How Many Golden Eggs Are There In Angry Birds

Overview of Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds is a popular video game that requires players to use slingshots to launch birds towards enemy pigs, with the aim of destroying their structures. Players progress through levels, unlocking new birds and power-ups. The game has different versions and themes, including Star Wars and Rio, which feature customized characters and settings. The player’s goal is to earn the highest score possible by using strategy and skill to defeat as many pigs as possible within each level.

One notable aspect of Angry Birds is the presence of golden eggs. These hidden treasures can be found in various levels throughout the game and often require some puzzle-solving skills to locate. There are usually just one or two golden eggs available per version, making them a coveted item for dedicated players. Once collected, these eggs unlock special bonus levels with unique challenges.

Interestingly, the Golden Egg concept was inspired by an Easter egg discovered in programmer Jaakko Iisalo’s favorite computer game, Breakout. He thought it would be fun to hide Easter eggs in Angry Birds too, leading to the creation of golden egg rewards in later versions of the game. Today they remain a popular feature that keeps players coming back for more challenges and rewards within this beloved mobile app phenomenon. Why count sheep when you can count golden eggs in Angry Birds?

Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

To discover the hidden Golden Eggs in Angry Birds and unlock exclusive content, you need to understand the different types and how to locate them. Get ready to explore the world of Golden Eggs and gain insight into what they are, how to find them, and the various types that exist.

What are Golden Eggs?

Golden Eggs are a special type of collectible that can be found in Angry Birds. These eggs are hidden throughout the game and are often more challenging to find than regular collectibles. They usually unlock special bonus levels or features, making them highly sought after by players.

In order to locate Golden Eggs, players must complete certain challenges or puzzles within the game. Some eggs can only be found by achieving a high score on a specific level, while others require the player to interact with certain objects in a particular way. There are also secret levels that can only be unlocked by finding all of the Golden Eggs.

Each Golden Egg unlocks something unique, such as new game modes or character skins. Players can use these bonuses to enhance their gameplay experience and make progress through the game more quickly. Some suggested ways to find Golden Eggs include experimenting with different strategies on each level, paying close attention to environmental clues, and consulting online forums and resources for tips from other players.

Overall, collecting Golden Eggs is an exciting and rewarding aspect of playing Angry Birds. By putting in the effort to unlock these hidden treasures, players can add an extra layer of challenge and enjoyment to their gaming experience.

Finding golden eggs in Angry Birds is like hunting for a needle in a haystack, except the needle is worth way more than your time and sanity.

How to find Golden Eggs?

Finding the Elusive Golden Birds Eggs

Golden Eggs in Angry Birds can be found by following some simple guidelines. First, complete specific tasks within a level to unlock hidden golden eggs. Second, find an egg in a random location on a theme page by clicking around until it appears. Lastly, enter secret codes on the title screen to unlock various levels and golden eggs.

To increase your chances of success when finding these elusive eggs, focus on destroying certain objects or achieving challenging feats within levels. With persistence and skill, you’ll uncover these hidden gems for maximum points and bragging rights.

Don’t miss out on the thrill of discovering all of the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds. Follow these tips and take your gameplay to the next level!

Finding these golden eggs in Angry Birds is like finding a needle in a haystack, except the needle is worth more than your entire bird army combined.

Types of Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs are a significant aspect of Angry Birds game. These special eggs bring bonuses, new levels, and other unique features to the game. The game comprises many types of Golden Eggs that players can collect by performing specific actions, challenging certain levels, or even playing hidden stages.

The following table showcases the different types of Golden Eggs present in Angry Birds:

Golden Egg Type How to Obtain
Eagle Complete all levels with 100% success
Big Brother Locate and crack open each bird on Level 6
Friends Send an invitation to three friends
Star Achieve maximum stars on all levels

Additionally, there are other Golden Eggs hidden within each level of Angry Birds that require the player’s quick wit and skill to find.

Pro Tip: Eagle Golden Eggs provide novelties like special levels that reward more points.

Why count your blessings when you can count the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds?

How many Golden Eggs are there in Angry Birds?

To accurately determine how many golden eggs are in Angry Birds, understanding the count of golden eggs by game versions is crucial. Knowing what each version has to offer can help you collect all the golden eggs available. In this section, we’ll be discussing the count of golden eggs by game versions.

Count of Golden Eggs by Game Versions

The tally of the coveted Golden Eggs, categorized by Game Versions is as follows:

Game Version Count of Golden Eggs
Original 13
Seasons 3
Rio 15
Space 7
Star Wars 10
Friends 3

Additional Golden Egg locations can be found in each game’s respective expansion packs. These amounts were accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change with updates.

For players looking to increase their chances of finding all the Golden Eggs, it is recommended to revisit previous levels and thoroughly explore each game world. Additionally, playing with different characters or power-ups may reveal new hidden egg locations.

Finding Golden Eggs is like finding a needle in a haystack, except the needle is made of solid gold and the haystack is made of angry birds.

Tips to find Golden Eggs

Searching for hidden treasures in Angry Birds? Here are some helpful techniques to reveal those elusive Golden Eggs within the game.

  • Unlock levels and achievements: Golden Eggs can be obtained by completing certain achievements, such as successfully passing multiple levels or finding hidden locations.
  • Smash random objects: In each level, keep an eye out for fragile items that appear out of place. Destroying them may trigger the appearance of a Golden Egg.
  • Zooming in and panning around: Use your fingers to move around the screen and search off to the sides of each stage. The eggs may be hidden in plain sight!
  • Consult online guides: There are several comprehensive websites dedicated to helping players locate every Golden Egg within all Angry Birds installments.
  • Experiment with gameplay: Sometimes, tapping or dragging particular elements on-screen will unlock new areas or reveal blocked content.

If you’re having trouble finding any much-anticipated Easter eggs, try using hints such as deciphering cryptic messages or using futuristic gadgets.

Legend has it that one particular Golden Egg was so difficult to locate that its discovery became somewhat of a myth among gamers, with some even claiming it ceases to exist altogether! However, with enough perseverance and determination, nothing is impossible when seeking out these hidden gems.

Whether it’s 1, 10, or 100 golden eggs, let’s be honest – we’re all still going to waste hours playing this addictive game.


The number of golden eggs in Angry Birds is a mystery to many players. However, the total count of these elusive eggs has been confirmed to be 39. These golden eggs are typically found in hidden areas and require specific actions to unlock them. It can be challenging for players to locate all of them, making it a fun yet tricky task.

Interestingly, obtaining all golden eggs grants access to hidden levels that offer unique gameplay challenges. Some of these levels feature modified versions of existing levels, while others include entirely new gameplay elements.

Players who manage to collect all 39 golden eggs can unlock a special ending scene as well. This scene showcases the angry birds finally defeating their nemesis pigs and reclaiming their stolen eggs, culminating in a satisfying conclusion to this mobile game’s plotline.

Overall, collecting Golden Eggs is an intricate and fulfilling element of Angry Birds gameplay that adds more depth and replay value to the popular mobile gaming franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many golden eggs are there in Angry Birds?

A: There are a total of 35 golden eggs in the original Angry Birds game.

Q: What do I need to do to unlock the golden eggs?

A: To unlock the golden eggs, you will need to complete various objectives within the game such as achieving a certain score or completing a level without using a specific type of bird.

Q: Do the golden eggs have any special powers or abilities?

A: No, the golden eggs do not have any special powers or abilities. They are simply a collectible item within the game.

Q: Are there any golden eggs in the sequels to Angry Birds?

A: Yes, there are golden eggs in the sequels to Angry Birds, although the number and method of unlocking them may vary.

Q: What happens if I collect all of the golden eggs?

A: Collecting all of the golden eggs is not necessary to complete the game, but it is a challenging and rewarding task. When all 35 golden eggs are collected, a special bonus level is unlocked.

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