Dragon Bird: From The Legendary Phoenix to the Real Bird Species

The dragon bird can be found in many myths and folktales from different cultures. Often, the dragon bird is a half-bird, half-dragon creature with magical powers which make it a sacred animal. In Japanese culture, for example, the dragon bird symbolizes power and courage.

Only very few people have ever laid their eyes on a dragon birds – as these birds are believed to live far away from human civilization. Emperors in ancient China were often called dragon birds as they were thought to possess extraordinary abilities like those of these mythical animals. The sight of a dragon bird was regarded as an omen that something wonderful would happen soon.

bearded vulture - dragon bird - Chinese mythical phoenix bird
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In Chinese culture, the dragon birds have been entangled with the phoenix myth: It is believed that dragon birds guarded the Phoenix Birds. In mythology, the dragon birds and the phoenix are often described as mortal enemies who fight each other whenever they meet.

The dragon bird is also referred to as Cinnabar Bird because people used Cinnabar powder to paint pictures of this mystic animal. Red represents power in Chinese culture – that’s why many dragon bird’s illustrations have a reddish tone. People believed that dragon birds were very fond of eating pheasants which is why these two species were often illustrated together.

Real Dragon Bird: A Genuine Reality Check… And An Ancient Myth Is Born!

Today, it is known for sure that no dragon birds are living on Earth now. However, several different species of birds can be categorized as dragon birds due to their unique features.

In Australia for example, the Cassowary bird is called a dragon bird because it has a temper that can rival that of a dragon! This mythical creature is about 1 meter high and 3 meters long with blue and purple-colored neck feathers. The cassowary feeds on fruit but sometimes eats small reptiles as well.

The cassowary bird is known to have killed people before so it should not be approached by humans without proper knowledge about its behavior. In ancient times, the Australian Aborigines believed that dragon birds were messenger spirits who watched over Indigenous tribes from above – now we know better…

In Japan, dragon birds are called Ho-oh (the Japanese word for phoenix). However, the famous Moltres bird species which was discovered in Mexico is related to real dragon birds as well. The ho-oh bird is a powerful symbol of fire and it is believed that their presence increases the chances of a forest fire dramatically.

The current dragon bird species – with true dragon features – are the Draco Volans and Draco Dussumieri, both from South East Asia. In mythology, dragon birds were also often confused with flying serpents as they have many similar qualities as these reptiles. These types of small lizards can reach up to 3 meters in length but cannot fly! A flying dragon snake usually weighs less than 0.5 kg – dragon birds are much heavier which is why these two species cannot be confused with each other.

Facts About Dragon Birds

Here are some interesting facts to know about these mythically majestic birds:

– dragon bird’s species were often described as humble creatures which could communicate with the gods

– dragon birds only eat fruit and small animals like lizards or baby crocodiles

– dragon birds illustrations were very popular in Asia because people thought they possessed magical properties

– China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang was named after dragon birds; this ruler created an entire army of terracotta warriors to protect him after his death

– dragon bird feathers can be used for decoration but also to treat skin diseases such as rheumatism or gout

– dragon birds can fly at an altitude of up to 6000 meters which can make them difficult to watch for people living in the mountains

– dragon bird fights between male individuals are very common but they are not dangerous because dragon birds are herbivores

– dragon bird’s species do not attack humans unless they feel threatened

– dragon birds were often associated with fire and higher powers

– dragon birds were named after dragons because this mythical creature was believed to possess magical abilities like those of these humble animals

– dragon birds can be confused with dragon snakes but dragon birds cannot fly and dragon snakes are only a few meters long

– dragon birds were believed to watch over ancient tribes in Australia

– the Cassowary bird is called dragon bird in Australia because it has a temper like that of a dragon

– lizards like flying dragon snakes do not resemble dragon birds because these reptiles cannot fly!

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