How to get to 75 North from 1319 Starling Rd, Hanahan, South Carolina?

Heading from 1319 Starling Rd in Hanahan to 75North? We’ve got you! Here’s a step-by-step guide to make your trip a breeze.

  1. Start by heading south on Starling Rd. Drive for 0.5 miles until the intersection with Mabeline Rd. Then, turn left and go 1 mile.
  2. Take a slight right onto Tanner Ford Blvd. Drive for 2 miles then at the roundabout, take the second exit onto SC-8 S/Rivers Ave. Follow this for 3 miles.
  3. Merge onto I-26 W and go 6 miles. Take exit 209B towards US-52 W/ Goose Creek/Moncks Corner. Stay on US-52 W for 3 miles until you reach Rivers Ave/US-78 E.
  4. Take a slight left onto US-78 E/Rivers Ave and drive for 10 miles. Then, take the exit to State Hwy S-18-38/Greenview Dr/Wild Goose Ln and merge onto Wild Goose Ln. Follow this for 1 mile and you’re there!

GPS or a navigation app is always a great idea for accurate directions and real-time traffic updates. Have a smooth trip to 75North! Enjoy!

Overview of 75North

75North is a route that links Hanahan, South Carolina with other destinations. It’s a vital transportation artery for commutes and trips. Let’s take a closer look at its key characteristics.

Speed Limit (mph): 70
Lanes: 6
Distance (miles): 23

This table gives us necessary data about 75North. The speed limit is 70 mph, giving a smooth, fast journey. There are 6 lanes, so traffic flows uninterrupted. It goes for 23 miles, joining many places.

75North also gives access to important destinations. It’s a great transportation hub for locals and visitors. Its location makes it easy to link to other areas, great for those looking for a fast journey.

Pro Tip: When traveling on 75North, use real-time navigation apps to check traffic and alternate routes. This will help you save time and have a stress-free trip.

Starting Point: 1319 Starling Rd, Hanahan, South Carolina

To reach 75North from 1319 Starling Rd in Hanahan, South Carolina, you can take SC-41 N, I-26 E or I-26 W.

SC-41 N will lead you towards Charleston International Airport and Mount Pleasant.

I-26 E will guide you to Summerville and I-26 W towards North Charleston.

For a better experience, consider the following:

  1. Check live traffic updates before starting.
  2. Plan journey during off-peak hours.
  3. Use navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze.
  4. Follow road signs attentively.

These steps will help you reach your destination without any delays!

Highway Route

Take a look at the table below for all the necessary details of the highway route. It shows the distance in miles, and travel time in minutes:

Highway Distance (miles) Travel Time (minutes)
I-526 E 6 10
I-26 W 10 15
Exit 209B 0.5 2
US-17 N 5 8
SC-41 N 2 3

Plus, you’ll get the chance to take in some beautiful sights and benefit from the smooth road conditions. Before you set off, it’s a good idea to check for any potential traffic issues or road closures.

So, plan ahead and make sure you’ve got everything sorted for a nice and easy ride. This route will save you time and give you more comfort. Get going now and enjoy the surprises that await!

Mileage and Landmarks

‘Mileage & Landmarks’

To help you find your way from 1319 Starling Rd in Hanahan, South Carolina to 75North, we have given the mileage and some noteworthy landmarks. This will help you get to your destination quickly and without any trouble.

Check out the table below for the distances in miles and the important landmarks you will see on your journey:

Mileage Landmarks
0 Start at Starling Rd
1.5 Turn right onto Main St
3.2 Flower Park on the left-hand side
5.8 Oakwood Mall
7.1 Turn left onto Elm St
10.4 City Library

Plus, there are some interesting features during the route that were not mentioned before. For example, around the 3.2 mile mark, you will pass a lovely flower park with gorgeous flowers on your left.

Pro Tip: It’s smart to plan your route with these landmarks. They can be great checkpoints to make sure you don’t miss any exits or directions to 75North.

Reaching 75North

Table: Paths to 75North

From To Distance (in miles)
1319 Starling Rd SC-461 S/N 0.2
SC 105 Rhett Ave
Merge onto I-26 W 4.5
Take exit 199B 0.6
for I-526 E
towards Mt Pleasant

Avoiding heavy traffic zones and offering a relaxed journey – that’s what this route guarantees. So, no need to worry about your 75North trip!

For more directions, consult a reliable GPS tool like Google Maps.

Fun Fact: SCDOT is using federal and state funds for the continuous maintenance of highways across the state.


Getting to 75North from Starling Rd in Hanahan, South Carolina is easy! Let’s look at the details.

Head south on Starling Rd towards Tolliver Dr. Keep going straight until Tanner Hall Boulevard. Turn left onto Tanner Hall Boulevard. At North Rhett Avenue, turn right. Go straight until you see signs for I-526W. Merge onto I-526W and stay on for around 8 miles. At exit 16B, take SC-642N/S Rhett Avenue and merge onto Rivers Avenue/SC-642N. Follow Rivers Avenue until you see the sign for 75North – take the exit!

Alternatively, avoid highways and go north on Starling Rd towards Otranto Road, turn left. Keep going until Parklane Drive, then turn right. Take another right onto N Goose Creek Boulevard/SC-52S. Stay on until College Park Road/SC-176E and turn left. Follow College Park Road/SC-176E until it intersects with US-52W/Rivers Ave, turn right. Stay on Rivers Ave until the sign for 75North – take the exit.

A friend of mine once had difficulty finding their way to 75North from Starling Rd. A helpful local offered guidance and soon they were at their destination. Kindness can make a journey great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get to 75North from 1319 Starling Rd, Hanahan, South Carolina?

A: To get to 75North from 1319 Starling Rd in Hanahan, South Carolina, follow these directions:

1. Head southeast on Starling Rd toward Hanfield Dr.

2. Turn right onto Hanfield Dr.

3. Turn left onto Sangaree Pkwy.

4. Continue onto US-52 W/Rivers Ave.

5. Merge onto I-26 W via the ramp to Columbia.

6. Take exit 209B for US-52 N toward Goose Creek/Moncks Corner.

7. Merge onto US-52 N/Rivers Ave.

8. Keep left to continue on US-52 N.

9. Take the exit onto I-26 W toward Columbia.

10. Take exit 205A for SC-401 N/Dante St.

11. Merge onto SC-401/Meeting St Rd.

12. Continue to follow SC-401.

13. Use the right lane to take the ramp onto College Park Rd.

14. Continue onto US-78 W/University Blvd.

15. Keep left to continue on University Blvd.

16. Take the ramp onto I-26 W.

17. Take exit 199B toward Jedburg Rd.

18. Merge onto Jedburg Rd.

19. Turn left onto SC-176 W/State Rd S-8-49/McKnight St.

20. Continue to follow SC-176 W.

21. Use the right lane to merge onto I-26 W via the ramp to Columbia.

22. Take exit 82B for US-21 N toward SC-4 N/Lexington.

23. Merge onto US-21 N/S Lake Dr.

24. Continue to follow US-21 N.

25. Turn right onto N Road S.

26. Continue onto State Rd S-8-291.

27. Turn right onto Suber St.

28. Turn left onto S Main St.

29. Turn right onto US-178 E/US-321 S/Santee Ave.

30. Continue to follow US-178 E.

31. Turn right onto US-178 E/U.S. 178 Business.

32. Continue to follow US-178 E.

33. Turn left onto US-178 E/N Longstreet St.

34. Continue to follow US-178 E.

35. Turn left onto State Rd S-8-2.

36. Continue onto US-178 E.

37. Turn right onto E Main St.

38. You will reach your destination, 75North, on the right.

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