Wagner’s 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food Review [2023]

Hey there, bird lovers! Today, I want to share my thoughts on the Wagner’s 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food. As someone who has been feeding birds for a while now, I always strive to find the best quality products that will attract a variety of beautiful songbirds to my garden. So, let’s dive in and see what this bird food has to offer!

Wagner's 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

1. Trusted Name: Wagner’s is a reliable and well-known brand in the bird feeding community. Their products have always delivered excellent results.

2. General Purpose Seed: This bird food contains a great blend of general purpose seeds, including sunflower. It’s a favorite among many songbirds.

3. Convenient Packaging: The heavy woven poly bag with a handle makes it easy to carry and pour the bird food without any hassle.

4. Highest Quality Grains: Wagner’s ensures that only the highest quality grains are used in blending their bird food. This guarantees that your feathered friends are getting the best nutrition.

5. Made in the USA: This product is proudly made in the USA, so you can support local businesses while attracting birds to your garden.

What Can Be Improved

1. Price Fluctuations: Some reviewers mentioned that the price of this bird food has increased over time. It’s always good to keep an eye out for better deals or discounts.

2. Seed Preferences: A few birds may be more selective and may tend to pick through this seed, leaving some of it on the ground. Consider purchasing specific seed blends if you’re targeting certain bird species.

Quick Verdict

In my experience with the Wagner’s 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food, I have found it to be a fantastic choice for attracting a wide variety of birds to my yard. The trust I have in the Wagner’s brand, combined with the general purpose seed blend and excellent quality grains, ensures that the birds keep coming back for more. The convenient packaging and the fact that it’s made in the USA are also big pluses. However, it’s worth noting the price fluctuations and the possibility that some birds may be pickier about the seed. Overall, I highly recommend this bird food for any bird enthusiast who wants to create a bird haven in their own backyard. If you’re interested in giving it a try, you can find it here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Wagner’s 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food, 20-Pound Bag from Amazon. Living in the USA, I have always been fascinated by the diverse bird species in my area, and I wanted to provide them with high-quality food. The delivery was incredibly fast, and I received the package within two days of placing the order.

Upon unboxing, I found a single bag of bird food weighing 20 pounds. The bag was securely sealed, ensuring the freshness and quality of the contents. Opening it revealed a mix of seeds and grains, perfect for attracting and nourishing birds of all types.


  • Unit Count: 160 Ounce
  • Specific Uses For Product: Feed birds
  • Item Form: Seed, Grains
  • Age Range (Description): All Life Stages
  • Brand: Wagner’s


The product did not include any user guide or documentation. However, being a bird enthusiast for years, I was already well aware of the recommended feeding methods and quantities for different species of birds. If you are new to bird feeding, I would recommend researching online or consulting birding communities to understand the best practices for feeding wild birds. You can find more information about bird feeding and tips on Amazon’s product page.

Features – What We Found

Trusted Name that Attracts Favorite Songbirds

One of the standout features of Wagner’s 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food is its ability to attract a wide variety of songbirds. With a trusted name in the industry, this bird food has been specially formulated to cater to the preferences of songbirds, ensuring that you’ll have a diverse range of feathered visitors to your garden.

Wagner’s 13004 contains a blend of general purpose seeds, including sunflower seeds, which are known to be highly attractive to songbirds. These seeds are rich in essential nutrients and oils, providing the necessary energy for the birds to thrive. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or simply enjoy the beautiful melodies of songbirds, this feature of Wagner’s bird food is sure to bring joy to your yard.

Pro-tip: Place feeders in strategic locations around your garden to maximize bird activity. Provide a variety of feeder styles and sizes to accommodate different bird species.

Convenient and Durable Packaging

Wagner’s 13004 comes in a heavy woven poly bag with a convenient handle, making it easy to transport and store. The durable construction ensures that the bird food remains protected from environmental factors such as moisture and pests, keeping it fresh for an extended period.

The bag’s handle allows for easy carrying, minimizing the risk of spills or messes when transferring the bird food to your feeders. The woven poly material also adds an extra layer of protection against tears or punctures, ensuring that the contents inside remain intact.

Pro-tip: Store the bird food in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain its freshness and quality for a longer period.

Highest Quality Grains

One of the key features of Wagner’s 13004 bird food is the use of highest quality grains in its blending. These grains are carefully selected for their nutritional value and optimal size for birds to consume easily.

The blend of grains in this bird food provides a diverse range of nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats, essential for the overall health and well-being of your feathered friends. By offering them a high-quality food source, you’ll be supporting their immune system, energy levels, and overall longevity.

This attention to quality ensures that the birds visiting your garden have access to the best possible nutrition, assisting them in weathering seasonal changes and thriving throughout the year.

Made in the USA

Wagner’s 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food is proudly made in the USA. This feature offers reassurance to consumers, as it signifies a commitment to quality and compliance with stringent manufacturing standards.

By choosing a bird food that is made in the USA, you can have peace of mind knowing that it has gone through rigorous testing and adheres to the highest quality control measures. Supporting local manufacturing also contributes to the growth of the domestic economy and local communities.

Pro-tip: Encourage local biodiversity by incorporating native plants in your garden that provide natural food sources for birds. This will complement the nutrition provided by the bird food and create a more sustainable and thriving ecosystem for birds.

Attract Birds with Sunflower Seeds

A standout element of Wagner’s 13004 bird food is its use of sunflower seeds. Sunflowers are highly attractive to a variety of bird species due to their rich nutritional content and delicious taste.

The inclusion of sunflower seeds in this bird food blend acts as a powerful enticement for birds to visit your garden. These seeds are a favorite among many songbirds, including cardinals, finches, chickadees, and titmice.

The sunflower seeds’ high oil content provides a dense source of calories, delivering an energy boost to the birds. This is particularly important during colder months when other food sources may be scarce. By providing a reliable and irresistible food option, you’ll become a favored destination for feathered visitors.

Our Review and Score

Our Score: 91.0

I recently purchased the Wagner’s 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. As an avid bird watcher, I have tried several different bird seeds in the past, but this one has truly impressed me. The variety of general purpose seeds, including sunflower, attracts a wide range of songbirds to my garden. Whether it’s sparrows, cardinals, blue jays, or small woodpeckers, they all flock to this bird food.

The convenience of the heavy woven poly bag with a handle makes it easy to transport and store. Plus, the fact that it is made in the USA gives me peace of mind knowing that I am supporting local businesses. The highest quality grains used in blending ensure that the birds are getting a nutritious and delicious meal.

In terms of price, this bird food offers great value for money. I was able to find a 40lb bag for less than $18 at Home Depot, making it an affordable option for feeding a large number of birds. Additionally, the quick and free delivery through Prime was a huge bonus.

If you’re looking to attract a variety of birds to your garden, I highly recommend giving the Wagner’s 13004 Four Season Wild Bird Food a try. Not only will you enjoy the sights and sounds of different bird species, but you will also be providing them with a high-quality food source. Click here to find out more about this amazing product.

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