Looking For Bird Toys For Parakeets? Here Are 10 Toys You Should Consider

With so many bird toys for parakeets, deciding on one can become an overwhelming experience.

All of these toys look like they’re going to give your bird such a good time, but unfortunately, it’s not practical to get everything. 

There are so many toys you can choose from, and getting a bird for parakeets is like shopping for a kid’s toy – you can never have enough.

With the right guidance, though, you can easily find the perfect toy.

In this review, we’ll tell you about the pros, cons, and our choice for the best bird toys for parakeets available Today.

Best Bird Toys for Parakeets Available Today (Buyers Guide & Reviews)

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5 Pieces Hanging Toy (Bwogue)

This 5 pieces hanging toy offers numerous ways to ensure your bird has fun.

This multi-functional toy includes colorful bells, a swing, a bridge, and a ball for chewable, noisy entertainment that guarantees hours of fun.

It’s made of pet-safe and durable materials that guarantee high quality.


  • Variety of toys to keep your bird engaged
  • Includes a chew toy and bell for audio entertainment 
  • Swing designed to soothe the bird’s feet


  • Bells may be unsafe due to corrosion
  • The beak may get stuck in the bell
  • May not be suitable for small birds

Plenty of features for hours of engagement, but may require supervision occasionally to be on the safe side.

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Wooden Chew Toy (SunGrow)

This chew toy with round shapes, shreddable rope, and soft wood blocks create an activity center to keep your bird engaged.

You can easily hang it to your bird’s cage with a metal clip attached to the lightweight wooden toy and personalize it with crinkled paper or bells.

It’s made of environmentally-friendly and biodegradable material that’s excellent for pecking and chewing.


  • Natural, pet-safe material
  • No artificial dyes
  • Combination of wood and rope to keep your bird entertained


  • May not be suitable for larger parrots

This is an excellent chew toy if you want to ensure your bird’s getting an enjoyable experience without any harmful materials getting in the way.

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Bird Foraging Toy (Hamiledyi)

If you want to stimulate your bird’s mind, then this foraging toy might just be what you need.

It’s made of natural wood and includes ropes of multiple colors to keep your parrot’s interests piqued.

You can store small toys and food and teach your parrot how to pull these out from the drawers when it needs these items.

This foraging toy is made of hemp rope and natural wood, making it very bird-friendly.


  • Chewable wood to keep your parrot’s beak trimmed.
  • A fun toy that encourages mind building and foraging.


  • Ropes may bleed colors
  • No hooks or chains making it easy to be hanged in the cage

This unique toy creates an adventure for your parrot with its drawers that work as an excellent mental stimulant.

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Playstand for Parrots (WYunPets)

This mini playground for your parrots features a variety of ways, such as a ladder, perch, and small bell to keep your bird entertained.

It serves as a great way to give your parrot much-needed exercise. Your parrot can also have food or relax whenever they get tired.

It’s manufactured with pet-friendly materials with a polished perch that won’t hurt your parrot’s feet.


  • Made of 100% natural and non-toxic materials
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Comprehensive instruction manual


  • May be a little wobbly
  • Reflective tray could be distracting 

This play gym is an excellent exercise opportunity for your bird and provides immense amounts of fun at the same time.

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Bird Perch Stand (Aumuca)

This easy-to-install bird perch provides entertainment and relaxation at the same time. It also features a bell to provide audio entertainment.

The easy-to-use connectors allow it to be fixed onto a cage of any size and create different kinds of perches.

The perch is manufactured with purely natural wood and quartz sands with non-toxic materials and food-grade color.


  • High-quality and sturdy perches
  • Wood posts help trim your parrot’s nails
  • Bendable to any shape you want
  • Excellent for when your bird wants to sit and relax


  • Birds may chew on the rope, which could be a hazard.

This multi-functional platform offers endless relaxation and fun but may require regular checking to ensure any rope pieces aren’t potentially hazardous.

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Bird Chewing Toy (MQ Store)

This uniquely-designed chew toy features a combination of wooden blocks and beads linked together with a metal chain.

It’ll encourage your bird to chew and climb and provide an opportunity for physical activity to keep it happy and healthy.

The toy is made of 100% natural wood, cotton rope, and dyed with food-grade color.



  • May fall apart easily. 

This toy is a dream for your parrot if they love chewing. It’s excellent for your parrot’s beak and will keep it healthy and engaged at the same time.

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Ball Clanger (Bonka Bird Toys)

This ball clanger is an excellent way to add some fun and color to your parrot’s life.

Your bird will have a lot of fun interacting with the three rattler balls as they make incredible noise to keep it entertained. The metal connector ensures you can hang this ball clanger anywhere in the cage.


  • Bells will keep your bird entertained for hours
  • Adds color to your parrot’s cage


  • Not durable
  • Risk of entanglement

Every parrot loves making noise and, with this toy, they’ll end up having a blast, even if it might be for a short time.

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Bird Activity Center (Penn-plax)

This bird activity center serves as an excellent outlet to stimulate your parrot’s curiosity while also encouraging them to engage in physical activity.

It comes in multiple sizes and contains a 6-step ladder, climbing toy, copper bell, cotton rope with an acrylic toy, and play swing.

It’s also available in a variety of sizes, so you’re bound to find one suited to your bird.


  • Variety of entertaining features to keep your parrot busy
  • Lovely colors to keep your parrot visually stimulated 
  • Perch to help your parrot relax


  • May lack durability
  • Copper bell could be toxic

This activity gym features plenty of unique ways for your bird to have fun, stay fit, and keep busy all at the same time.

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Bird Perch Stick (QMSKI)

Made of non-toxic materials, this bird perch resembles an actual tree, encouraging your parrot to climb and interact with it.

It provides an excellent opportunity to increase your bird’s activity level, and the wide space between the forks gives it a place to relax, too.

It’s made of natural wood material that’s eco-friendly and non-toxic. The smooth finish on the surface ensures your bird’s feet won’t hurt.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • Perches are sanded and may not give a natural look.

You can hang this toy anywhere you want on the cage, and it’ll provide your bird with a nice and cozy place to relax in and have a mini-adventure.

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Duo Triple Shreddable Cake Toy (Bonka Bird Toys)

If your bird loves to make a wreck, then this shreddable cake toy will be your saving grace. An excellent fit for any cage, you can easily link it anywhere.

Designed as visually-appealing cupcakes that are soft and easy for your parrot to grab with their feet and beak, this unique toy is one-of-a-kind.


  • Excellent for foraging and chewing
  • Colors to attract your bird
  • A hidden bell for a surprise and audio engagement


  • May not be sturdy
  • It can be shredded very quickly

An adorable toy that’ll become a favorite for your parrot as it chews the toy away and shreds it to pieces.

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My Pick for The Best Best Bird Toys for Parakeets

There are countless bird toys for parakeets you can choose from. From play gyms to climbing toys, the possibilities are endless.

However, if it was up to me, I would definitely get the duo triple cake shreddable toy for my bird.

That’s because I know my bird will have a one-bird party shredding it into bits and pieces. Not only is it light, but it’s a visual treat too.

The design is completely unique and, even if my bird ends up destroying it in minimal time, I know what to get when it deserves a treat.

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Buying Tips

When shopping for bird toys for parakeets, there are certain factors that, when you focus on, can help you make the right decision. Here’s what you should look out for:

Kinds of Toys


Toys are a great way for parakeets to express their aggression, and your pet will naturally want to tear any toy apart.

This makes it extremely important for toys to be made of natural materials that aren’t toxic to your parakeets in any way since toxic materials can result in irreversible consequences.

Climbing Toys

Parakeets love climbing on things. Toys like perches or climbing toys made of wood or rope can provide excellent activity opportunities for your birds.

Apart from this, you should also focus on getting toys with ropes or ladders that your parrot can climb onto.

A bigger plus is if the ladder is made of wood, your parakeet can chew off.

Toys for Learning

Birds are quite smart and love learning new tricks. If you aren’t okay with your parakeets experimenting around the house, you can opt for training toys that’ll keep them focused and keep their brain juices flowing.


A portable playground is an excellent idea for your parakeet if it becomes used to the toy.

You can place this playground anywhere and have your bird playing in the background. However, it’s also important to consider how easy the play gym is to clean and whether it’ll be a hassle.

You should ideally be able to run it through water and clean it with disinfectant.


If you want to go for something simple, then you can never go wrong with a swing.

You can choose from a wide range of swings that your parakeet will have fun on. You can opt for a basic swing or even one with chewable parts.


Birds have a natural urge to chew, and you need to ensure they’re safely satisfying this urge.

Apart from natural materials, you should also focus on getting toys that won’t potentially choke or strangle them.

Additionally, if there are any metals involved, you need to keep an eye out for zinc, which could be extremely hazardous for your bird. 

Even if the label says pet friendly, you need to be diligent about what toys you’re getting for your bird.

You should also ask your vet or pet store owner to advise on the best ways to introduce toys to your bird’s environment. 

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