Good Luck or Bad Luck? Is A Bird Pooping On You Good Luck?

There’s no doubt that birds are mythical creatures, but does that mean their poop has some magical ability to bring luck? There is a widely held belief that this is, in fact, true, and where some people will pull up their noses when caught under this stinky stuff, others will welcome it. Is bird poop good luck? If you ask the Russians, where this popular superstition is said to have originated, they will say yes! The reason why they believe in bird poop being lucky comes down the rarity of it actually happening. Of course, if you stand under a tree, you’re asking for it and dramatically increase your odds of possibly ruining your clothes for the day – or maybe winning the lotto? But there’s more to this superstition than pure odds. Read on to find out why people all over the world believe bird poop is lucky.

The Origin of Bird Poop as Good Luck

You might not feel very lucky when a bird poops on you, especially on your head – an area of the body that is the pinnacle of good fortune should a bird grace it with some excrement or so say the believers.
Throughout the ages, animal feces have been said to bring wealth. Stepped in some poop, well that’s an auspicious event. But, before you run outside to find the pooch next door’s latest offering of luck, why is it that something so nauseating is seen as lucky? Animal poop is related to the digestion of food and food signifies abundance, good health, and vitality. It might sound like a stretch but think about it; the wealthier a person is, the higher-quality food they can consume. So, in a sense when a bird poops on you, it is transferring its prosperity (or the fact that the bird was fortunate enough to eat well enough to actually have a poop). There are three possible reasons why bird poop especially is believed to be a blessing.

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1. Bird symbolism

Birds are laden with mystical and magical symbolism and meanings. Some cultures believe that birds are messengers of supernatural beings and should one visit your home, you will be getting some good news soon. To others, birds are believed to be incarnations of spiritual guardians, and when you see the same bird following you, it’s there to protect you.
In the days before technology and science, people looked to natural surroundings and animals for explanations of events – even spiritual in nature. During this time, birds increasingly became messengers of otherworldly forces or incarnations of spirits; good or evil. The mysticism surrounding birds increased largely due to their ability to fly – something that symbolizes liberty – and to the more spiritual among us, freedom from negative thoughts and emotions. Just imagine the power to spread your wings and fly with nothing earth-bound holding you down and it is easy to see how everything associated with birds, even their poop, turned into something magical. See Also: Is bird poop toxic to dogs?

2. Low odds of a bird pooping on you

As mentioned earlier, although there are many birds in the sky, the chance of you getting pooped on by one is rare – actually rarer than winning the lottery, they say. No wonder some believers run to play the lotto when a bird decides to anoint them!
There definitely are people who have never been pooped on by a bird and I am one of them and I would imagine that should it happen, my first thought won’t be, ‘hey, thanks’. However, the superstitious see such an event as something extraordinary because of all the birds in the sky and people on the ground, the bird chose to poop on you! So, what are your odds of getting pooped on by a bird? Well, some people have been lucky enough to be defecated twice, while others, as mentioned above, haven’t been so (un)fortunate. Luckily for those who believe in the luck that comes with bird poop, scientifically speaking, being pooped on once will not affect your likelihood of being pooped on again, making bird poop a gift that keeps giving. One interesting fact, however, is that the odds of you being struck by lighting are even lower than being pooped on by a bird. I doubt that someone who is hit by lightning will be seen as very lucky; this raises some questions when it comes to using the odds of being pooped on by a bird as proof of its auspiciousness.

3. Turning inconvenience into a favorable event

Standing there with poop running down your head is an unpleasant feeling and what if telling yourself that you’re going to have a stroke of luck is the only way to stop yourself from giving the bird…the bird?
We as humans tend to find the silver lining in situations as part of our emotional defense mechanism. Thinking, ‘oh, wow, today is my lucky day’, is much more pleasant than feeling sorry for yourself and your freshly washed and dried hair that is now stained with bird excrement. Turning the inconvenience of cleaning up bird poop into positive feelings of good luck, hope and general positive thoughts can, in a sense, be seen as proof that being pooped on is a fortunate event. Even if not in the way that is traditionally believed.

Why Bird Poop is a Sign of Good Luck

You’re outside, minding your own business and all of a sudden, a bird decides that you look like the perfect toilet. The nasty smear of poop on your head might signal the start of a really bad day until you remember that people the world over believe that it is actually a good omen. One of the believers in bird poop is the NBA’s Dwayne Wade, who took to Snapchat (mrdwaynewade) to share his good fortune following some bird poop incidents – and he is one of the lucky few who has been pooped on at numerous occasions and had good tidings each time. In the video, Wade said that he got pooped on right on the top of his bald head the first time. Of course, his teammates had no sympathy and he was the laughingstock the rest of the day. But, considering his team was ranked within the first week of the season and they went to the NCAA tournament, I am sure they were secretly hoping it would rain bird poop from the sky. In his second year, another bird struck but even a hat could not stop the good luck that came with the poop; he ended up being All-American that year, went to the Final Four and was drafted No. 5. With luck like that, I am about ready to go stand under a tree for a few hours.

What Are the Chances of a Bird Defecating on You?

The reason why a bird pooping on you is considered to be good luck is because of how uncommon it is to be pooped by a bird. Yes, countless birds will fly above you in the sky, but the chances of birds dropping their poop on you are slim. In fact, you are more likely to win a lottery ticket than to be pooped by a bird! So, what do the numbers look like? Well, it is believed that around 150 thousand birds poop on humans yearly. However, the probability of getting pooped by a large bird, such as an eagle, is pretty low. In comparison, you will be more likely to get “good luck” from relatively smaller birds. Nonetheless, if you want to get pooped by a bird, you should go near the forests, waterways, and busy roadsides. These are the areas with high bird activity. And the chances of a tiny birdie dropping their poop on you will be higher than usual at these locations.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Bird Pooping on You?

A bird has chosen to anoint you out of all the other people around you, but what does it mean to get this gold star in the form of bird poop from the heavens? To many, bird poop is not just a negative experience, but offers a deeper message and at times, even learning opportunities.
We’ve already discussed the belief that bird poop brings luck, but what deeper meaning can lie behind this act? A number of people will tell you that when a bird poops on you, it is a signal for you to slow down, evaluate yourself, your actions, beliefs, and choices and reflect on your life honestly. The physical cleaning stage that follows a bird defecating on you also translates to spiritual cleansing and transformation and can lead to self-evolution, but only if you open yourself up to what some consider the magic of the universe. Ultimately, too many, a bird pooping on them implies that they’ve been noticed by some higher being or the universe in general for their kindness, selfless acts and service or wisdom. It’s literally, the heavens smiling down on them and choosing them to receive good fortune. Birds have been said to travel between worlds in many myths, where they act as the eyes and ears of various mythological creatures. For example, Odin has two ravens, owls symbolize the goddess Athens, and the Phoenix is legendary for its ability to rise from the ashes time and time again.
Other old-wives tales/beliefs about bird poop are still believed today, while others are seen as folklore only. Sailors, for instance, still believe that bird poop should not be removed from the ship before the next rains. Why would you want to wash away the good luck? Although the predominant associations with bird poop are positive, older British stories caution about the droppings of a rook. They see it as a punishment and not a blessing, especially if you did not invest in new clothes for Easter!

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What Does It Mean When a Bird Poops on You in the Morning?

If you are an early morning person and like to go for a little run in the park, you might have heard the birds chirping in the trees. Well, although there are a lot of birds in the early morning, the chances of birds pooping on you in the morning is pretty low. Want to know why? There is a high chance that the birds around you did not even have their breakfast. And with no food in the belly, these birdies will be less likely to drop their stool on you. That said, it is not impossible! A bird can still poop on you in the morning. According to many, when you get pooped on in the morning, it is a sign that your life might change pretty soon. However, according to those beliefs, the changes will be all positive. For example, you might see a huge level of profit in your business.

What Does It Mean When a Bird Poop on You at Noon?

Compared to morning, there is a higher chance of a bird dropping its stool on you at noon. And according to what people believe, it is a sign of wealth. The beliefs state that a significant amount of wealth will come from heaven to the person the bird pooped on at noon. On that note, if you did not know this yet, the sunlight at noon has a symbolic meaning. It states the greatest wealth. So, if a bird has done their number 2 at this specific time of the day, be happy about the incident. But do not forget to wash the spot as soon as you return home because the poop will dry up in the heat and can leave a stubborn stain on your clothing.

What Does It Mean When a Bird Poops on You at Night?

Considering all of the beliefs that revolve around bird poop, you might think that it is still a good sign when a bird drops their poop on you at night. But the case is a little different. When a bird does the doo-doo on you at night, you should be more cautious about your health. You may have a serious illness in the near future if you get pooped on by a bird in the evening or night. However, there is a comforting fact regarding the event. With spiritual cleansing, you can quickly recover from the illness that might you might have in the future. But that is not all! When a bird drops their feces on you at night, it is a sign that someone in your life might be trying to harm you. Many believe that the person that got pooped on by a bird at night will face unnecessary lawsuits. However, the good news is that bad luck does not last forever. In fact, with proper steps, you can even avoid anything bad happening to you. And as you will get an early heads up from the event, you should carefully think about each step in your life after it.

What Do Russians Think About Bird Pooping on You?

Russians believe that bird excrement on a person or a property is a sign of good luck. In fact, many look forward to being filthy rich after such incidents happen to them or to their property.

Eight Birds That Are Considered Good Luck

1. Robin

Robins symbolizes opportunities, new beginnings, happiness, and good luck.

2. Pigeon or a Dove

Pigeons or doves often bring with them good news related to romantic partnerships. Seeing a pair of pigeons or doves represents luck in love. These birds often announce good news regarding romantic partnerships. Getting pooped on by a pigeon or dove may mean you’ll have a romantic encounter or will enter a new relationships

3. Stork

Storks are considered good luck, especially when it comes to expanding the family. They also symbolize fidelity, family and new opportunities for prosperity.

4. Hummingbird

Getting pooped on by a hummingbird should be seen as an encouragement to follow your dreams – no matter how impossible they seem. Hummingbirds are always signs of luck and symbolize approaching love and happiness.

5. Crane

Cranes are seen as symbols of fidelity, lifelong love, and dedication. They are believed to bring good health, happiness and good luck.

6. Duck

If you’re lucky enough to get in the way of some duck poop, you can expect wealth, prosperity and good luck to come your way. In China, Japan, and South Korea, Mandarin ducks are symbols of love and devotion.

7. Swallow

Swallows are all-rounders when it comes to the blessing department; they will bring good fortune in love, prosperity and good luck should one poop on you.

8. Pet Birds

What better way to increase your odds of getting pooped and swimming in luck than getting a pet bird? If you’ve ever owned a bird as a pet you know they cannot be house trained and go when and where the urge strikes. If you’re a bird owner, there will be a lot of chances of your shoulder getting blessed more than once a day!

How to Clean Your Clothes Effectively After a Bird Has Defecated on You?

Although bird excrement is considered to be good luck, you certainly do not want to leave it on your clothes for a long time. The stink and the smell can embed on your clothes if you do so. So, what is the best way to clean your clothes after a bird pooped on you? Let’s walk you through:

Step 1: Mix a Cleaning Solution

You will need two cups of cool water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Put one drop of detergent into a relatively large container and thoroughly mix it up by putting the water in. You will end up with a cleaning solution, which you will need to use in the next step.

Step 2: Sponge the Stain

Get a clean white cloth and sponge the stain out with the solution. Blot the area until the liquid is absorbed, and repeat this step until the stain disappears.

Step 3: Improvise for a Tough Stain

If the stain is still there after step 2, you will need to get yourself an eye dropper and some hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Apply a drop or two of the solution and use a sponge to blot dry. You might want to soak the sponge with cold water if you are working with a stubborn stain. That will help to clean the area quickly.

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After reading this, it is now up to you to decide if you want to hunt down a flock of birds of your particular need; love, luck, prosperity, you decide, just have some stain remover ready!
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