Can You Have Hummingbirds As Pets? – A Delicate Bond

Can You Have Hummingbirds As Pets?

Well, before you go rigging up tiny hammocks and preparing hummingbird-sized spa treatments, let’s explore the enchanting world of these pocket-sized winged wonders. 

Discover the surprising truth, ethical considerations, and what to do if you encounter a feisty little hummer in your backyard. 

Get ready to be charmed!

Why Hummingbirds Aren’t Suitable Pets?

Hummingbirds are wild creatures, and their natural habitat plays a crucial role in their survival.

They are designed to thrive in the wild, where they can find an abundance of nectar-producing flowers and insects.

Attempting to keep them in captivity would mean depriving them of the freedom they deserve.

In captivity, it becomes extremely challenging to meet their specific dietary and environmental needs.

Unlike traditional pets, such as dogs and cats, hummingbirds require a specialized diet consisting mainly of nectar and insects.

Their rapid metabolism demands a constant and adequate supply of food, making it difficult for an average pet owner to provide the necessary sustenance.

Moreover, hummingbirds need ample space for flying and exercising their exceptional flying abilities.

Confining them to a cage or enclosure would be akin to trapping their essence, diminishing the very thing that makes them extraordinary.

Is it Illegal to Have a Pet Hummingbird?

The legality of keeping hummingbirds as pets varies depending on the country and its wildlife protection laws.

In many places, including the United States, it is strictly prohibited to keep hummingbirds as pets without the required permits.

These laws are in place to safeguard these delicate birds from exploitation and to preserve their populations in the wild.

Hummingbirds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in the United States, making it illegal to possess them or their feathers without proper authorization.

Violating this act can lead to severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

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Can You Have a Hummingbird as a Pet in the UK?

The United Kingdom also has stringent regulations concerning the possession of hummingbirds as pets.

Like many other countries, the UK recognizes the importance of protecting its native wildlife and preventing the potential harm caused by keeping wild animals in captivity.

If you find an injured or abandoned hummingbird in the UK, it’s best to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who can provide the necessary care and, if possible, reintroduce the bird back into the wild.

This way, you can contribute to the conservation efforts without breaking any laws.

How Much Does a Hummingbird Cost?

Considering the numerous challenges and legal restrictions surrounding keeping hummingbirds as pets, their cost becomes a secondary concern.

However, it’s crucial to understand that attempting to purchase or sell hummingbirds for the pet trade is not only illegal but also unethical.

Hummingbirds should be cherished and admired from a distance, appreciating their beauty and unique behaviors in their natural habitat.

Can Hummingbirds Be Tamed?

While it’s not advisable or practical to keep hummingbirds as pets, these delightful creatures can still develop a certain level of comfort around humans.

With patience and understanding, you can create a hummingbird-friendly environment in your backyard, attracting them with nectar-filled feeders and blooming flowers.

Building this natural bond with hummingbirds allows you to witness their charm up close while respecting their wild nature.

It’s an opportunity to be a steward of the environment and contribute positively to the preservation of these magnificent birds.

Can I Keep a Hummingbird in an Aviary?

Hummingbirds are wild animals that thrive in their natural habitat, primarily in the wild.

Keeping them in captivity, even in an aviary, raises ethical concerns.

These delightful birds have evolved to lead a free life, flitting from flower to flower in search of nectar.

Capturing them and confining them to an artificial environment can cause immense stress and harm to these delicate creatures.

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How Do You Care for an Injured Hummingbird?

Encountering an injured hummingbird might tug at your heartstrings, and your immediate instinct may be to help.

While assisting an injured hummingbird can be a noble act, it’s essential to approach the situation with care and knowledge.

The first step should always be to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who possesses expertise in caring for hummingbirds.

These professionals have the necessary skills and facilities to provide the appropriate care and rehabilitation for the injured bird.

Is It Safe to Pick Up a Baby Hummingbird?

Finding a baby hummingbird on the ground can be a distressing situation, and your natural response may be to pick it up and rescue it.

However, this action may not be in the bird’s best interest.

Baby hummingbirds, also known as hatchlings or nestlings, are often seen outside their nests as they learn to fly.

During this learning process, they might fall to the ground but are not necessarily in immediate danger.

In such cases, it’s crucial not to disturb the baby hummingbird unless it’s in immediate danger from predators or other threats.

If you believe the hatchling is in need of help, observe from a distance to see if the parents return to care for it.

If you’re uncertain or have concerns, it’s best to contact a local wildlife expert for guidance.

Can You Buy Hummingbird Eggs?

The sale and purchase of hummingbird eggs are strictly regulated and, in many places, illegal.

Hummingbirds, along with their nests and eggs, are protected under various wildlife protection laws to preserve their populations and ensure their well-being in the wild.

Engaging in the trade of hummingbird eggs can lead to severe legal consequences and contribute to the exploitation of these delicate creatures.

FAQs About Can You Have Hummingbirds As Pets

Can hummingbirds survive in India?

Yes, hummingbirds can survive in India.

While they are not native to the country, some species have been observed occasionally during migratory periods.

India provides a suitable environment with nectar-rich flowers for these tiny birds to sustain themselves.

Can you tame a hummingbird?

Hummingbirds are wild creatures and not domesticated animals, so taming them is not advisable or practical.

It’s essential to respect their natural instincts and avoid attempting to tame or keep them as pets.

Is it OK to hold a hummingbird?

No, it is not recommended to hold a hummingbird.

These birds are incredibly delicate, and holding them can cause them significant stress and harm.

Human touch can also damage their tiny feathers, which are crucial for their survival.

Are hummingbirds attracted to specific colors?

Yes, hummingbirds are highly attracted to specific colors, especially bright and vibrant hues like red, orange, and pink.

Flowers and feeders in these colors are more likely to catch the attention of these tiny avian wonders.

What do hummingbirds love the most?

Hummingbirds love nectar-rich flowers and feeders filled with a sugar-water solution.

They are also attracted to insects, as they provide essential protein in their diet.

Why do hummingbirds fly so close to you?

Hummingbirds are naturally curious creatures, and their inquisitive behavior may lead them to fly close to humans.

They might also mistake bright-colored clothing for flowers.

However, it’s crucial to give them space and avoid any sudden movements that could startle or harm them.

Why do hummingbirds dive-bomb each other?

Hummingbirds are territorial creatures, and they dive-bomb each other as a way to defend their feeding and nesting territories.

These aggressive behaviors are most common during the breeding season when competition for resources is at its peak.

What is the difference between a male and female hummingbird?

The primary difference between male and female hummingbirds lies in their physical characteristics and plumage.

Male hummingbirds often possess vibrant and colorful feathers to attract mates, while females have more subdued colors for better camouflage during nesting.

Do hummingbirds beat their wings?

Yes, hummingbirds beat their wings incredibly fast, creating the signature humming sound that gives them their name.

They can flap their wings anywhere from 50 to 80 times per second, allowing them to hover in mid-air and move with exceptional agility.

What bird has the fastest wings?

The peregrine falcon holds the record for having the fastest wings among birds.

When diving in a hunting technique called a stoop, peregrine falcons can reach speeds of over 240 miles per hour (386 kilometers per hour).

This impressive speed enables them to catch their prey with precision and power.

Final Thoughts About Can You Have Hummingbirds As Pets

In conclusion, while the idea of having hummingbirds as pets may be alluring, it’s essential to remember that these enchanting creatures are best admired in their natural habitat.

Keeping them in captivity, whether in aviaries or as pets, can be harmful to their well-being and is ethically questionable.

Instead, let’s celebrate the beauty of hummingbirds by observing them in the wild, where they can thrive and contribute to the ecosystem.

If you encounter an injured hummingbird, seek professional help from wildlife rehabilitators who have the expertise to care for them properly.

By respecting their natural lifestyle and legal protections, we can play our part in safeguarding these tiny marvels and preserving their existence for future generations to enjoy.

Let hummingbirds be free to grace our lives with their extraordinary presence in their rightful place – the boundless skies.

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