The Coolest Bird Names on the Planet

What are some cool bird names?

And which is the best name for your bird?

Here’s some of the coolest bird name ideas you haven’t thought of…

Top 10 Cool Bird Names 


This name is not only cool because it brings back memories of Saturday morning cartoons, meep-meep, but because it explains exactly what the bird does – it runs!

Harpy Eagle

This tropical eagle has a cool name as well as a cool appearance. It is the largest of the eagles and it is the largest raptor in the rainforest. 


The Kingfisher gets its name from the way it swoops down to catch its prey. Some species of the Kingfisher do, in fact, eat fish, while others eat invertebrates. 


Another cool looking bird with a cool name. The Kiwi bird is a flightless bird without wings. And yes, the Kiwi bird loves to eat kiwi fruit

Green Jay

Green Jay, Ramirez Ranch, Near Roma, Texas

The Green Jay, relative to the well known Blue Jay, has the head of a Blue Jay with a bright green body. How cool is that?

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is not only the name of a cool bird, but it also shares its name with a flower that has a similar look to the bird. Beautifully cool!

Black-Caped Chickadee

This cool bird looks like it’s wearing a black cape, hence its cool name. 

Luzon Bleeding-Heart Dove


When you look at the Luzon Bleeding-Heart Dove you will instantly know why “bleeding heart” is in the name. This cool bird’s coloring makes it look as if there is blood flowing out, straight from its heart. 


This erie bird caught the attention of Edgar Allen Poe and is used as symbolism in books and movies. Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”. 


The Puffin might just be one of the coolest birds of all. They are also called bottlenose parrots and sea parrots. They have bright beaks with matching feet. 

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5 Cool Bird Names and Their Symbolism

Birds are often used as symbols and have special meanings behind them. Below are five birds with the coolest meanings to their names. 


Flamingos are known for standing on one leg when they sleep. As a spirit animal, the Flamingo symbolizes strength through adversity. 


Hawks are very observant birds. They use their sharp eyesight to hunt and their quick minds to be successful in their hunt. 


The hum, hum, hum of Hummingbirds wings can be heard if you listen carefully. They represent happiness, hope, and lightlessness. 


Peacocks are bold, beautiful birds with stunning tailfeathers. It should be no surprise that peacocks represent beauty, good fortune, and selflessness. 


Parrots in captivity can learn words from people around them. In the wild they can mimic the sounds of other birds and animals. They are not only inspiring, but intelligent, too. Their symbolism typically means communication. 

Flamingo, Hawk, Hummingbird, Peacock, and Parrot

Cool Bird Names for Children

With baby name trends always changing you can never go wrong when you connect to nature. One way people are able to name their child and stay connected to nature is to use a bird name for their baby’s name.

Below are the coolest bird names for boys, girls, and even ones that can be gender-neutral. 


Cool Bird Names for Boys

Hawk, Merle, Phoenix, and Corbin are not only the names of some cool birds, but they are also trending baby names for boys.

Some less popular baby names for boys, but still the names from cool birds include Finch, Colm, Jay, and Talon.

Cool Bird Names for Girls

Ava, Teal, Circe, Tori, Raven, and Phoebe are wildly popular girls’ names as well as the names of some very cool birds.

Lesser known names for girls that come from cool birds include Rhea, Deryn, Loa, Lark, and Paloma. 

Cool Bird Names for Boys or Girls

Robin, as in Robin Williams, was once used as a nickname for boys named Robert, but it quickly became used for girls as well. 

Bran, a name that means raven, or Branwen, a name that means fair raven could be used for a boy or a girl and it’s definitely cool.

A bird can be used for both boys and girls. Sometimes the spelling of the name differs and is written as Byrd, Birdie, or Bird. 

5 Unique Bird Names With Cool Meanings


Condors represent divinity, confidence, and steadfastness. 


Doves represent peace, hope, and gentle compassion.


Falcons represent power and energy.


Eagles represent freedom, courage, and elevated perspective.


Crows represent self-worth and self-reflection.

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What should I name my bird?

The best way to name your bird is to get to know its personality, use its characteristics, or use your personal interests. Some popular bird names include: Tweety, Polly, Whistler, Chirp, Birdie, and Pretty Boy.

What are some good parrot names?

As with other birds, take into account the bird’s personality, its physical characteristics, and your personal interests. Decide if you want something funny, like Polly or Pretty Boy. Cool bird names from movies for your parrot include: Zazu, Becky, Nigel, Hedwig, Iago, or Diablo. 

The best parrot name for your parrot is the one you come up with, fits your parrot, and one that you enjoy.

What should I name my cockatiel?

Cockatiels are birds with bright and sunny personalities. They have a bright yellow crest on their head with what looks like bright orange cheeks. Keeping these traits in mind, some very popular names for Cockatiels include: Sunshine, Sunny, Tweety, and Spike. 

What are good names for fish?

You can never go wrong with a humerus, creative, or popular name for your fish. Just like with naming birds, try to keep in mind the fish’s coloring as well as your personal interests as you name them. 

Funny and creative fish names include Cuddles, Bob, Sardine, Bubba Gump, Freckles, Brownie, Jaws, and Spot. 

Popular fish names include Bert and Ernie (if you have two), Nemo, Dory, Flounder, Hulk, and Michael Phelps.

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