solar Smart Bird Feeder Camera is a must-have for bird enthusiasts, offering real-time bird watching and excellent video quality in a cozy and eco-friendly design.


  • Capture beautiful moments of birds on your phone
  • Super wide-angle HD video & color night vision
  • Cozy haven with AI Intelligent Recognition Tech


  • Installation may be challenging for some
  • Requires optimal placement for solar charging
  • Proximity to Wi-Fi may affect performance

This bird feeder with an integrated camera offers a unique opportunity to experience bird-watching like never before. With its 130° wide-angle 1080P HD lens, you can enjoy an ultra-close perspective of the birds as they visit your feeder. The infrared night vision feature also allows you to observe their nocturnal activities without disturbing them.

The AUXCO Solar Smart Bird Feeder Camera is thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable haven for your feathered friends. With its AI Intelligent Recognition technology, you can easily identify the birds that visit your feeder. The IP68 weatherproof design and various installation options (tree straps, screws, or hanging) make it a versatile choice for any backyard setup.

What sets this bird feeder apart is its solar panel integrated design, harnessing the power of the sun to provide constant energy support and allowing for more extended bird-watching sessions. Moreover, the sleek aqua blue design is visually pleasing and is an ideal gift for loved ones who are passionate about bird-watching.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique and innovative way to observe and enjoy the company of wild birds, the AUXCO Solar Smart Bird Feeder Camera is the perfect choice. Just ensure proper installation, optimal sun exposure, and accessible Wi-Fi connection for the best experience.

SOLIOM Bird Feeder with Camera Wireless Outdoor

SOLIOM Bird Feeder with Camera

A top choice for bird enthusiasts seeking a smart video bird feeder with an AI-identifying camera and solar charging capabilities.


  • Equipped with an AI camera that identifies over 10000 bird species
  • 2.7L metal container with weatherproof design to withstand various elements
  • Integrated solar panel for constant charging and extended battery life


  • Basic Cloud service subscription needed for the AI bird identification service
  • Compatible with 2.4G Wi-Fi only, not supporting 5G Wi-Fi
  • May require fine-tuning for optimal camera and Wi-Fi settings

The SOLIOM Bird Feeder with Camera Wireless Outdoor is a great addition to the backyard of any bird lover. The smart feeder features an AI camera which can efficiently identify over 10000 bird species. The Soliom Pro app provides instant, real-time notifications with high-resolution images, making it easy to monitor and enjoy your favorite birds visiting the feeder.

The bird feeder is thoughtfully designed to withstand various weather conditions with its durable metal and transparent acrylic construction. The 2.7L container holds a considerable amount of birdseed which requires less frequent refilling. Furthermore, the IP65 waterproof rating and drainage tray holes aid in preventing soggy bird seeds, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable feeding environment for birds.

A standout feature of the SOLIOM Bird Feeder is its integrated solar panel and built-in 5000mAh rechargeable battery. This allows for constant charging while maintaining a more stable 2.4G Wi-Fi connection. However, it should be noted that this feeder is only compatible with 2.4G Wi-Fi and does not support the 5G Wi-Fi.

In summary, the SOLIOM Bird Feeder with Camera Wireless Outdoor is an exceptional choice for bird enthusiasts looking to engage with and learn about various bird species while enjoying their presence at close range. Just be mindful of the necessary subscription for the AI bird identification service and the exclusive compatibility with 2.4G Wi-Fi networks.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best video bird feeder is essential for enjoying birdwatching in your backyard. In this buying guide, we provide insight on essential features to consider when purchasing a video bird feeder.

Camera quality: Look for a bird feeder with a high-resolution camera, as it will provide clear and detailed images of the birds. A minimum of 720p HD resolution is recommended, with 1080p or higher being even better. A good camera should also perform well in low light conditions, allowing you to view birds even during early mornings or late evenings.

Weather resistance: Since bird feeders are placed outdoors, the video bird feeder you choose should be able to withstand varying weather conditions. Ensure it has a protective casing to shield it from rain, snow, and high temperatures. A waterproof and UV-resistant design is a must.

Storage and connectivity: A video bird feeder should offer ample storage capacity for your recorded videos, as well as the option for cloud storage. Additionally, choose one with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to easily share your bird-watching videos with friends and family or on social media.

Battery life: Battery life is an essential feature to consider, as it ensures uninterrupted bird-watching sessions. A bird feeder with a long-lasting rechargeable battery or solar panel will be advantageous for continuous enjoyment.

Ease of installation and use: A video bird feeder should be easy to assemble, install, and maintain. Look for one with an intuitive interface, adjustable settings, and a built-in wire management system for hassle-free setup.

To sum up, prioritize camera quality, weather resistance, storage and connectivity, battery life, and ease of installation and use when choosing the best video bird feeder. Considering these features will help identify a bird feeder that meets your bird-watching needs and provides a delightful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top features to look for in a video bird feeder?

When searching for a video bird feeder, consider these key features: camera quality and resolution, motion-activated recording, easy installation and maintenance, weather-resistant materials, and compatibility with mobile apps or cloud services for remote viewing and notifications.

How do different video bird feeders compare in quality?

Video bird feeder quality may vary depending on factors like camera performance, build materials, and technology integration. Higher-quality bird feeders typically offer better camera resolution, wide viewing angles, and more durable construction. Comparing different models and reading customer reviews can help you find the one that best meets your needs.

Which smart bird feeders have the best camera resolution?

For exceptional camera resolution, look for bird feeders with at least 1080p or higher HD cameras. Some top contenders include the Bird Buddy, Wingscapes BirdCam Pro, and Arlo camera-based setups. These devices provide crisp, clear images for an enjoyable bird-watching experience.

Are there any budget-friendly video bird feeders that perform well?

Yes, there are affordable video bird feeders that still deliver good performance. Consider the SODIAL Bird Feeder Camera or RSPB Digital Bird Feeder Camera. While these models may not have all the features of higher-priced options, they still offer an enjoyable bird-watching experience.

How well do wireless bird feeder cameras work?

Wireless bird feeder cameras can provide a convenient, flexible solution for birdwatching. They usually use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to mobile devices or cloud services, allowing you to view and capture video remotely. Keep in mind that wireless cameras may rely on batteries, so it’s essential to ensure they are adequately charged or have a reliable power source.

What are the best alternatives to the Bird Buddy?

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Bird Buddy, consider the Wingscapes BirdCam Pro, the Arlo camera setup configured as a bird feeder camera, or Raspberry Pi DIY bird feeder camera solutions. These options offer varying features and price points, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

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