How To Get Golden Eggs In Angry Birds

Understanding Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

What are Golden Eggs?

Golden Eggs are coveted treasures hidden within the Angry Birds game that can unlock secret levels and rewards. Obtaining these eggs requires completing certain tasks or challenges beyond standard gameplay, adding an element of excitement and achievement for players. These eggs are scattered throughout the game, offering various ways to discover and collect them.

Players can expect to find Golden Eggs in unconventional locations, such as hidden within scenery or earned by reaching high scores on particular levels. The challenge of discovering all Golden Eggs adds an additional layer of complexity to the already addictive gameplay of Angry Birds.

It is worth noting that the number of Golden Eggs available in each iteration of Angry Birds may differ, resulting in unique gameplay experiences for fans of the franchise.

According to Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, there are over 200 unique Golden Egg locations in the original game alone.

In summary, understanding and obtaining Golden Eggs is a crucial aspect for any avid fan of Angry Birds looking to explore all aspects of the game.

Golden Eggs in Angry Birds are like the secret sauce on a Big Mac, you don’t know what it is but damn, it’s delicious.

Importance of Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs in Angry Birds hold immense significance as they’re hidden and tough to get. Finding them upgrades your score and adds new levels to the game, making it more challenging. These eggs are rare and can be found in various ways, such as completing levels with a certain score, finding them in the game’s different worlds, or unlocking achievements. They are essential to unlocking secret content not normally available, adding fun elements of surprise and exploration.

Furthermore, some Golden Eggs come with additional bonuses like power-ups or unique features that give you an extra edge while playing. Their value is often underestimated by players who disregard their importance due to the game’s focus on reaching a high score or finishing all levels successfully. However, they’re worth the effort since finding them enhances the overall gaming experience.

Playing Angry Birds without discovering these treasured Golden Eggs doesn’t give you a complete understanding of the gameplay mechanics. Therefore, for diehard gamers who want to experience everything the game has to offer and unlock its full potential, finding every Golden Egg is a must.

Lastly, I know someone who spent weeks trying to track down every single Golden Egg in Angry Birds because he was determined not only to complete each level but also find everything hidden within it. This dedication paid off as he enjoyed playing every level at its fullest potential with unlocked secrets that added extra excitement to the game’s already enjoyable storyline.

Stop squawking around and start cracking those eggs with these helpful tips for finding all the golden treasures in Angry Birds.

How to Find Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

Level 1 Golden Egg Location

Golden Egg Location in Level 1 can be found easily using certain tactics.

  • Shoot the Yellow Bird backwards towards the wall behind you and wait for it to land on an unreachable spot.
  • Tap the screen repeatedly so that a sign appears from behind with level 1 of “World 4” written on it and locate the Golden Egg.
  • Another tactic is to zoom out until you see a small cliff in the background, and then aim towards it by launching a blue bird.
  • A jetpack can also be used to reach an inaccessible area and collect the egg.

There is no better way to unlock this Golden Egg except through these reliable methods.

Fun Fact: Angry Birds was originally released for iOS in December 2009.

You might need a golden compass to find this golden egg, but good luck getting it past TSA.

Level 2 Golden Egg Location

Located the second egg for Golden Fowls in Angry Birds can be an elusive quest, but fret not, we’ve got you covered! Here are five locations to aid your search:

  • It’s in level 1-8 of Poached Eggs.
  • You must three-star level 4-7 of Mighty Hoax.
  • In Surf and Turf level 20, get the hidden golden egg by zooming out until you see it appear to know when to click on it.
  • In level 2-2 of Danger Above, shoot two birds backward and go through the hole that appears after everything is cleared out. The golden egg will be located there.
  • In episode 5 (Ham ’Em High), play Level 6 and tap the TNT located across from the horseshoe to retrieve a reward.

One important detail to note is that once you have collected all the golden eggs in each episode, a secret level will be available for you to unlock. This additional stage promises more exciting challenges for players.

Legend has it that finding these golden eggs was meant only for the worthy few who displayed exceptional focus and determination. Nevertheless, with these tips at your disposal, you may now prove yourself worthy of their precious treasures. Finding the Level 3 Golden Egg is harder than convincing people that birds can really get that angry.

Level 3 Golden Egg Location

For those seeking to collect Golden Eggs in Angry Birds, discovering the exact location of the third egg is essential. To locate this significant item accurately, note that it can be found in level 3, but where specifically? Let’s find out.

In this table, you can see the precise locations of all golden eggs in level 3:

Golden Egg Location: Beside the tree on top of your starter slingshot

It is unusual for players to discover an egg beside a tree in any other stage or level within Angry Birds. However, for level three players, this location holds the secret to acquiring the coveted Golden Egg.

Interestingly, we must remember that for every such a game with key objects like golden eggs, there are always some tricks and techniques that make it easier than just finding them randomly. Players who aim their birds higher than usual may notice hidden contours or actual pathways towards these precious finds. Also, by exploring every nook and corner keenly throughout levels one through three – picking up random items – you might discover secrets leading directly to hidden spots.

So if you’re looking to add all of Angry Birds’ valuable loot to your collection-keep scanning the highest points for golden rings around clouds and experiment with various shooting angles!

Who needs a treasure map when you have this article? Here are even more golden egg locations to help you collect poultry riches in Angry Birds.

Other Golden Egg Locations

These Locations Also Hide Golden Eggs


Certain other locations contain some of the most hidden and hard-to-reach golden eggs.

  • One can find a golden egg in level 1-8, which is located beneath the slingshot platform.
  • Players can acquire another golden egg by completing level 2-2 with only one blue bird.
  • In level 4-7, shoot the boomerang bird backward to reveal a golden egg behind it.
  • The final hidden golden egg lies in the credits section, accessible by clicking on the word “credits” in the options menu for quite some time.

Notably, players should not overlook these locations while pursuing their ultimate goal.

Effective Strategies to Acquire Every Golden Egg


Players must travel far and wide to collect every last one of these valuable objects. One must aim for pigs and other obstacles directly to uncover hidden pathways and treasures. Use bouncier birds such as blue, yellow, or blue and green ones together for targets that require precision and speed. Fearlessness is key in wreaking havoc upon terrain that must be destroyed to reveal these valuable collectibles.

It is recommended that players consult online forums or fansites for additional tips on specific missions or levels where golden eggs may be found. These resources may offer unique perspectives or methods that are not covered within the game itself. By applying this information strategically and persevering with dogged determination, acquiring every single golden egg can become an achievable feat indeed.

Unlocking golden eggs in Angry Birds is like finding a needle in a haystack, only the haystack is made of pigs.

Tips to Collect Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

Improve Aim and Accuracy

Precision of Launching and Hitting the Target

For collecting Golden Eggs in Angry Birds, it is crucial to master the precision of launching and hitting the target. Here are four practical steps to improve your aim and accuracy:

  1. Observe the environment and identify potential challenges that may hinder your shot.
  2. Adjust the angle of the slingshot to match the distance and location of the target.
  3. Anticipate any movements of obstacles or targets to adjust your shot accordingly.
  4. Practice regularly to develop muscle memory for precise and accurate shots.

To augment your control over every shot, steadily breathing in and out or keeping a steady hand can help.

As an added tip, consider using different birds’ abilities wisely as they can aid you in overcoming various challenges throughout different levels.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect all Golden Eggs! Implement these techniques into your game strategy today.

If you’re not using power-ups in Angry Birds, you might as well be throwing eggs at a brick wall.

Use Power-Ups

Power up your game with these game-changing tools to collect those elusive golden eggs in Angry Birds. Here are six ways you can leverage power-ups to get the most out of this popular game.

  • Mighty Eagle: With this power-up, you can easily complete any level. Just aim, shoot and watch it go!
  • Power Potion: This tool supercharges your birds making them extra powerful.
  • King Sling: It gives your bird more speed to hit its target with a lot more force.
  • Birdquake: This power-up causes an earthquake that shakes the forest allowing you to destroy even hard-to-reach targets.
  • Space Egg: When you use this tool, a wormhole appears and transports the bird through space and time, landing at its target seamlessly.
  • Shockwave: Shockwave is another way to overcome resistance on tough stages. The shockwave clears all debris surrounding the angry birds.

Before each level, take advantage of these tools. Each one is different and has its own function. You may have already used some in previous levels and others may be unfamiliar. Find out what works best for your play style.

Feeling stuck? Remember that within every challenge lies opportunity! Try combining different power-ups together or aiming for specific angles as new strategies may help improve your overall score.

Try using these techniques while playing Angry Birds today. See how they work for you! Don’t miss out on collecting those golden eggs!

Why destroy the environment when you can work with it? Use natural obstacles to your advantage in collecting those elusive golden eggs in Angry Birds.

Work with the Environment

When playing Angry Birds, it is essential to collaborate with the game’s environment to collect all of the Golden Eggs. Use the landscape’s designs, such as hills or slopes, to gain momentum and launch birds accurately. Some Golden Eggs are hidden in hard-to-reach areas – try lobbing your bird in a high arc or aiming for smaller gaps for better results.

As you progress through levels, pay attention to changing weather patterns that can impact your shots. For example, wind can alter your birds’ trajectories and speed, while rain can make surfaces slippery and harder to grip. With strategic thinking and precise adjustments to environmental elements, you can unlock all of the Golden Eggs.

Avoid falling prey to distractions while playing Angry Birds; every level provides unique opportunities for collecting Golden Eggs. In some cases, these eggs are not located on the main path but require players to venture off-road or solve puzzles. Thus, remember always to be alert and think outside the box while working with nature.

The importance of working together with nature cannot be overstated when it comes to gaining access to Golden Eggs in Angry Birds. From navigating around intricate obstacles to using landmarks and structures as weapons themselves – understanding how the game mechanics interact with surroundings will aid in obtaining coveted rewards that wait just beyond reach.

Feeling golden has never been sweeter – get ready to reap the egg-straordinary rewards of Angry Birds’ elusive Golden Eggs!

Rewards for Getting Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

Hidden Levels

Hidden Gems in Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game that has captured the attention of many players worldwide. One of its hidden gems includes bonus levels that grant lucky players with golden eggs. These eggs are valuable and beneficial rewards for those who can discover them.


Level How to Unlock Golden Egg Reward
4-7 Get three stars on all levels of Theme 4 Golden Egg 1
6-14 Shoot the boomerang bird backward and hit the treasure chest hidden behind a tree Golden Egg 2
9-18 Destroy the inflatable duck by ricocheting it off an umbrella in the top-right corner of the screen Golden Egg 3

These golden eggs provide players with access to exclusive levels, including the now-iconic Golden Eggs section. These new stages offer a unique gaming experience featuring exciting twists and challenges that only skilled players can overcome.

Interestingly, these hidden levels were introduced as a tribute to fans’ admiration for the game, encouraging them to seek more challenges in their gameplay.

Overall, uncovering these hidden gems adds an extra layer of excitement to Angry Birds gameplay, making it a beloved classic among digital gamers.

Why settle for just golden eggs when you can have bonus content? It’s like finding a nugget of gold and getting a whole treasure chest in return.

Bonus Content

A significant aspect of playing Angry Birds is unlocking extra game features, known as “Golden Eggs.” These eggs can be found throughout the different levels of gameplay and offer players unique bonus content.”

A table outlining some of the rewards for obtaining Golden Eggs is presented below:

Golden Egg Reward
1 Access to the “Big Setup” level
2 Unlockable content in the form of video interviews
3 Special “Golden Darts” power-up option
4 Additional levels in Danger Above episode

Not only do these rewards enhance gameplay experiences, but they also provide a sense of satisfaction and achievement for players.

It’s worth noting that certain Golden Eggs may require specific actions or strategies to obtain. For example, Golden Egg #9 can only be obtained by perfecting each level with three stars.

Speaking of strategies, a devoted Angry Birds player recalls spending hours attempting to discover a way to obtain all of the mysterious golden eggs. It wasn’t until days later, after searching various forums online, that they finally uncovered all of the eggs’ elusive locations.

Getting achievements and trophies in Angry Birds is like getting a participation award for being addicted to a game.

Achievements and Trophies

  • Golden Egg Hunter: This Achievement is awarded to players who find all the golden eggs hidden throughout the game.
  • Block Popper: This Trophy is given to players who pop a certain number of blocks while playing the game.
  • Feather Collector: Players can earn this Achievement by collecting feathers that appear on various levels.
  • Bird Slinger: This trophy requires players to sling a bird an incredible distance.
  • Pig Popper: To win this Achievement, players must eliminate a certain number of pigs during gameplay.

It’s worth noting that some Achievements might be harder to acquire than others. For instance, finding all the golden eggs could take several hours of gameplay. Nevertheless, these goals offer players something exciting and rewarding to aim for as they work through Angry Birds’ endless levels.

As you play more levels and earn more Achievements or Trophies in Angry Birds, you’ll unlock special features such as new characters or challenges. These rewards keep things fresh and encourage continuous engagement with the game.

Don’t miss out on all the fun – start hunting for those golden eggs and popping those blocks today! You never know what kind of surprises you might uncover in Angry Birds! May your search for golden eggs be as fruitful as a pig’s search for truffles.

Conclusion: Happy Hunting for Golden Eggs in Angry Birds!

If you’re seeking to procure a plethora of golden eggs in Angry Birds, here’s how:

  1. First, explore every single level within each chapter.
  2. Second, impede yourself from using the Mighty Eagle.
  3. Third, annihilate everything possible and earn those three stars.
  4. Fourth, before entering the level, be sure you are well-informed of the requirements for unlocking golden eggs.
  5. Lastly, throw your birds with scrupulous precision to unveil hidden treasures.

Additionally, there are a few things to keep in mind when hunting for these elusive golden eggs. Each chapter has different requirements for acquiring them, so ensure that you pay close attention to these specifications while playing through levels. In some cases, slinging your bird into the correct spot on the level can uncover an egg. Remember that persistence is key in this endeavor.

In searching for Golden Eggs in Angry Birds, it’s fascinating to note that some have been intentionally difficult to acquire by game developers. This creates a thrill and sense of challenge for players who wish to conquer them all – one can only imagine what trials they have faced during development!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get Golden Eggs in Angry Birds?

You can get Golden Eggs by completing certain hidden tasks within the game, such as destroying a special object in a level or finding an Easter egg in the game’s menus.

2) What do Golden Eggs do in Angry Birds?

Golden Eggs unlock bonus levels and content within the game, such as new levels, characters, and power-ups.

3) How many Golden Eggs are there in Angry Birds?

There are currently over 200 Golden Eggs to collect in the various Angry Birds games, including both the original game and its many sequels and spinoffs.

4) Are Golden Eggs required to complete the game?

No, Golden Eggs are not required to complete the main storyline of the game. However, they do provide extra content and challenges for players who want to explore everything the game has to offer.

5) Can I get Golden Eggs by purchasing them with real money?

No, Golden Eggs cannot be purchased with real money. They must be earned through completing in-game tasks and challenges.

6) Do I need to have a certain score or time on a level to get a Golden Egg?

No, Golden Eggs are typically earned through completing specific tasks within a level, rather than achieving a certain score or time. However, some Golden Eggs may require players to complete a level with a particularly high score or within a certain amount of time.

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