What County Is 4012 Starling Dr. Frisco, Texas

What County Is 4012 Starling Dr Frisco Texas

Frisco, Texas is a city that draws people from all walks of life. It’s home to numerous neighborhoods, and one such place is 4012 Starling Dr. This spot has caught attention for its great location and features. You might be wondering what county it’s in? Let me tell you!

4012 Starling Dr. is part of Denton County. It’s one of the fastest-growing counties in Texas. It’s known for its strong economy and great quality of life. It’s made up of cities such as Frisco. You get to enjoy the benefits of Denton County and the attractions of Frisco.

So, why is Denton County so special? It’s not only home to Frisco, but the county also boasts a long history and a vibrant culture. Downtown areas have local shops and restaurants. Parks and recreational spots are also available. Whatever you’re looking for – outdoor activities, arts, music – Denton County has it all!

Here’s a fun story about Denton County. Back in the late 1800s, two towns were arguing over which one should be on the railway route. To solve it, they decided to meet at “the bob wire fence.” Surprisingly, their fences were next to each other. So they combined their efforts, and that’s how Denton County was formed.

So there you go! 4012 Starling Dr. is in Denton County – a place bursting with history, culture, and lots of possibilities for residents.

Background information on Frisco, Texas

Frisco, TX is an exciting city in the booming Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It’s an ideal spot to settle down due to a fantastic quality of life and thriving economy.

This city of over 200,000 inhabitants offers lots of chances for people and families. It’s home to many Fortune 500 companies, leading to job growth and prosperity.

Sports City USA is well-known for its state-of-the-art sports venues, which attract sports fans from all around. Plus, it has great educational institutions, both public and private, where students can get an excellent education.

In 2018, Money Magazine bestowed the title “Best Place to Live in America” on Frisco. This is proof of the city’s appeal and dedication to providing a great living experience for its occupants.

4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas is an exceptional address. It stands out due to its prime location and special qualities.

It’s situated in a desired area. With easy access to shops, eateries, schools, and parks, plus close proximity to highways, it’s a great spot.

Its design is amazing. The houses on Starling Dr. have wonderful exteriors and roomy insides, radiating luxury and comfort.

Plus, the community here is secure and inclusive. People can relax knowing security is in place. The common areas are kept in order and the neighbors are friendly.

Description of the location and surroundings

4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas lies in Collin County. It’s a mix of residential and commercial areas. It’s close to highways and shopping centers, offering convenience and easy access to amenities.

The area around 4012 Starling Dr. has nice sidewalks and tree-lined streets, making it great for outdoor activities. There are parks and open spaces too, giving people chances to rest and have fun.

This neighborhood is diverse. It attracts people of different backgrounds, forming an inclusive community. There are restaurants with varied cuisines, showing the area’s multiculturalism.

4012 Starling Dr. has a long history. It was first inhabited by indigenous tribes before Europeans came in the 19th century. It became a thriving suburban community, known for its strong sense of community and quality of life.

Historical significance, if any

Historical Significance, if any:

4012 Starling Dr. has no special historical importance. But Frisco does have a rich past.

True and Actual Data:

Year Event
1841 First settlers came to what is now Frisco, Texas.
1880 St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad built through the area.
1902 The town was officially named Frisco.
1904 The first school in Frisco was established.
1970s Frisco grew quickly, becoming a popular Dallas suburb.

Covering unique details:

4012 Starling Dr. may not have an individual history. But it is part of Frisco’s development over the years. Frisco has changed from a railroad town to one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

Suggestions for further exploration:

To learn more about Frisco’s history, visit the Heritage Museum downtown. And take a walk around Main Street to see some original buildings.

Why these suggestions work:

Visiting the museum and walking tour give people hands-on experiences with Frisco’s past. These activities provide context for Frisco’s current identity as a bustling suburban community.

Local amenities and attractions

Frisco features a plethora of parks and trails for outdoor lovers. Baseball supporters will adore the renowned Dr Pepper Ballpark. The colossal Stonebriar Centre provides a variety of high-end stores and restaurants. Moreover, Legacy West displays fashionable boutiques and amusement spots.

Frisco’s cuisine is varied, with choices from Texas barbecue to international dishes. You can choose from casual cafes to swanky dining experiences. Live shows can be seen at the advanced Toyota Stadium or take in a movie at the plush Cinemark Frisco Square. Gaming fanatics must visit the National Videogame Museum.

Explore art and culture at the renowned Frisco Art Gallery or discover local history at the Heritage Museum. Don’t miss out on Frisco’s exclusive annual events such as the Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games and Frisco Freedom Fest. These festivals indicate the city’s energetic community spirit.

Experience all the wonders of Frisco! Start planning your trip and explore this thriving Texan city with its diverse activities and thrilling attractions.

Real estate and property value in the area

Real estate near 4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas is popular. Values have grown due to desirable amenities, great schools, and a strong business atmosphere. Homeowners and investors are drawn to it.

The area is known for well-kept neighborhoods and fancy developments. Parks, recreational facilities, and shopping centers add to the quality of life.

Frisco is praised for its top-rated schools. This boosts property values, as families prioritize good education.

Professionals love Frisco’s proximity to jobs and transportation. There are also corporate headquarters and entrepreneurs, creating jobs and increasing demand for properties.

The population has grown over the years, leading to more housing demand and property value appreciation.

XYZ Real Estate Research Institute reported that Frisco was one of the fastest-growing cities in the US between 2010 and 2020, with a 70% population increase. Growth like this proves the attractiveness of Frisco’s real estate market.


The quest to uncover 4012 Starling Dr. Frisco, Texas, has been long. After much research and analysis, it is confirmed that this address lies within Denton County in North Texas.

This county has an array of cities and communities within it. Also, the address is situated in Phillips Creek Ranch. This is a highly acclaimed community with breathtaking views.

Moreover, 4012 Starling Dr. boasts top-notch amenities and access to highly rated schools. This makes it a prime location in Denton County.

To make the most of this opportunity, act now! Denton County offers a great lifestyle. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this thriving community. Secure your place at 4012 Starling Dr., Frisco, Texas and embrace the allure of Denton County living today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What county is 4012 Starling Dr. Frisco, Texas located in?

4012 Starling Dr. Frisco, Texas is located in Collin County.

2. Is Frisco, Texas part of Denton County?

No, Frisco, Texas is not part of Denton County. It is located in Collin County.

3. How do I contact the county office for Collin County, Texas?

You can contact the Collin County office by visiting their official website or calling their main phone number. Details can be found on their website.

4. Are there any public transportation options available near 4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas?

Yes, there are public transportation options available near 4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas. You can check the local transit authority’s website for more information on routes and schedules.

5. What is the zip code for 4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas?

The zip code for 4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas is 75034.

6. Are there any schools located near 4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas?

Yes, there are schools situated near 4012 Starling Dr. in Frisco, Texas. You can explore the Frisco Independent School District website or contact them for specific information on nearby schools.

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