How To Keep Chickens Away From The House

Key Takeaways:

  • Keeping chickens away from the house is important to maintain a clean and tidy yard and avoid potential damage to property or landscaping.
  • Using fences and physical barriers can effectively prevent chickens from accessing the yard, providing a clear boundary between the house and the chicken area.
  • Communicating with chickens and training techniques can be utilized to establish boundaries and deter them from entering restricted areas.
  • Utilizing motion-activated sprinklers can startle and deter chickens, making them think twice before entering the yard.
  • Using scents and repellents that chickens hate, such as certain herbs and flowers, can effectively keep them away from the house.
  • Implementing natural deterrents like fake predators or decoy gardens can create a perception of danger for chickens, discouraging them from venturing near the house.
  • Additional methods include covering the ground with wire cloth and bricks, growing thickly settled plants to make the yard less attractive to chickens, and adopting a dog as a natural chicken repellent.
  • By incorporating these methods, homeowners can create a chicken-friendly landscape while ensuring chickens stay away from the house and desired areas.
  • Keeping chickens away from the house requires a combination of physical barriers, training, deterrents, and strategic landscaping.



Chickens can be great for backyards! They give fresh eggs, entertainment and pest control. But, it’s important to keep them away from the house. To do this there are a few strategies.

A secure and well-designed coop can help contain the chickens. It should be fenced and have a roof. Otherwise, they could escape and cause damage.

A separate area for chickens is also handy, like a chicken run or portable fencing. This lets them explore and forage, but stay away from the house.

Provide a feeding area away from the house too. Install feeding stations and keep them stocked with food. This will stop them from coming close in search of food.

In the past, not managing chickens properly caused problems. Damaged gardens, soiled walkways and loud noises were all issues. But, by using the strategies above, you can enjoy all the benefits of raising chickens without any of the drawbacks.

Reasons to Keep Chickens Away

Reasons to Keep Chickens Away

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Chickens are often kept on farms or in backyards. However, there are reasons to keep them away from the house.

Firstly, chickens make a lot of noise during their mating season which can disrupt the peace.

They also dig up gardens and flower beds, plus scratch and peck at windows, doors, and furniture. This can lead to costly repairs.

Moreover, chickens can spread bacteria, parasites, and diseases. If they are allowed to roam near the house, humans may be at risk of health issues.

Furthermore, the smell from chicken coops can be unpleasant and can permeate into the house if the coop is too close.

Lastly, the presence of chickens near the house can attract other unwanted animals and pests, making the chickens vulnerable.

To prevent this, install fencing to establish a clear boundary and protect both chickens and the house.

Methods to Keep Chickens Out of the Yard

Methods to Keep Chickens Out of the Yard

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Looking to keep chickens out of your yard? We’ve got you covered with effective methods to protect your space. From using fences and physical barriers to communicating with chickens and training techniques, we’ll provide you with strategies that work. But that’s not all—discover how motion-activated sprinklers and scents that chickens despise can also be key tools in keeping your yard chicken-free. Say goodbye to unwanted feathered guests with these proven techniques.

Using Fences and Physical Barriers

Fences and physical barriers are great for keeping chickens away. Make sure they are tall and sturdy enough to prevent any jumping or scratching attempts. Chicken wire is perfect for closing any gaps in fences or structures, while still allowing visibility. Don’t forget to block potential access points like holes or open gates.

Netting over gardens is also a great idea for flying birds. Place protective covers on items like crops and furniture to discourage chickens from landing. Homeowners should inspect and reinforce these barriers regularly.

Combine fences and barriers with other preventive measures, like communication with chickens, motion-activated sprinklers, scents repellent to chickens, and a chicken-friendly landscape.

Time to put those chicken-wrangling skills to the test!

Communicating with Chickens and Training Techniques

Communicating and training chickens can help keep them away from certain areas. Consistency is important when using verbal commands, signals, and positive/negative reinforcements. Regular practice and reinforcement of desired behaviors will help successfully communicate. Motion-activated sprinklers, scents, and repellents can also be used. Patience and understanding are essential for successful training, as each chicken may respond differently. Implementing these techniques, along with other methods, can create an environment where chickens are discouraged from entering the yard.

Utilizing Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Utilizing motion-activated sprinklers is a great way to keep chickens away from the yard. These devices use sensors to detect movement and then release a burst of water which creates an unpleasant experience for the chickens, teaching them to avoid the area. This method is effective for larger yards or areas where physical barriers may not be an option.

Moreover, motion-activated sprinklers come with several benefits. They are environmentally friendly, require no constant maintenance, and can be strategically placed around the yard for thorough coverage. However, while this method can be effective, it may not completely eliminate chickens from the entire area, so it is recommended to combine it with other techniques such as repellents or landscaping. Additionally, a study conducted by [source name] has shown significant success in deterring not only chickens but also other pests like squirrels and rabbits.

Using Scents and Repellents Chickens Hate

Scents and repellents chickens hate can be used to keep them away. Pungent herbs, like garlic and onions, are a natural aversion for chickens. Vinegar and citrus peels can also repel them with their sour scents. Spicy flavors, like cayenne pepper or hot sauce, can also be used as spray or powder.

These odors create an unattractive environment, making it less desirable for chickens. Physical barriers, like wire cloth or bricks, can also prevent chickens from accessing certain areas. Thickly settled plants can also make a yard unappealing to them. Adopting a dog can serve as a natural chicken repellent, too.

Combining these methods can create a comprehensive plan to keep chickens away without causing harm. Fooling them with fake predators, decoy gardens, and seed piles can also work. Just hide your buffalo wings!

Creating a Chicken-Friendly Landscape

Creating a Chicken-Friendly Landscape

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Creating a chicken-friendly landscape involves clever strategies such as planting repellent herbs and flowers, using spices and citrus peels, incorporating natural deterrents, and designing decoy gardens or seed piles. By implementing these techniques, you can effectively ward off chickens from your house and maintain a harmonious coexistence.

Planting Repellent Herbs and Flowers

Planting Repellent Herbs and Flowers is an awesome way to repel chickens – without harming them! Plus, it’s a natural solution that doesn’t use harmful chemicals. Lavender, mint, rosemary, marigolds, and geraniums are examples of strong-scented plants that chickens don’t like.

Position them in areas where the chickens roam or enter – like garden beds, entry points, etc. The smell should keep them away. Prune or trim regularly for maximum effect. Not only will it repel chickens, but you’ll have a fragrant and beautiful yard.

Using Spices and Citrus Peels to Deter Chickens

Spices and citrus peels can be used to deter chickens from areas where they’re not welcome. Incorporating these natural repellents into the landscape creates an environment chickens find undesirable.

Cayenne pepper or chili powder sprinkled around the yard has an unpleasant aroma chickens avoid. Citrus peels release scents that repel chickens, too. But, it’s important to keep these repellents away from chicken feed or water sources. Reapplying regularly is key to maintain effectiveness.

In addition to physical barriers and repellents, using spices and citrus peels is a practical way to deter chickens. Growing thickly settled plants can make it harder for them to move around. This eco-friendly option is great for homeowners looking to keep chickens at bay.

It’s essential to experiment with different spices and methods to find out which work best for specific chickens. Fake predators in the yard can be like hiring an imaginary bouncer to keep them out.

Incorporating Natural Deterrents, such as Fake Predators

Text: Fake predators can be helpful to keep chickens away from your space. Incorporate them into your landscape for an environment that chickens won’t like. Motion-activated devices, shiny objects, and bird netting are all options. Move the decoys around to keep them effective. Also consider the chickens’ behaviour when making plans.

Designing Decoy Gardens or Seed Piles

Designing decoy gardens and seed piles can help distract chickens away from your yard. This protects your desired plants and keeps your landscape looking pleasing. These areas give the chickens an abundance of food to focus on, instead of damaging anything else. By doing this, you can make sure that chickens stay away from certain areas in your yard while still allowing them to forage naturally. It’s time to play a game of hide and peek – let’s keep the chickens out of your yard!

Other Effective Methods to Keep Chickens Away

Other Effective Methods to Keep Chickens Away

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Looking for more ways to keep chickens away from your house? Let’s explore some effective methods that can help deter those feathery intruders. From using wire cloth and bricks to cover the ground, to growing thickly settled plants that make your yard less attractive to chickens, and even considering adopting a dog as a natural chicken repellent, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to unwanted chicken visitors with these practical approaches.

Using Wire Cloth and Bricks to Cover the Ground

Wire cloth and bricks can be a great way to keep chickens away from the yard. They form a physical barrier that stops chickens from entering certain areas.

Mesh with small openings makes a barrier that chickens cannot dig or scratch through. The cloth should be firmly fixed for it to work.

Bricks can also be used to cover the ground, making it difficult for chickens to get in. By strategically placing the bricks, gaps between them can be minimized. This is great for gardens or flower beds.

It is important to regularly inspect and maintain the wire cloth and bricks. Any loose or damaged parts should be repaired or replaced.

This method of using wire cloth and bricks is effective at keeping chickens away from certain areas of the yard. It protects plants and minimizes damage caused by chickens.

It also creates separation between sections of the yard without causing harm to the chickens. Humans can still access the yard too.

This method is very versatile and can be tailored to suit different yards and preferences. Mesh with small openings could be better for some areas. Bricks can be arranged in various patterns.

Growing Thickly Settled Plants to Make the Yard Less Attractive

Grow thick plants in your yard to deter chickens. Visual obstruction and prickly leaves make it difficult to access. Tall grasses or bamboo near fences create a physical barrier. Prune and trim regularly to maintain fullness and prevent gaps. This may not be enough if other attractants are present – use fences and repellents too!

Adopting a Dog as a Natural Chicken Repellent

Adopt a dog to repel chickens from your yard! They have a strong predatory instinct that can signal potential threats to chickens. Dogs will actively chase and scare away poultry. Plus, they provide protection against intruders.

Incorporating a dog offers numerous benefits, like their natural instincts and protective nature. Remember to choose a dog breed that works for you, considering size, energy level, and temperament.

A fact: Incorporating dogs is one of the most successful ways to keep chickens away!



Photo Credits: Chipperbirds.Com by Jason Jackson

Chickens can be a real pain when they get close to your house. To keep them away, there are some great methods.

For one, physical barriers like fences or nets around the house can stop chickens from entering. Also, removing any sources of attraction like food or water can push them away. Furthermore, natural deterrents like strong scents or sounds can work too. Placing things like citrus peels or wind chimes near the house can be effective.

It’s important to stay on top of these methods. Make sure to check and maintain fences and nets. Also, replenish or remove deterrents when needed, so the chickens don’t get used to them. Be proactive and monitor these measures to make sure chickens stay away!

Remember, different regions have rules about keeping chickens. Make sure to read up on them, and avoid conflicts with neighbors or authorities. Learn about chicken behavior to create better strategies. If you make informed decisions and take action, you can keep chickens away from your house.

Some Facts About How To Keep Chickens Away From The House:

  • ✅ Chickens can be deterred from entering your yard by using scents they dislike, such as cinnamon, paprika, garlic, chiles, and citrus. (Source: Pest Pointers)
  • ✅ Certain plants like marigolds, lavender, and herbs like chives, mint, and rosemary can also repel chickens from your yard. (Source: Pest Pointers, Hobby Farms)
  • ✅ Motion-activated sprinklers offer a cost-effective and humane way to deter chickens from entering your yard. (Source: Pest Pointers)
  • ✅ Fencing, training techniques, and creating decoy gardens can also be effective methods to keep chickens away from your yard. (Source: CS-TF, Outdoor Happens)
  • ✅ Using dogs like Labradors or Terriers can help scare off chickens without causing harm. (Source: CS-TF, Outdoor Happens)

FAQs about How To Keep Chickens Away From The House

Question 1: How can I train chickens to stay away from my house?

Answer 1: You can use various training techniques to keep chickens away from your house. Spraying them with water using a garden hose can startle them and make them associate your yard with water, causing them to avoid it. Installing motion-activated sprinklers can also deter chickens when you’re not present.

Question 2: What are the top 10 ways to keep chickens away from my house?

Answer 2: The top 10 ways to keep chickens away from your house are:
1. Use fences to restrict their access to your property.
2. Communicate with them to let them know they are not welcome.
3. Set up scarecrows or mechanized decoys as substitutes when you’re not present.
4. Remove any sources of food that may attract chickens.
5. Sprinkle spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, or curry powder around the area.
6. Utilize motion-activated water sprinklers to startle chickens.
7. Create decoy gardens or seed piles away from your house.
8. Install chicken wire fencing around vulnerable areas.
9. Cover bare patches of dirt with wire cloth or bricks.
10. Grow plants that chickens dislike, such as lavender or marigolds.

Question 3: How can I keep chickens from digging underneath my yard?

Answer 3: To prevent chickens from digging underneath your yard, you can install chicken wire fencing underground. Place the fencing at least 1 foot deep, making sure to overlap the bottom with the surface. This will create a barrier that prevents chickens from digging underneath. Secure the ends of the wire fencing firmly to keep them in place.

Question 4: What are some natural repellents that can deter chickens from my yard?

Answer 4: Chickens dislike certain scents, so you can use natural repellents to keep them away. Sprinkling spices like black pepper, cinnamon, or curry powder around the area can repel them. Citrus peels or lemon/lime juice can also be spread around the garden, as chickens generally dislike the smell of citrus. Additionally, planting herbs like lavender, mint, or oregano can act as natural deterrents.

Question 5: Are there any toxic repellents I should avoid using to keep chickens away?

Answer 5: Yes, it is important to avoid using toxic repellents, as they can be harmful or fatal to chickens. Avoid using substances like mothballs, cedarwood, pesticides, herbicides, or rodenticides. Instead, opt for natural and non-toxic repellents, such as spices or herbs, to deter chickens from your yard.

Question 6: How can I eliminate a food source to discourage chickens from coming to my yard?

Answer 6: To eliminate a food source that attracts chickens to your yard, make sure to remove bird feeders and birdseed. Chickens may be drawn to your yard in the hope of getting handouts. By restricting their access to additional food, they will be less likely to return.

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