17 Brown Birds With Red Heads

17 Brown Birds With Red Heads

The House Finch often visits our backyards. It is a bird with a red head. This small brown bird loves to eat seeds from feeders. Another bird that wears red on its head is the Cassin’s Finch.

Male Cassin’s Finches have bright red heads and shoulders.

A Purple Finch also has a red head but this one has pink colors on its back too! They are pretty birds to look at when they come for food at your feeder. The Red Crossbill gets its name from its unique beak shape which crosses over at the tip, like scissors! Males are mostly red while females have more of a yellow shade.

Do you know about woodpeckers? One of them, called Pileated Woodpecker, carries an image with itself so grand you can’t ignore it! This big woodpecker owns one of the brightest and stunning crimson-colored heads amongst birds.

What kind of bird is brown with a reddish head?

A bird with a brown body and reddish head is the House Finch. You can see this bird often at backyard feeders. Its forehead, chest, and rear end glows in bright red-orange color. Another bird that shares this look is the Vermilion Flycatcher.

This bird lives not just in North America but also Central and South America. The male ones show off a red crest on their heads.

Another type of finch with similar colors is Cassin’s Finch. This one has soft pink feathers all over its body too but it carries most of its deep red on top of its head.

What kind of bird has a red face?

One bird with a red face is the House Finch. This bird stands out in your yard. It loves to eat at feeders. The male House Finch has a bright red face and chest.

Another bird with a red face is the Northern Cardinal. This big bird has a red head and body too! Both of these birds can be found across the United States and Canada.

Also, some hummingbirds have red faces. The tiny Anna’s Hummingbird has males that show off shiny throats that look like gems! You can see many colors on them, including beautiful shades of ruby-red.

What kind of bird has a red spot on its head?

The House Finch fits this bill. This bird often brings color to yards with its red spot on the head. The male is the one who sports this mark. They find food in trees, shrubs, and ground feeding stations.

Next up is the Vermilion Flycatcher. The males have a bright red crest on their heads. However, female Vermilion Flycatchers do not have a crest and display brown heads instead. Besides their unique colors, they also show weird habits like lying eggs in other nests.

What is a small green bird with a red head?

One example of a small green bird with a red head is the House Finch. This bird is commonly seen at backyard feeders and has a bright red head that contrasts with its greenish-brown body.

It is known for its cheerful song and can be found throughout North America. Another bird species that fits this description is the Vermilion Flycatcher, which has a vibrant red head and a greenish body.

These birds are found in parts of the United States, Mexico, and Central America. While not all small green birds have red heads, these are two examples of species that do exhibit this coloration.


1. What are some examples of brown birds with red heads?

Examples of brown birds with red heads include the Northern Cardinal, Red-headed Woodpecker, Vermilion Flycatcher, and Scarlet Tanager.

2. Where can I find these brown birds with red heads?

These birds can be found in various habitats across North America, depending on the species. They may inhabit forests, woodlands, gardens, or open fields.

3. Are all brown birds with red heads the same size?

No, the size of brown birds with red heads varies among different species. Some may be smaller like the Scarlet Tanager while others like the Red-headed Woodpecker can be larger.

4. What is the common feature shared by these 17 bird species?

The common feature among these 17 bird species is their brown coloration along with a distinctive red head that sets them apart from other bird varieties.

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