Amazing Ideas and Gifts for Birdwatchers  

Birdwatching seagulls

Looking for gifts for bird watchers? Forget the thermal socks and coffee mug – here, you’ll find the perfect gift for a birding enthusiast! This article gives you an array of ideas to help you identify the perfect gift for your friend, partner, or sibling. 

Whether you’re looking for unique gifts for birdwatchers, or just some great ideas of what and how to give, this collection of amazing gift ideas are great for any birdwatcher. We are talking about gifts that every birder dreams about.

Here we’ve gathered together not only the best gifts for bird watchers, but also what we think are some of the most interesting gift ideas for your favorite hobbyist. Let’s see some of the great gifts for birdwatchers that suit every taste, budget and occasion.  

Quality Gifts for Birdwatchers  

Birdwatchers are always on the lookout for new toys and gadgets that can help them get closer to their feathered friends. From optics to backyard setups to wearables, here, you’re sure to find something for that special birder in your life.  

Outdoor DSLR Camera 

A camera is great for birdwatcher as it can capture spectacular images and video from a variety of angles. Choose a camera that has great image quality, a noise reduction feature to help with flare.

Gift a birder an outdoor camera with a nifty mode that turns off the viewfinder for photographing fast-moving subjects like birds. Consider also cameras with built-in Wi-Fi, which lets the birder to connect directly to their smartphone or tablet for sharing the images instantly.  

Phone Camera Mount/Stand  

If your special friend already has a high-definition camera, you can make their birdwatching more exhilarating by getting them a phone camera holder. If that someone engages in professional birdwatching photography, it would be nice to get them a trendy smartphone grip and rig.  

A proper smartphone camera support system is a great addition for outdoor birdwatchers. Whether you choose a tripod, a monopod, or even a handgrip, you’ll definitely excite a birder with a phone camera mount.  


Well, a birdhouse should come in the mind whenever you want to gift something relevant to a birding enthusiast. When looking for birdhouses to offer someone special, look for a birdhouse with a hanging and durable structure that will attract backyard birds of all shapes and sizes.  

If you want to be thoughtful and unique, you can handcraft a birdhouse. Use ornaments and even recycled materials to make beautiful birdhouse gifts. Birdhouses are useful gifts for birdwatchers as they mix playfulness and creativity, making gardens outstanding and gorgeous.  

Bird Feeder  

When you think of a practical yet memorable gift to give to an avid birder, bird feeders would certainly cross your mind. While they’re common birdwatcher gifts, you can make your bird feeder unique. Build or buy a bird feeder that is as special as your friend’s personality.  

A bird feeder makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys watching birds, feeding birds or being close to nature. Look out for bird feeders designed to attract and provide food for all birds in the backyard. When gifting a bird feeder, it’s good practice to consider designs, colors, and shapes the person receiving the gift loves.  

Audubon Bird Call 

Audubon Bird Call is a delightful gift for bird watchers and nature lovers. But they’re not just another bird feeder gift.

It features a clear, musical bell that makes it easy to attract birds in one area or to call them all together for feeding or gathering. This device allows bring birds to the feeder in a way that’s completely natural.  

A Field Guide  

Field guides are must-have tools for birdwatchers. They contain color photographs of thousands of species of birds, which allows a birdwatcher to learn and identify birds of different kinds. Some of the most common guides include the National Audubon Society Birds of North America and the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America.  

There are many other guides out there but remember to offer someone, a guide that’s not only authoritative but also comprehensive. Look for a guide that provides color-coded maps that show where different species of birds live, breed, and nest.   

Birdwatching T-Shirt  

Let your loved ones know how much you care about them with a birdwatching T-shirt. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes for something unique that fits with your love ones’ tastes. Remember birdwatchers need to be comfortable and casual, but that doesn’t mean they have to show it all.  

T-shirt gifts for birdwatchers is perfect as you can engrave message that shows how much they love nature and birds. Choose something lightweight and classic, which is comfortable to wear even on a hot summer.  


Both beginner and experienced birders can benefit immensely from having a good pair of binoculars that can provide optimal viewing conditions such as magnification, glass type and field-of-view. Binoculars gifts for birders should provide crisp image quality and a comfortable close focus.  

You can never go wrong by gifting a birding enthusiast a lightweight, rugged, and waterproof binoculars. If you know someone who loves watching and photographing birds, a good quality binoculars could be the perfect way of marking their birthday, anniversary, or milestone.  

Bird Books  

Whether it has humorous trope or an ecclesiastical backdrop, a bird book is a great gift for anyone who loves birds. Pick up a copy with interesting facts about birds or one with educational content on various species of birds.  

Also consider books with practical birdwatching tips and DIYs for birdwatchers. You know your person, so choose a book that resonates with their style. Bird books are a great gift for birders, birding friends, and even the avid birder in your family.  

A Bird Print Wall Art  

Get a bird print wall art gift for that special person in your life whose hobby is birdwatching. Such prints will not only remind them of your relationship but add sophistication and flair to their rooms.

It’s even exciting if you know their favorite birds, as you can get a painter to design a gorgeous and personalized piece.


If you’ve a special person who loves birdwatching, whether he/she is a novice or a hard-core birdwatcher, gifting them any of these gifts will not only cement your friendship but enhance your friend’s birdwatching experience. Birdwatching gifts are good for Christmas Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Thanksgiving Day, and birthdays.  

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