FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Cage Review

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier Portable Pet Bird Travel Cage. As a proud owner of a feathery friend, I know how essential it is to have a reliable and safe carrier for our pets, especially during travel. Let’s dive right in!

Bird Travel Carrier

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. The large windows and breathable mesh design allow for excellent visibility and proper ventilation in the carrier.
  2. Weighing in as an ultra-lightweight option, this carrier is highly portable and offers both a handle and shoulder strap for easy transportation.
  3. The addition of a mesh window and outside pocket enhances convenience by providing easy access for feeding or interacting with your bird.
  4. The food-grade aluminum foil tray is a standout feature, ensuring that cleaning up any messes is a breeze.
  5. This carrier’s size is suitable for a variety of small to medium-sized birds, making it a versatile companion for travel.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Some customers have reported a strong plastic odor upon initial receipt, which may require extensive airing out.
  2. While the majority of birds have taken well to this carrier, some pets may initially resist getting inside, limiting its potential usefulness.

Quick Verdict

Overall, the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier Portable Pet Bird Travel Cage is a well-made and practical option for transporting your feathered friend. Its spacious design, visibility, and easy-to-clean tray are definite highlights. Though the initial plastic odor and potential resistance from birds might be slight concerns, the carrier’s portability and convenience make it a worthy investment for any bird owner on the go. If you’re looking for a reliable travel companion for your avian companion, give this carrier a try!

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Unboxing – What’s Inside?

Being a bird lover in the USA, I recently purchased the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier Portable Pet Bird Travel Cage Bird Travel Carrier with Standing Perch, Transparent Travel Carrier Cage for Parrots, Parrots Canaries Budgies Parrotlets (Blue) from Amazon. I was excited to receive this product and was amazed by the fast delivery, which took only a couple of days.

When I opened the package, I found the bird travel carrier inside. It had a vibrant blue color, giving it a stylish and attractive look. The construction seemed sturdy, and the transparent design allowed me to keep an eye on my feathered friend during travel. The carrier also included a convenient standing perch, providing a comfortable space for my parrot to rest while on the go.


The product has the following unique specifications:

  • Brand: FCQQYWZ
  • Manufacturer: Tongling
  • Item model number: NLB123
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 8.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.34 Pounds
  • Date First Available: March 7, 2023

Documentation/ User Guide

The documentation that came with the bird travel carrier proved to be very helpful. It provided clear instructions on how to assemble and disassemble the carrier, as well as how to properly secure the bird inside. Additionally, it offered valuable tips on maintaining the carrier’s cleanliness and ensuring the bird’s safety during travel. If you need assistance, you can refer to the user guide provided by the manufacturer.

Features – What We Found


The FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier features a large transparent window made of PVC in the front of the carrier, allowing you to keep an eye on your pet bird at all times. Additionally, there are six ventilation holes located on the front, back, and top of the carrier, as well as two mesh windows on the left and right side. These features provide excellent airflow and ensure the safety and comfort of your feathered friend during travel.

The breathable mesh and large windows create a well-ventilated enclosure that allows your bird to breathe easily while maintaining optimal comfort. This is especially important during long journeys or warm weather conditions. Your bird will feel secure and relaxed as they can see their surroundings, reducing their stress levels. The transparent window on the front also allows for interaction and bonding with your bird during travel.

Pro-tip: To make your bird even more comfortable, you can place familiar toys or perches inside the carrier. This will provide a sense of familiarity and security, making the travel experience more enjoyable for your bird.


The FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier is constructed with ultra-light material, making it incredibly convenient to carry around. The lightweight design ensures that the carrier won’t weigh you down during your travels, whether you choose to carry it by the handle or hang it on your shoulder. Its compact size and portability make it the perfect travel companion for your feathered friend.

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Furthermore, this bird travel cage can be securely tied to a car seat using a safety belt, providing extra safety measures for your bird while driving. This ensures that your bird stays in place and minimizes the risk of injury in case of sudden movements or stops during the journey.


The FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier features a double-zippered mesh window on the left side of the carrier, which allows for easy access to your bird and provides a convenient way to deliver food or touch your small animal during travel. You can easily open the window to feed your bird or give them treats without the need to fully open the carrier.

Additionally, this carrier also offers an outside big mesh pocket on the right side, providing ample storage space for your bird’s essentials such as food, toys, and water bottles. You can keep everything your bird needs within reach, ensuring their comfort and convenience during your journey.


The FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier comes equipped with a quality tray made of food-grade aluminum foil. The surface material of the tray has two main characteristics that make it ideal for your bird’s travel needs: it is waterproof and easy to clean.

Should your bird make a mess or spill water during the journey, you can easily wipe the tray clean with a towel or paper towel, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable environment for your bird. This feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travels with your feathered companion.

Pro-tip: To prevent spills during the journey, you can line the tray with absorbent material such as puppy training pads or absorbent bird cage liners. This will absorb any liquid and makes cleaning even easier. Additionally, it is recommended to carry extra liners or pads with you in case of emergencies.


The FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier has dimensions of 12*10*9.5 inches, making it a suitable size for most pet birds. It is specifically designed for birds such as Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Caciques, Mini Macaws, Parakeets, small Cockatoos, Lories, and other similar-sized parrots.

Whether you are planning a short trip or a long journey, this bird travel carrier is the perfect solution to transport your feathered friend. It provides a secure and comfortable space where your bird can feel safe, reducing their anxiety during travel.

With its practical features, including large windows, breathable mesh, and a standing perch, this carrier ensures your bird’s comfort at all times. It allows your bird to maintain their natural posture and behavior, minimizing stress and providing a soothing environment during travel.

If you have any questions or need assistance, the FCQQYWZ team provides 24-hour service to address your concerns and ensure that you and your bird have an enjoyable travel experience.

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Scores and Review

Our Score: 85.0

I recently purchased the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier Portable Pet Bird Travel Cage and I have been extremely happy with my purchase. The large windows and breathable mesh design allow me to keep an eye on my pet birds at all times while ensuring their safety and comfort. The materials used in this carrier are of high quality and it is well-made, making it worth the money.

One of the features I really appreciate is the portable and lightweight design. It is easy to carry this bird travel cage either by the handle or by hanging it on my shoulder. I also love the option to tie it to my car seat with a safety belt to ensure my birds’ safety while driving.

The FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier also has functional features such as a left mesh window, right mesh pocket, and a food-grade aluminum foil tray. These features make it convenient for me to deliver food and store essential items for my birds.

In conclusion, this bird travel carrier has been a great investment for me. It is much better than using a traditional cage and provides a stable and secure environment for my birds. I highly recommend this product to all bird owners who are looking for a reliable and portable travel carrier.

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Best combination

Are you considering buying the Bird Parakeet Toys for your beloved birds? Well, I have a suggestion for you – why not pair it with the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier? This alternate product is the perfect addition to your purchase, and I’ll tell you why!

The FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier is a portable solution for transporting your feathered friends. It is equipped with a standing perch, allowing your birds to maintain their balance and feel comfortable throughout the journey. The transparent design of the travel carrier ensures that your parrots, canaries, budgies, or parrotlets can enjoy the outside view while feeling secure within the cage.

By combining the Bird Parakeet Toys with the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier, you provide your birds with both entertainment and convenience. The colorful toys of the Bird Parakeet Toys will keep your birds mentally stimulated and physically active. They can swing, chew, climb, and play, enhancing their overall well-being.

Moreover, the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier allows you to take your birds with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a vet visit, a family outing, or a short trip, you can ensure the safety and comfort of your birds without any hassle. Simply place them in the travel carrier, attach it securely, and you’re all set!

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Still not sold? Checkout These Alternatives

Are you looking for a reliable and comfortable travel carrier for your beloved parrot? While the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier is a great option, there are a few alternative products that you should consider as well.

One alternative is the Bird Travel Carrier with Standing Perch. This carrier also provides a transparent cage for your parrot, allowing them to enjoy the view while traveling. It features a standing perch, offering a comfortable spot for your parrot to rest during the journey. With its lightweight and breathable design, this carrier ensures your parrot’s comfort throughout the trip.

If you are looking for a carrier with added convenience, consider the Bird Travel Carrier with Standing Perch, Lightweight Breathable Parrot Outgoing Bags. This carrier comes with a shoulder strap, making it easier for you to carry your parrot wherever you go. It is suitable for various small pets like birds, rats, guinea pigs, and squirrels.

Another excellent option is the Bird Carrier Travel Cage Parrot. This lightweight and breathable backpack-style carrier provides a portable and comfortable space for your parrot. It also includes parrot toys, ensuring your pet stays entertained during the journey.

Looking for a more versatile option? Consider the BestPet Bird Carrier Travel Cage with Perch. This carrier is not only suitable for parrots but also for birds like cocktails, parakeets, and conures. Its transparent design allows you to keep an eye on your feathered friend while the lightweight construction makes it easy to carry.

If you prefer a carrier with additional features, the A4 Pet Bird Carrier for Travel might be your ideal choice. It comes with a stand, tray, and feeding cup, providing a complete solution for pet travel. Its portable and lightweight design ensures that you can take your pet with you wherever you go.

These alternative products offer similar functionality and features to the FCQQYWZ Bird Travel Carrier but with their unique advantages. Whether it’s added convenience, versatility, or extra features, these alternatives provide excellent options for your pet’s travel needs. So why not consider these alternatives and give your parrot the most comfortable and enjoyable travel experience?

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