How To Stop Starlings Eating From Bird Feeder

How To Stop Starlings Eating From Bird Feeder

Say goodbye to pesky starlings hogging your bird feeder! There are ways to deter them from feasting on your bird offerings.

  1. First, choose a feeder with small openings or perches, which will make it harder for starlings to access the food.
  2. Second, adjust the location of your feeder near trees or shrubs, so small birds can find natural cover.
  3. Third, switch to feed that starlings don’t like, like nyjer seeds or safflower seeds.

It’s important to note that starlings are an introduced species in North America and can displace native birds. So, by using these strategies you can reduce starling activity and provide a safer place for other avian visitors. Enjoy birdwatching!

Understanding the Problem:

Starlings are known for gobbling up bird food in no time, leaving other birds with empty stomachs. This is because they are aggressive and social, which makes them the rulers of feeding areas and scares away smaller birds. Although stopping them may seem hard, there are ways to stop starlings from stealing your bird feeder.

Pick a feeder design that starlings find difficult to access. Go for feeders with tiny perches and openings. Or, get weight-activated or caged feeders, which close off food when heavier birds land on them. This will allow smaller birds to eat without disturbance.

Change the type of food you offer. Starlings love suet and sunflower seeds, so avoid these. Choose seed mixes without sunflowers or offer another source of suet away from the main feeding area.

Create a distraction. Hang shiny items or wind chimes nearby. This will create movement and noise to startle starlings. Install predator decoys, like owls or hawks, near the feeder. The starlings will fear them as threats.

One bird enthusiast put reflective tape around her feeders. This optical illusion made it hard for starlings to approach and they stayed away. This worked really well, reducing the number of starlings.

Preventive Measures:

Banish starlings from your bird feeder with these simple strategies!

  1. Invest in a squirrel-proof feeder
  2. Use safflower seeds
  3. Adjust the perches
  4. Place the feeder in an open area without nearby trees or structures
  5. Clean up fallen seeds
  6. Install baffles for extra protection

My friend tried it and it worked – cardinals and finches flocked to her feeder instead of starlings!

Attracting Desired Bird Species:

Want to attract desired bird species to your backyard? Provide the right food, water and shelter! Understand their preferences and provide appropriate resources. For example, sunflower seeds for Cardinals, peanuts for Blue Jays, nectar for Hummingbirds, Nyjer or thistle for Goldfinches and suet or insects for Woodpeckers.

Introduce different types of feeders too. Tube feeders for small birds like finches and platform feeders for larger species like cardinals. And don’t forget to hang suet feeders for woodpeckers!

Grow native trees and shrubs to create natural habitats and attract more bird species. Also create water sources such as birdbaths or shallow pools for them to drink and bathe.

Did you know that Cardinals are fiercely territorial? They guard their feeding areas against other birds.

Enhance your backyard and enjoy observing the vibrant colors and melodious chirping of these beautiful creatures!

Monitoring and Maintenance:

To keep starlings away, you need to stay vigilant. Here’s what you can do:

Regular Cleaning Throw away leftover seeds and debris. That way, diseases won’t spread.
Varying Placement Move the feeder around. That way, starlings won’t know where it is.
Use Small Entrance Holes Buy a feeder with small openings. Starlings won’t fit through those.

Also, don’t put out too much food. That will only attract more undesirables. With these measures, you can keep your backyard sanctuary safe for the birds you want to see.

Remember, keeping your bird feeder in good condition takes effort. Don’t miss the chance to watch your feathered friends in action. Take action now!


This article reveals strategies to keep starlings away from your bird feeder. To protect your feathered friends, try these techniques!

  1. One way is to buy a selective bird feeder. Its small openings only let small birds eat the food, keeping larger birds like starlings out. Buy a high-quality one to give songbirds a peaceful spot to dine.
  2. Deterrents can also work. Examples are reflective tape or noise devices. Change their location or type often, so starlings don’t get used to them.
  3. You can also make the area less appealing to starlings. Plant native plants that produce berries and other fruits. That way, starlings will find food elsewhere.
  4. John, a bird enthusiast, came up with an even better plan. He installed an automatic sensor in his bird feeder. It adjusts the openings based on the bird’s size. Thanks to this invention, John’s garden now has lots of small birds, but no starlings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do starlings eat from bird feeders?

A: Starlings are opportunistic feeders and will eat from bird feeders because they find the food easily accessible and abundant.

Q: What can I do to stop starlings from eating from my bird feeder?

A: There are several strategies you can try to deter starlings. Some options include using feeders with small openings that starlings can’t access, using feeders with weight-sensitive perches that close off access to larger birds, or using cage-style feeders that only allow smaller birds to enter.

Q: Can I use any specific type of bird food to deter starlings?

A: Starlings are known to be attracted to certain types of food, such as suet and bread scraps. Avoid using these foods in your feeders if you want to deter starlings. Opt for seeds that starlings are less likely to eat, such as nyjer or safflower seeds.

Q: Are there any natural deterrents I can use?

A: Yes, there are natural deterrents you can try. Some bird enthusiasts have had success using predator decoys, like plastic owls, near their feeders to scare off starlings. You can also try planting thorny bushes or installing wind chimes nearby to create an environment that starlings find less appealing.

Q: Do starling-proof feeders really work?

A: Starling-proof feeders can be effective in keeping starlings away from your bird feeder. However, no feeder is completely starling-proof, as these birds are very intelligent and persistent. It may take some trial and error to find the feeder that works best for deterring starlings in your specific area.

Q: Should I continue feeding other birds despite starling presence?

A: Yes, you should continue feeding other birds even if starlings are present. Starlings can be aggressive towards other bird species, but many birds still rely on feeders for food. Choosing the right feeder and food options can help minimize starling visits and make sure other birds can still access the feeders.

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