Jian Bird: What is a Jian bird?

What is a Jian bird?

Is the Jian bird real?

Here’s what you absolutely need to know about the Jian bird…

What is a Jian bird?

The Jian bird is a Chinese mythological bird that naturally has only one wing and one eye.

Although one would be tempted to question why a bird would be created to be so imperfect, the myth continued that Jian birds were created in pairs.

That is, there is no one Jian bird that was created to be alone, each bird was created to be the perfect half of another. 

Origin of the Jian bird

This bird was created through Chinese mythology – it is a completely mythical creature. 

Is It Real? 

We’ve already defined it as a mythological creature, but there are more interesting stories that have made the Jian bird an enduring and influential Chinese myth. 

Here’s some examples…

Facts About The Jian bird 

The mythology of the Jian is another testament to the fact that China doesn’t only have a rich culture, but the country also has interesting mythological stories. 

The pair is not just believed to be created as a mating pair, but it is also believed that each member of the pair must join together if they are to fulfil their potential.

This is so because the one eye and one wing possessed by a Jian bird means that it can neither fly nor be able to efficiently see.

However, when they come together the way they were meant to be, they can both fly to heights they desire and see in every direction as they wish. 

When you think about this, it means the two mates must agree to jointly get things done if they are to be successful.

The success of one means the success of the other, and vice versa. 

The same myth affirmed that this relationship is eternal and the life of a member of the pair will soon end when that of the other ends. 

This reiterated the fact that their relationship is divine and it is either a Jian bird finds its real mate and live or it does not find its real mate and die.

Since mobility is limited with their innate physical features, we also believe the mates will be born in very close proximity to one another. 


In Chinese mythology, this mythical bird isn’t seen as a single bird because of its incapability.

It’s rather seen as Jianjian, a pair of a Jian that is divinely and eternally dependent on each other through life, death and rebirth. 

For this purpose, this mythical bird has a strong influence on Chinese traditional marriage.

The bond of a Jianjian is said to be the true standard for the relationship between a man and his wife. A Jian bird is therefore used as a symbol of marriage. 

Unfortunately, the Jian myth is incomplete for the fact that nothing is known about its other physical features, habitat, and diet.

This is unlike the Vermilion bird, another Chinese mythological creature. 

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Is the Vermilion Bird a Phoenix? 

While the Vermilion Bird is similar to the Phoenix, the two mythological birds are different. 

Vermilion Bird

Vermilion, called Zhū Què in Chinese, is believed to be red in color and always covered in flames.

Being one of the four symbols of Chinese constellations, it represents Fire, South, and Summer. 

Phoenix, on the other hand, is a Western mythological bird with red and golden plumage.

Phoenix is said to die in its own flames and its offspring will then arise from its ashes.

It symbolizes different things to different people: sun, resurrection, virginity, time, and consecration are some of the things it is associated with.

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