How To Get The Shiny Galarian Birds


The process of obtaining the Galarian Birds with shiny appearances can be achieved by following a few steps:

  1. Players must capture and defeat the Legendary birds; Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.
  2. They must obtain the Shiny Charm to increase their chances of encountering a Shiny Pokémon.
  3. Finally, by repeatedly soft-resetting for the birds in a specific location within the game, players have a higher possibility of encountering them as shiny variants.

Additionally, it is important to note that there is no limit to how many times a player can reset for Shiny variations. The process may take some time but with persistence and patience, players can ultimately capture these Legendary birds with stunning shinies.

Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure! By following these steps, you too can have these beautiful creatures in your collection. Happy hunting!

For those wondering what’s the deal with the Galarian Birds, think Chicken Run but replace the chickens with legendary creatures.

Background Information on Galarian Birds

The Galarian Birds are a set of unique Pokemon species found in the Galar region. They possess distinct features and abilities, making them stand out among other Pokemon. To catch these birds, one needs to use specific tactics and strategies.

Below is a table showcasing essential information about the Galarian Birds:

Articuno Ice Competitive Spirit/Strong Jaw Dynamax Adventure
Zapdos Electric Competitive Spirit/Static Dynamax Adventure
Moltres Flying/Fire Flame Body/Berserk Dynamax Adventure

It is worth noting that each bird can only be caught once per game. Additionally, players must defeat all four members of the Elite Four before being able to access the Dynamax Adventure feature.

Eager trainers attempted different techniques to catch the birds throughout history, and some have succeeded in catching them all. For example, a well-known trainer named Red captured all three legendary birds in his journey to becoming a Pokemon Master.

Catching the Galarian Birds requires patience and skill. By following proper strategizing methods, trainers can achieve their goal of acquiring these incredible creatures. No pain, no shiny gain – try out these different methods to catch those elusive Galarian birds.

Different Methods to Obtain Shiny Galarian Birds

Different Approaches to Acquiring Shiny Galarian Birds

To obtain Shiny Galarian Birds, there are various techniques available that can be used. These methods differ in their effectiveness and approach. However, acquiring these Pokemon will require strategy and good fortune.

  1. Method One: Wild Encounters
    This method involves encountering the birds in the wild. Shiny versions, however, are rare and only show up 1 in 4096. By using the Masuda Method or the Shiny Charm item, the chances of finding a shiny will increase.
  2. Method Two: Raid Battles
    Raid Battles offer a route to acquire Shiny Galarian Pokemon. Players have a 1/100 chance of a shiny during a raid, so keep on raiding!
  3. Method Three: Egg hatching
    Breed two compatible birds in a Pokemon Nursery and then hatch the eggs to have a chance of obtaining a Shiny Galarian Bird, which will appear in its shiny form.
  4. Method Four: Trade with Other Players
    If one is trying to obtain a specific Shiny Galarian Bird, consider trade with other players. The chances of acquiring one are small, but with patience and trade, getting the Pokemon at a favorable deal may still be possible.
  5. Method Five: The GTS
    On the Global Trade Station, trainers can trade for Shiny Galarian Birds that others have put up for exchange. Be willing to be patient!
  6. Method Six: Events
    Keep an eye out for events announced by The Pokemon Company, which can offer the opportunity to get a Shiny Galarian Bird.

It’s worth keeping in mind that while all of these methods present opportunities to obtain Shiny Galarian Birds, none are guaranteed to succeed. Therefore, lend some caution and good fortune to the process.

Pro Tip: With the use of the Masuda method and the Shiny Charm, the chances of finding a shiny will significantly increase, so employ these methods as much as possible.

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Method 1: Masuda Method

  1. Obtain two Pokemon from different language games.
  2. Breed these Pokemon to produce an Egg that has a higher chance of being shiny.
  3. Hatch the Eggs by walking around until they hatch.
  4. If the Egg doesn’t hatch into the desired shiny Pokemon, save and restart the game to try again.
  5. Continue using this method until you acquire a shiny Galarian bird of your choice!

Destiny KnotWarning:

Method 2: SOS Chaining

SOS Chaining is a useful method to obtain rare Shiny Galarian Birds in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This technique involves calling for help from a wild Pokemon, which has a chance of being a Shiny variant.

To use the SOS Chaining Method:

  1. Find an area with the desired Galarian bird species and weaken it until it calls for help.
  2. Knock out the newly arrived wild Pokemon, or capture it if it’s shiny.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 consecutively until either you find a shiny bird or reach around a chain length of 70-80.
  4. Use Repel, Poke Dolls or other methods to force the appearance of a specific species of Galarian bird.
  5. Avoid using moves like Mean Look or Block on the wild standing Pokemon as this can prevent new ones from joining in and hinder chain progressions.
  6. Increase chances by having abilities like Synchronize, which have a percentage chance to pass their status condition on to newly appeared Pokemon during chaining.

It’s worth noting that breaking chains can happen when several things occur, such as fainting chain-breaking moves or switching out your party Pokemon during battle.

For successful SOS Chaining attempts, players should stock up on healing items and status recovery berries. Additionally, battling alongside trusted in-game partners with specific held items like Leftovers or Life Orb can increase chances of survival during prolonged encounters.

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Method 3: Wild Encounters

Wild encounters refer to encountering Galarian Birds in the wild. Here are six points detailing how to obtain Shiny versions through this method:

  • Increase your odds by obtaining the Shiny Charm, which is acquired from completing the Pokédex.
  • Use Repels to increase your chances of encountering specific Pokémon.
  • Encounter as many Pokémon as possible by walking, running, and biking. The more you encounter, the higher your chances of a Shiny appearance.
  • Alternatively, reset your game if you accidentally defeat or fail to capture a Shiny bird.
  • Take advantage of any in-game events or promotions that increase spawn rates of specific Pokémon.
  • Consider using the Masuda Method, which involves breeding two Pokémon from different language games to increase shiny odds.

One key aspect to note when attempting to obtain Shinies is that it requires patience and persistence.

Another tip is to remember to save frequently during wild encounters so as not to lose progress.

Pro Tip: Using Shiny-hunting communities or forums can provide helpful tips and support throughout the process.

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Advantages of Having Shiny Galarian Birds

Shiny Galarian Birds possess exceptional advantages for gamers seeking to improve their gaming experience. Shiny Galarian Birds are a rare find, and owning one grants the player several benefits. These birds have unique colors that are different from their regular version, making them a standout attraction.

To begin with, owning shiny Galarian birds increases the pride of gamers by showing off their collection of rare Pokemon characters. The enhanced aesthetics make them an exquisite addition to any team collection, boosting the player’s standing among other players. Moreover, they are highly sought after in the trading community, where owners can exchange these shiny creatures for others or valuable items.

  1. Besides their physical appearance, shiny Galarian Birds have higher IV (individual value) stats compared to their normal counterparts. This makes them more potent in battles and gives them an upper hand against other trainers that have ordinary Pokemon characters.
  2. Showcasing shiny Galarian birds adds excitement and fun to gameplay as it provides a unique challenge for gamers coming up against players with normal versions of these prized birds.
  3. A final benefit derived from having Shiny Galarian Birds is that several events offer exclusive invites only to owners of these elusive creatures.

Pro Tip: Getting a Shiny Charm by catching all Pokemon creatures in-game will substantially increase your chances of obtaining a shiny Pokemon character.

Get ready to put in some serious bird-watching hours, because catching these shiny Galarian feathered friends is no easy feat.

Tips and Tricks for Obtaining Shiny Galarian Birds

Understanding the Best Methods to Acquire Shiny Galarian Birds

To increase your chances of obtaining shiny Galarian birds, consider these techniques:

  1. Masuda Method – Generate more eggs by breeding two Pokemon that originate from different language games. The likelihood of producing a shiny is boosted.
  2. Pokemon Radar – Using the tool, players can find rare radar patches that boost their chances of coming across shiny Galarian birds.
  3. Soft-Resetting – Continuously resetting the game in areas with rare encounters is another helpful strategy.
  4. Chain Fishing – By capturing fish continuously without breaking the chain, players often encounter a Shiny Pokémon when fishing for Galarian birds.
  5. Catching Them All – Collecting all forms of regional variants may potentially lead to improved odds.

Also, it is essential to note that shiny hunting for these lovely creatures requires patience and perseverance.

Don’t be left out on this terrific opportunity – have fun catching them!

Getting these shiny Galarian birds may be tough, but the satisfaction of showing them off to your friends will be worth more than all the feathers in their cap.


To Sum Up the Method of Obtaining Shiny Galarian Birds

To obtain shiny Galarian birds, you can increase your chances by battling Dynamax Adventures, catching and transferring multiple copies of the legendary birds from Sword and Shield, and participating in Max Raid Battles. By combining these methods with patience and perseverance, your chances of obtaining a shiny Galarian bird will significantly increase.

Moreover, you should take advantage of limited-time events such as raid dens featuring the Galarian birds to maximize your odds. Keep in mind that possession of the Shiny Charm increases your likelihood of encountering a shiny Pokémon.

It is vital to note that these methods are time-consuming and require significant effort but trust us; it is worth it! So, don’t let fear of missing out stop you from trying to get these rare creatures. With dedication and perseverance, you too can become the proud owner of a shiny Galarian bird.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the shiny Galarian birds?

The shiny Galarian birds are special versions of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres with different coloration. They are highly sought after by collectors and players in Pokémon games.

2. How do I increase my chances of getting a shiny Galarian bird?

There are a few ways to increase your chances of encountering shiny Galarian birds. One way is to simply keep encountering and catching them until a shiny one appears. Another method is to use a shiny charm, which is obtained by completing the Pokédex and speaking to the game director in Circhester. The Masuda Method, which involves breeding a Galarian bird with a Pokémon from a different language game, can also increase your chances.

3. Can I trade for a shiny Galarian bird?

Yes, it is possible to trade for a shiny Galarian bird. You can arrange to trade with other players either online or locally, or use the GTS (Global Trade System) in-game to search for a shiny Galarian bird.

4. What should I do if I encounter a shiny Galarian bird?

If you encounter a shiny Galarian bird, the best thing to do is to catch it! Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare and highly valued, so make sure to save your game after catching it to avoid losing it.

5. Can I transfer my shiny Galarian bird to other games?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your shiny Galarian bird to other games using the Pokémon Home service. You will need to have a premium subscription to Pokémon Home and follow the instructions for transferring Pokémon.

6. How many shiny Galarian birds are there?

There are three different shiny Galarian birds: shiny Galarian Articuno, shiny Galarian Zapdos, and shiny Galarian Moltres.

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