“Name for Crows: Unveiling the Mysterious Avian Creatures”


What’s in a name for crows, you ask? Well, picture this: a group of mischievous crows, 

with their dark feathers and mischievous caws, gathering around a secret naming convention. 

Curious? Keep reading to discover the fascinating world of crow monikers and the hidden meanings behind them!

The Significance of Name for Crows

Crows, with their dark feathers and mysterious nature, have captivated the human imagination for centuries. 

These intelligent birds have been the subject of folklore, mythology, and literature, and they often symbolize both wisdom and mischief. 

But have you ever wondered what to call a group of crows or what names individuals crows might have? 

Naming crows adds a touch of personal connection and familiarity to these remarkable creatures, and it allows us to engage with them on a more intimate level.

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Traditional Names for Crows

Throughout history, crows have been assigned various names that reflect their unique characteristics and cultural significance

In many cultures, crows are associated with omens, intelligence, and even death. 

For example, in English folklore, a group of crows is called a “murder,” which can be traced back to the Old English term “murther,” meaning a group of crows. 

This name conveys the collective and often eerie presence of these birds.

Cultural and Mythological References

Crows hold significant symbolism in different cultures and mythologies around the world.

In ancient Greek mythology, crows were associated with the god Apollo, the deity of prophecy. 

They were believed to be his messengers, relaying important information between the mortal and divine realms. 

Similarly, in Norse mythology, crows were connected to the god Odin, 

who was often accompanied by two ravens named Huginn and Muninn, meaning “thought” and “memory” respectively. 

These ravens would fly across the world and bring Odin valuable knowledge,

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Native American Names

Native American tribes also have their own names for crows, which reflect their deep respect and understanding of nature. 

For example, the Lakota Sioux tribe refers to crows as “chiyúŋmȟaŋ,” which means “big bird.” 

The Navajo tribe calls them “gaagii,” a term that embodies their intelligence and cunning nature. 

These names demonstrate the important role crows played in the spiritual and cultural beliefs of Native American communities.

Famous Characters in Literature


Crows and their distinctive qualities have inspired authors to include them in literature, often with memorable names. 

In the classic novel “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach, the protagonist encounters a wise and mystical crow named Chiang. 

Chiang guides Jonathan on his spiritual journey, imparting valuable wisdom along the way. 

This character showcases the perception of crows as wise and enlightening creatures.

Notable Appearances in Movies and TV Shows

Crows have also made their mark on the big and small screens, leaving lasting impressions with their names. 

One famous example is the character “Thoth,” a crow featured in the animated film “The Prince of Egypt.” 

Thoth serves as a messenger and adviser to the protagonist, Moses, guiding him through his challenging journey. 

The name Thoth is derived from ancient Egyptian mythology, where Thoth was the god of wisdom and writing.

Awesome Names for Pet Crows

If you’re fortunate enough to have a pet crow, you might be looking for the perfect name to match their unique personality. 

Consider names that reflect their intelligence and mischievous nature, such as “Ravenclaw” or “Wisebeak.” 

These names pay homage to the crow’s association with wisdom and cleverness, adding a touch of mystique to your feathered companion.

Male Crow Names

When it comes to naming a male crow, you could opt for strong and commanding names that highlight their majestic presence. 

Names like “Shadowing” or “Stormbeak” evoke a sense of power and mystery, capturing the essence of these remarkable birds.

Female Crow Names

Female crows can be given names that celebrate their grace and beauty. 

Consider names like “Luna” or “Feathersong” to honor their elegance and the melodic quality of their calls. 

These names add a touch of femininity and charm to your female crow.

Cute Crow Names

If you’re looking for cute and endearing names for your crow, you can draw inspiration from their playful and curious nature. 

Names like “Chirpy” or “Peepers” capture their adorable qualities and bring a sense of warmth and affection to your feathered friend.

Funny Crow Names

For those who enjoy a good laugh, funny names can add a lighthearted and humorous touch to your crow’s identity. 

Consider names like “Cawmedy” or “Jester” to highlight their comical antics and mischievous behavior. 

These names are sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you interact with your crow.

Badass Names for Crows

If you want to showcase the crow’s bold and fearless nature, badass names are the way to go. 

Names like “Onyx” or “Spike” exude strength and resilience, reflecting the crow’s ability to thrive in a variety of environments. 

These names embody the untamed spirit of these remarkable birds.

FAQs About name for crows

What are 5 crows called?

Five crows together are commonly referred to as a “murder” of crows.

What should I call my bird?

You can choose any name that resonates with you and your bird’s personality. 

Consider names inspired by their appearance, behavior, or even names from mythology or literature.

Is crow lucky or unlucky?

The perception of crows as lucky or unlucky varies across different cultures and beliefs. 

In some cultures, crows are considered symbols of good luck and intelligence, while in others, they may be associated with bad omens. 

It ultimately depends on personal beliefs and cultural interpretations.

What is the death crow’s name?

There is no specific name for a crow associated with death. 

In various mythologies and folklore, crows are sometimes symbolically connected to the realm of death or considered messengers of the afterlife, 

but they do not have a designated name for this purpose.

What is the old name for crow?

The old English name for a crow is “crawe.” In different regions and languages, 

crows have been referred to by various names, but “crawe” is an example of an early English term for these birds.

Which Hindu god is a crow?

The Hindu god associated with crows is Lord Shani, also known as Shani Dev. 

In Hindu mythology, crows are believed to be messengers of Lord Shani and are considered sacred birds.

Which Hindu god has a crow?

Lord Shiva, one of the major deities in Hinduism, is often depicted with a crow accompanying him. 

The crow is believed to be a symbol of Lord Shiva’s association with death, transformation, and the mysterious.

Who is the king crow?

The Brahminy myna, scientifically known as Sturnus pagodarum, is sometimes referred to as the “king crow.” 

It is a species of starling found in South Asia and Southeast Asia, known for its striking appearance and melodious calls.

Is “Crow” a name?

Yes, “Crow” can be used as a name, especially in some cultures or as a unique choice for naming a child. 

Names inspired by animals or nature have gained popularity in recent years.

Who is called the Queen of birds?

The Indian Peafowl, scientifically known as Pavo cristatus, is often referred to as the “Queen of Birds” due to its exquisite beauty, majestic appearance, and vibrant plumage.

It is the national bird of India and holds significant cultural and religious symbolism.

Is India crow or raven?

India is home to both crows and ravens. The Indian House Crow (Corvus splendens) is a common species of crow found across the country. 

Ravens, on the other hand, are less common in India but can be found in some regions, such as the Himalayas.

Final Thoughts About name for crows

In conclusion, choosing a name for crows can be an intriguing endeavor. 

Crows have long captivated our imaginations with their intelligence, mystery, and symbolic significance across cultures. 

While numerous names have been proposed, it’s essential to consider the essence of these remarkable birds. 

A fitting name should evoke their dark beauty, keen perception, and enigmatic nature. 

Whether it’s “Shadowwing,” “Obsidian,” or “Ravenlore,” the name should capture the essence of crows while reflecting our fascination with them. 

Ultimately, the perfect name is subjective and can vary based on personal interpretation. 

Embracing the allure and allure of these magnificent creatures will surely lead to a name that resonates deeply.


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