Where Can I Get A Pigeon

Key Takeaway:

  • Adopting a pigeon: Consider contacting Palomacy, a bird rescue organization, for a variety of pet pigeons available for adoption. Learn about the application process, different temperaments of available pigeons, and constant updates on new birds. Success stories of adopted birds can also inspire you.
  • Purchasing pigeons online: Trusted e-commerce websites like Strombergs Chickens offer free shipping and racing pigeons, White Pigeon Sales has a wide variety of pigeons but without guaranteed sexes, and The Finch Farm has an extensive collection but can be expensive. However, be cautious of purchasing unhealthy pigeons from platforms like Poultry Show Central.
  • Racing pigeons: If you’re specifically interested in racing pigeons, reputable sellers like Strombergs Chickens and CBS Pigeon and Pigeon USA are good choices. You can also explore platforms like Pigeon Performance and Eijerkamp and PIPA for racing pigeons available through auctions. Gold Star Lofts and Ganus Family Loft are reputable sellers known for their racing pigeons.
  • Pricing and caution: Understand the cost range for homing and racing pigeons. When buying pigeons online from local platforms, exercise caution. Ensure you’re purchasing from reputable sources to avoid any potential risks or scams.
  • Reliable sources to buy pigeons online: Consider trusted sources like The Finch Farm, which prioritizes responsible bird breeding and offers USPS shipping for timely delivery. White Pigeon Sales, emerging classified ads sites, Strombergs Chickens, Poultry Show Central, Birds Now, and local platforms like Craigslist and Gumtree can also be reliable options.
  • Reputable lofts for buying racing pigeons: Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp, Strombergs, Ganus Family Loft, and Goldstar Lofts are reputable lofts known for their high-quality racing pigeons with proven pedigrees.
  • Miscellaneous options: Explore classified ads in UK platforms such as Gumtree and Pets 4 Homes for various breeds, including Afghan pigeons, racing pigeons, and pigeons with unusual colors. Consider breeds like Birmingham Rollers, Fantails, Polish Helmet, and African Owl pigeons. For cost-effective options, Roller x Tumblers and Show Racers are worth considering. Kurdish and Turkish pigeons are known for their tumbling and flying abilities.

Where Can I Get A Pigeon?

Where Can I Get A Pigeon?

Photo Credits: Chipperbirds.Com by Jesse Roberts

Looking to add a pigeon to your life? Discover the different avenues available in your search. From adopting a wide variety of pets pigeons to exploring trusted e-commerce websites and reputable sellers for racing pigeons, we’ve got you covered. Dive into this section for insights on pricing and cautionary tips when buying pigeons online.

Varieties of Pets Pigeons Available for Adoption

A wide range of pet pigeons are up for adoption! That means individuals can find the perfect feathered friend for their homes. Organizations and e-commerce sites provide these opportunities. Palomacy, a popular bird rescue org, has many varieties of pigeons with different temperaments. They keep users updated on birds available and share success stories.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet pigeon, reliable e-commerce sites like Strombergs Chickens offer racing pigeons plus free shipping. White Pigeon Sales has a variety of pigeons, but not always guaranteed sexes. The Finch Farm has a wide selection, but may be more pricey than Birds Now.

For racing pigeon enthusiasts, CBS Pigeon and Pigeon USA have websites in the USA selling them. Eijerkamp and PIPA provide platforms for buying racing pigeons through auctions. Gold Star Lofts and Ganus Family Loft are renowned breeders.

When purchasing pigeons online, consider pricing and be cautious. Costs differ on homing or racing pigeons. Also, be wary with local online platforms – there may be risks with unhealthy birds.

Palomacy: A Bird Rescue Organization

Palomacy is an organization devoted to helping birds in need. They offer a safe haven to all kinds of birds, like homing pigeons, racing pigeons, and fancy pigeons.

Palomacy strives to educate the public about the unique qualities of pigeons. They keep their adopters informed about their available bird listings and success stories.

If you’re looking for a pigeon companion, Palomacy can make adoption easy. Sadly, they don’t have same-day delivery. But there are other reputable sources for acquiring pigeons.

Application Process for Adoption through Palomacy

Adopting a pigeon through Palomacy is simple! Express your interest in adopting a pigeon by visiting their website or contacting the organization directly. Fill out an adoption application form – available on Palomacy’s website – with accurate information to ensure a suitable match. Palomacy will do a thorough screening process to check your suitability. If you pass, you’ll be matched with a pigeon that meets your preferences and capabilities. Palomacy will inform you of the next steps in the adoption process. Testimonials from previous adopters show how rewarding the experience has been. This boosts confidence in both Palomacy and the decision to adopt a pigeon.

Different Temperaments of Available Pigeons

Pigeons vary in temperament. So, it’s important for potential owners to think about the traits of the bird they like. Temperament affects a pigeon’s behavior and how it gets along with its owner.

A table with “Temperament Traits,” “Compatibility with Kids,” “Socialization Needs,” and “Training Difficulty” can help people pick a breed.

Apart from the table, owners should know more about the bird’s temperament. For instance, some pigeons need lots of socializing. They go well with owners who can spend time with them. Also, some breeds are easier to train than others. It’s essential for potential owners to understand pigeon temperaments to pick one that fits their lifestyle.

Constant Updates on Available Birds

Constant updates on available birds are essential. They let potential adopters find the perfect match for their needs and preferences. Organizations and sellers can provide accurate info on the different types of pigeons with a table. This table would show updates on birds and include columns such as name/breed, age, temperament, and special characteristics.

This format lets people interested in adopting or buying a pigeon compare and choose from the options based on their preferences. The table can also have columns highlighting updates on newly added birds, birds with new homes, and upcoming arrivals. This way, potential adopters or buyers can stay informed about the latest options.

Checking the constant updates regularly is key. It increases chances of finding the perfect feathered companion that fits your needs and desires. Keeping an eye on these updates ensures potential adopters are aware of all options and can make the right choices when selecting a pigeon for their home and lifestyle.

Believe in the transformative power of pigeon love? You will, after seeing success stories of adopted birds! Or at least question your life choices.

Success Stories of Adopted Birds

Palomacy is a bird rescue org. It shares success stories of adopted birds. These stories show the power of pigeon adoption and offer hope to potential adopters.

One story is about Charlie. He was rescued and found a loving home with freedom and companionship.

Another story is about Lily. She is disabled, but with a compassionate adopter, she triumphed over her challenges. This reveals that pigeons can thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

Skyler and Juno are two inseparable companions. They were adopted together, bringing joy to them and their new family. It shows the connections that can be formed through pigeon adoption.

Pippin’s narrative is touching. He was an orphaned baby pigeon and was nurtured and raised by someone. This shows the special relationships that can develop between humans and pigeons.

Lastly, Maverick is a retired racing pigeon and a family pet. This illustrates the potential for transformation and happiness that comes with adoption.

These stories portray the lives transformed through adoption. Palomacy shares these stories to encourage adoption and experience the joy that comes from giving these birds a second chance.

Also, Palomacy updates its website about available birds for adoption. This creates urgency and enables interested individuals to rescue pigeons.

The success stories depict the positive outcomes of adoption. Palomacy wants to inspire others to adopt and share the unique relationships and happiness that can result.

Trusted E-Commerce Websites to Buy Pigeons

Buy pigeons online? Look no further! Here are some great options for you:

  • Strombergs Chickens – free shipping and a variety of racing pigeons.
  • White Pigeon Sales – pigeon breeds, no guarantees on sexes.
  • The Finch Farm – lots of pigeons, but pricier.
  • Poultry Show Central – directory of pigeon sales, but be careful.

Be sure to research each seller before you buy. Compare prices and read reviews of other buyers. Plus, make sure the seller takes care of their birds – good descriptions, availability updates and live support.

For racing pigeons, get free shipping with Strombergs Chickens!

Strombergs Chickens: Free Shipping and Racing Pigeons

Strombergs Chickens is a go-to for pigeons, with free shipping included! They specialize in racing pigeons, with a plethora of breeds and pedigrees. Buyers can find the bird that meets their exact needs. Strombergs Chickens is a reliable platform, with a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Plus, they offer unique products, aside from pigeons. Convenient, cost-effective, and trustworthy – what more could you want?

White Pigeon Sales: Varieties with No Guaranteed Sexes

Text: White Pigeon Sales presents a range of pigeons for purchase. However, it’s essential to remember that there are no assurances regarding the sex of the pigeon you are buying.

A table is available to help you understand the options:

Variety Description
Homing Racing & long-distance
Fancy Unique colors & patterns
Tumbler Acrobatic flight
Fantail Fan-shaped tails
Jacobin Feathered hoods

White Pigeon Sales has a wider collection than other platforms that guarantee sexes. Keep in mind that not knowing the gender could affect breeding or goals that require a certain sex.

If you are looking for pigeons without guaranteed sexes, White Pigeon Sales is the place to go. There is a great variety of birds, catering to different needs and interests. Don’t miss out on finding your perfect match!

The Finch Farm: Wide Variety of Pigeons but Expensive

The Finch Farm has many pigeon varieties! They have pigeons for racing, homing, and breeding. Different colors, patterns, and sizes are available. Their pigeons may be pricey, but they’re top quality.

Plus, they offer reliable shipping services to ensure the birds arrive on time. Customers can trust that their orders will be treated with care.

Pro Tip: Do your research before buying pigeons, like researching the seller’s reputation, health guarantees, and customer reviews.

Looking for pigeons? Poultry Show Central has it all! Pick from a huge variety of pigeons – but watch out for the bird flu!

Poultry Show Central: Risk of Unhealthy Pigeons


Poultry Show Central – a platform linking buyers and sellers of pigeons – comes with a risk. It serves as a directory but buyers must be cautious. They must do their own research and exercise judgement when purchasing.

Be aware of potential risks involved. Ask questions about the bird’s health, breeding and diseases. Vet sellers before buying.

Seek recommendations from experienced pigeon fanciers. They can share their experiences and point to the best sellers.

Pro Tip: Before buying on Poultry Show Central, research the seller’s reputation and ask questions about the pigeons’ health. Don’t forget to check for feathers in your pocket too!

Birds Now: Platform for Buying Cheap Pigeons

  • Birds Now is the place to go if you’re looking for budget-friendly pigeons! It offers a diverse selection of cheap pigeons.
  • The platform provides detailed descriptions and info on each pigeon, so buyers can make informed decisions.
  • You can easily navigate the website and browse categories to find your desired pigeon breed or color.
  • Sellers can also list their pigeons on Birds Now, making sure there’s a steady supply for buyers.
  • Customer satisfaction is a priority – they provide reliable shipping and timely delivery.

Birds Now stands out from other online platforms. Its user-friendly interface and extensive range of cheap pigeons make it a popular choice amongst bird enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for specific breeds or colors, Birds Now is the perfect platform for you!

Local Platforms: Craigslist and Gumtree

Craigslist and Gumtree offer unique local platforms for people to search and buy/adopt pigeons near them. These platforms provide varied listings from sellers/adopters. People can contact them to enquire about breeds, prices and other details.

Additionally, both Craigslist and Gumtree allow users to connect with those near them, making it easier to meet and inspect the birds before purchasing/adopting. This provides an opportunity for buyers to ask questions and gather all necessary information.

These platforms enable people to find pigeons in a variety of breeds, types and price ranges, as well as interact with other bird lovers in the area. People can exchange information, share experiences, seek advice and even form local pigeon clubs/communities through forums/discussions on these platforms.

In conclusion, Local Platforms like Craigslist and Gumtree play an important role in facilitating the buying/adoption of pigeons, connecting buyers with sellers/adopters close by. They provide a platform for pigeon enthusiasts to connect with each other, encouraging knowledge sharing and community engagement.

UK-Based Websites: Birdtrader and Pet 4 Homes


Birdtrader and Pet 4 Homes are UK-based websites that offer a platform for buying and selling pigeons. On these sites, individuals can find an extensive selection of breeds and types of pigeons. The user-friendly interface and detailed listings make it easy for bird enthusiasts to find the perfect pigeon.

Additionally, both websites prioritize the well-being of the birds listed. Sellers must provide accurate information about the pigeons’ health, temperament, and history. This ensures buyers make informed decisions when choosing a pigeon. Furthermore, Birdtrader and Pet 4 Homes provide a secure platform for transactions, giving both buyers and sellers peace of mind.

On top of their robust listings, these websites offer additional resources. These include articles on bird care, breeding tips, and training guides. This helps educate bird owners about proper pigeon care practices.

In conclusion, Birdtrader and Pet 4 Homes are reliable UK-based websites that are trusted sources for finding and purchasing pigeons, while also prioritizing their well-being.

Reputable Sellers for Racing Pigeons

For those looking to buy quality racing pigeons with good pedigrees and performance records, reputable sellers are essential. Platforms and websites dedicated to pigeon sales can connect buyers with these sellers.

Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp is a respected father and son business. They offer quality racing pigeons through Eijerkamp and PIPA auctions. Strombergs Chickens is also popular, offering budget-friendly options and a wide selection of racing pigeons to suit different needs.

Ganus Family Loft is well-known in the pigeon racing community. They have an excellent collection of birds and a proven pedigree. Goldstar Lofts is another great option for those seeking the finest racing pigeons.

Reputable sellers provide valuable expertise and reliable racing pigeons to enthusiasts and racers. They may even offer additional services like shipping and delivery to guarantee that the pigeons arrive safely and in good condition.

When purchasing from reputable sellers, research their reputation. Read reviews and communicate with them to address any questions or concerns.

In summary, reputable sellers for racing pigeons are vital to the pigeon racing community. They offer high-quality birds, expertise, and extra services for a satisfying experience.

Strombergs Chickens: Racing Pigeons also Available

Strombergs Chickens – a premier provider of poultry breeds – also has a wide variety of racing pigeons for sale. These racing birds are sought-after by both enthusiasts and competitors.

Those looking to buy top-notch pigeons for competitions and races can get them through the Strombergs Chickens website. The selection of racing pigeons is extensive. Customers can choose from different bloodlines and pick qualities like speed or endurance as per their requirement.

Strombergs Chickens has created a platform for pigeon fans to get highly desired racing pigeons. Their commitment to providing quality birds makes them a dependable source.

For those in the USA who are searching for trusted pigeon websites, CBS Pigeon and Pigeon USA are highly recommended.

CBS Pigeon and Pigeon USA: Trusted Websites in the USA

CBS Pigeon and Pigeon USA are known for their selection of pigeons in the USA. Bird lovers and breeders trust these sources.

  • They have a variety of pigeons, including racing ones.
  • Descriptions of each bird help buyers make the best decision.
  • Health and quality are always ensured.
  • The user interface allows easy navigation.
  • They have a good reputation for on-time shipping.
  • Customer satisfaction is a priority, with excellent support.

Also, secure payments and regular updates to the inventory give customers plenty of choices. These websites are the go-to for buying pigeons in the USA. Get your perfect pigeon today! For the fastest racing birds, look no further than Pigeon Performance.

Pigeon Performance: Pure Racing Pigeons with Descriptions

Pure racing pigeons, with descriptions, can be found on different platforms and sellers. Specifically bred for racing, they have excellent performance qualities. Descriptions showcase their lineage, pedigree, and racing skills.

Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp is a well-known loft for pure racing pigeons. Their father and son business guarantees quality. Descriptions of each pigeon’s lineage highlight their racing potential.

Strombergs Chickens provide budget-friendly pure racing pigeons. These birds are known for their performance in races, thanks to breeding programs focused on speed, endurance, and navigational skills.

Ganus Family Loft is renowned in the pigeon industry for its world-class collection of pure racing pigeons with a proven pedigree. They select and breed elite birds with strong flight muscles, great orientation, and quick recovery after long-distance races.

Other options for buying pure racing pigeons with descriptions exist online and locally. To acquire the best pigeon for your competitive racing ambitions, investigate these sources. Make sure you make an informed decision when buying or adopting a pure racing pigeon.

Ready to own a feathered speed demon? Check out Eijerkamp and PIPA – racing pigeons fly off the auction block!

Eijerkamp and PIPA: Platforms for Buying Racing Pigeons through Auctions

Eijerkamp and PIPA are renowned for auctions of racing pigeons. They provide fanciers with top-notch birds from well-known breeders. Auctions on these platforms guarantee a fair and transparent process.

The table below shows info about Eijerkamp and PIPA:

Platforms Description
Eijerkamp A respected platform auctioning top-notch racing pigeons.
PIPA An online auction portal connecting fanciers, to buy elite racing pigeons.

Eijerkamp and PIPA are trusted in the pigeon racing community, for their superior quality birds. Buyers can find pigeons with proven pedigrees.

These auctions offer potential racers access to first-rate bloodlines. Both Eijerkamp and PIPA have a long history of success in breeding race-winning pigeons. Serious racers come to them to enhance their stock.

A great example is the Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp loft. This father-son business is a big name in pigeon racing, known for breeding champion pigeons. They use Eijerkamp and PIPA auctions to share their exceptional bloodlines. Thus, they contribute to the growth of the sport.

Gold Star Lofts and Ganus Family Loft: Reputable Sellers of Racing Pigeons

Gold Star Lofts and Ganus Family Loft are renowned in the racing pigeon industry. They’ve earned a strong reputation for offering high-quality birds with proven pedigrees. These sellers provide access to a range of top-performing birds that have done well in competitions. With their experience in breeding and training pigeons, they are trusted sources.

Gold Star Lofts is known for the finest racing pigeons. Their selection has been bred for flying abilities, speed, and endurance. Ganus Family Loft has a world-class collection with a pedigree. They are both reliable names in the racing pigeon community.

Additionally, Gold Star Lofts and Ganus Family Loft focus on excellent customer service. They support customers throughout their purchase by offering advice and answering questions. This sets them apart from other sellers.

Whether someone is a seasoned racer or a beginner, these sellers are trusted sources for top-notch racing pigeons. However, be careful when buying online to avoid high prices that may leave you with feathers!

Pricing and Caution for Buying Pigeons Online

Purchasing pigeons online requires mindful consideration of pricing and caution. Research the cost range for homing and racing pigeons to ensure a reasonable purchase. Use caution when using local online platforms to avoid risks or unhealthy pigeons.

The table below lists reputable sellers and platforms with their offerings:

Seller/Platform Offerings
Strombergs Chickens Offer free shipping and racing pigeons
White Pigeon Sales Provide varieties with no guaranteed sexes
The Finch Farm Has a wide variety of pigeons but they are expensive
Poultry Show Central Carries a risk of unhealthy pigeons
Birds Now Is a platform offering cheaper pigeons
Local Platforms (e.g., Craigslist and Gumtree) Can be used
UK-Based Websites (e.g., Birdtrader and Pet 4 Homes) Are also available
Reputable Racing Sellers (e.g., CBS Pigeon, Pigeon USA, Pigeon Performance, Eijerkamp and PIPA, Gold Star Lofts, and Ganus Family Loft)

Remember to research and review the reputation of the seller or platform before making a purchase to ensure healthiness and safety.

Cost Range for Homing and Racing Pigeons

The cost of homing and racing pigeons can differ. Quality is essential to consider before buying, as cheaper ones may be unhealthy. Reputable sellers and lofts offer pigeons at higher prices, but give assurance of better-performing birds.

Here is the cost range:

Type of Pigeon Price Range
Homing Pigeons $20 – $300
Racing Pigeons $100 – $1000

These are just general prices. They may change due to breed, training, pedigree, and seller reputation.

Rescue organizations like Palomacy often provide great pets at reasonable fees. Platforms like Strombergs Chickens and Eijerkamp also offer high-quality racing pigeons through auctions. The cost may be higher than other options.

If you want a loyal companion or to compete in races, search trusted sellers. This will make sure you find a healthy and well-bred pigeon that fulfills your needs. Don’t delay – begin your search now!

Cautionary Note for Local Online Platforms

Local online platforms can be a great option to buy and adopt pigeons. However, it’s important to be careful. There are risks, like mentioned in the reference data.

For example, unhealthy pigeons. Poultry Show Central warns that sellers may not provide accurate info about the bird’s health. So, buyers must be vigilant and ask detailed questions about the bird’s health history, vaccination records, and any signs of illness.

Also, the seller’s reputation. Although there may be trustworthy sellers, dishonest ones might misrepresent the breed, age, or quality of their pigeons. Buyers should research each seller’s background and check for reviews from previous customers.

Another detail: verify legal requirements in your area. Some places may have restrictions or permits for keeping pigeons as pets or racing birds. Understand and comply with all relevant regulations to avoid any legal issues.

In conclusion, while local online platforms can offer opportunities to buy or adopt pigeons, it’s important to exercise caution. Ask questions, research sellers’ backgrounds, and verify legal requirements. That way, you can minimize the risks. Ready to become a proud pigeon owner? Check out these reliable sources to buy pigeons online and get them shipped right to your door!

Reliable Sources to Buy Pigeons Online and Get Them Shipped

Reliable Sources to Buy Pigeons Online and Get Them Shipped

Photo Credits: Chipperbirds.Com by Jack Young

Looking to buy pigeons online and have them shipped? Discover reliable sources that cater to your needs. From promoting responsible bird breeding in the US to offering a wide selection of pigeon varieties, there are platforms like The Finch Farm and White Pigeon Sales. Alternatively, explore emerging classified ads sites and exclusive bird-related websites such as Birdsnow and Pigeon Exchange. Plus, don’t forget to check out local platforms like Craigslist and Gumtree, as well as UK-based websites like Bird Trader, Pets 4 Homes, and Preloved.

The Finch Farm: Promoting Responsible Bird Breeding in the US

The Finch Farm is an awesome source in the US that promotes responsible bird breeding. They offer countless birds for sale, including pigeons. The Finch Farm makes sure that their birds come from responsible breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of the animals. This sets them apart as a reliable source for people wanting to add pigeons to their collection.

The Finch Farm takes pride in supporting responsible bird breeding practices in the US. They recognize how important it is to keep high standards when it comes to ethical breeding and care of birds. By teaming up with trustworthy breeders, The Finch Farm ensures that all their birds are ethically sourced and looked after. This not only gives customers healthy and happy pigeons but also helps the welfare of these lovely creatures.

In addition to their commitment to responsible bird breeding, The Finch Farm provides convenient shipping options for buyers nationwide. They work with USPS to guarantee timely delivery of their birds, minimizing stress and ensuring a smooth transition from their facilities to the new homes. This attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction boosts The Finch Farm’s rep as a go-to source for pigeon fanatics.

Overall, The Finch Farm stands out as an advocate for responsible bird breeding in the US market. With their diverse selection of pigeons and focus on ethical sourcing, they provide an amazing option for those searching for these magnificent birds while supporting reputable breeders who prioritize animal welfare. Whether you are a seasoned pigeon enthusiast or just beginning your journey into aviculture, The Finch Farm is a reliable platform where you can find healthy and responsibly bred pigeons for sale.

USPS is here to deliver your feathery friends with accuracy and speed – shipping pigeons is a bit different than shipping your usual package!

USPS Shipping and Timely Delivery

USPS shipping is a great way to get your online-bought pigeons. USPS ensures they are packaged and transported well.

Advantages for pigeon buyers include:

  • Reliable Delivery: USPS has a good record of successful deliveries.
  • Packaging Expertise: USPS has strict guidelines for packing live animals, like pigeons.
  • Tracking Capabilities: USPS gives tracking numbers so the buyer can monitor progress.
  • Affordable Rates: USPS offers competitive prices.

USPS also takes care of the pigeons. They make sure the pigeons are not stressed during travel.

All in all, USPS is the safest option for buying and delivering pigeons. It guarantees a good delivery experience.

White Pigeon Sales: Diverse Pigeon Varieties Available

White Pigeon Sales has you covered! Pick from a wide variety of pigeons.
We have homing pigeons, racing pigeons, fancy breeds, tumblers, and show-quality birds. All with different colors, patterns, and breeds.

Homing pigeons are known for their amazing ability to fly back home from long distances.
Racing pigeons are bred for speed and agility.
Fancy breeds have distinctive feather patterns and colors.
Tumblers do acrobatic tricks and aerial stunts.
Show-quality birds meet all breed standards.

We take pride in the health and well-being of our birds.
Prices may depend on breed and rarity. So, come explore our selection today! Find your perfect feathered friend.

Emerging Classified Ads Sites for Pigeon Listings

Craigslist and Gumtree are well-known classified ad sites for listing pigeons. UK-based websites such as Bird Trader, Pets 4 Homes and Preloved have further enhanced the buying and selling of pigeons.

These platforms offer buyers the ability to narrow down their search by criteria like location, price range and more. But, it is important to be cautious and research properly before engaging in a transaction.

Classified ads sites have made it easier than ever to get the desired type of pigeon. Buyers should be careful of any potential risks associated with online pigeon purchases.

Strombergs Chickens: Wide Selection for Various Needs

Strombergs Chickens is a trustworthy seller that has a variety of pigeons for different needs. They are known for their wide range of pigeon varieties. Whether you want homing pigeons, racing pigeons, doves, ducks, pheasants, peacocks, or swans, Strombergs Chickens has it all.

Pigeon Variety Description
Homing Pigeons Trained birds with great homing skills
Racing Pigeons Birds bred for racing competitions
Doves Peaceful birds used in ceremonies
Ducks Waterfowl that bring beauty and companionship
Pheasants Colorful game birds used for breeding or hunting
Peacocks Birds with impressive feathers
Swans Graceful birds that add sophistication

Strombergs Chickens offers free shipping for some varieties. They understand the preferences of pigeon enthusiasts and provide a comprehensive selection.

Pro Tip: Before buying from any seller online, research their reputation and read reviews. This way, you know you’re buying from a reliable source that takes good care of their birds.

Pigeons, Doves, Ducks, Pheasants, Peacocks, and Swans

Pigeons, doves, ducks, pheasants, peacocks, and swans – these diverse avian species can be found in many sources. For instance, Strombergs Chickens offers a wide variety. Poultry Show Central has a directory for pigeon sales. You can also find these birds on local listings like Craigslist and Gumtree. UK-based websites such as Bird Trader, Pets 4 Homes, and Preloved are reliable too.

When it comes to buying or adopting these birds online and having them shipped, there are some great sources. The Finch Farm promotes responsible breeding in the US and provides USPS shipping. White Pigeon Sales offers a range of pigeon varieties. And Strombergs Chickens caters to various avian needs.

For classified ads listings specifically for pigeons, there are sites like Birdsnow and Pigeon Exchange. These can give you access to a wider range of birds. Plus, you can find sellers near you on Craigslist, Gumtree, Bird Trader, Pets 4 Homes, and Preloved.

When shopping for these birds online, research the sources for pricing and reputation. Ask the seller for documents or references from previous buyers. Factor in shipping costs and logistics. With all this in mind, you can acquire the desired avian species.

Poultry Show Central: Useful Pigeon Sales Directory

Poultry Show Central is a great spot for people who want to buy or sell pigeons. It’s a pigeon sales directory, connecting buyers and sellers of pigeon enthusiasts. It gives you a platform to check out the different kinds of pigeons available.

To show how Poultry Show Central can help buyers, here’s a table with some of its features. This table shows info like website names and pricing, plus risk factors. By organizing the data like this, Poultry Show Central makes it easier to search for pigeons and gives buyers essential info.

Website Pricing Risk Factors
Strombergs Chickens Free Shipping Risk of unhealthy pigeons
The Finch Farm Wide variety Expensive shipping
Birds Now Cheap prices
Craigslist Local platform
Gumtree UK-based platform

Poultry Show Central is more than just a listing service. It also has resources for bird shows and other events in the pigeon community. That makes it a great spot for anyone looking to connect with like-minded pigeon fans.

Ready to buy some birds? Check out Birdsnow and Pigeon Exchange!

Exclusive Websites for Birds: Birdsnow and Pigeon Exchange

Birdsnow and Pigeon Exchange are two unique websites for birds. They have a wide range of species for sale. Birdsnow has detailed descriptions and photos of pigeons. Pigeon Exchange focuses just on pigeons.

These websites make buying birds easier. They have standards for sellers. Buyers can see listings, compare prices, and communicate with sellers. They have more options than traditional methods.

These websites have user reviews and ratings. Buyers should check these before buying. They should also ask for additional photos and the health history of the bird.

Before buying, a buyer should speak to experienced owners or breeders. This will give helpful advice. It can help ensure they find the right bird.

Looking for a pigeon locally? It can be a wild adventure!

Local Platforms: Craigslist and Gumtree

Craigslist and Gumtree are popular online marketplaces for buying and selling pigeons. They make it easy for people to connect with each other in their local area.

Craigslist is a classified ads website, where sellers can advertise pigeons. Buyers can search through listings to find what they’re looking for.

Gumtree is similar. It has a user-friendly interface for browsing pigeon categories to find suitable options.

Both Craigslist and Gumtree offer a wide range of listings, so buyers can find what they need. But, it’s important to be cautious and research potential sellers before making a purchase or adoption.

These platforms can also help people connect with fellow pigeon enthusiasts. People can seek advice from experienced breeders.

If you’re searching for a new feathered friend, check out Bird Trader, Pets 4 Homes, and Preloved. They have lots of pigeons!

UK-Based Websites: Bird Trader, Pets 4 Homes, and Preloved


A table gives us more details about these websites. Bird Trader is a popular option with a variety of pigeons for sale. Pets 4 Homes has many pigeon breeds available for adoption. Preloved is a great spot to buy or adopt a pigeon.

It’s essential to research the seller/adopter. Review their past transactions and ask references from other bird fans. Before you buy/adopt, make sure to talk to the seller/adopter. Find out all the details about the pigeon’s health, temperament, and care needs.

If you want to level up your racing pigeon game, check out these trustworthy lofts for the best birds.

Reputable Lofts for Buying Racing Pigeons

Reputable Lofts for Buying Racing Pigeons

Photo Credits: Chipperbirds.Com by Gerald Nguyen

Looking for reputable lofts to buy racing pigeons? Look no further! From the esteemed Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp, offering a legacy of expertise, to Stromsbergs, providing budget-friendly options, and Ganus Family Loft with their world-class pedigree, to Goldstar Lofts supplying the finest racing pigeons, this section showcases top-notch choices for pigeon enthusiasts. Get ready to explore the world of reputable lofts and find your perfect feathered companion.

Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp: Father and Son Business

are a famous dad-son duo in the pigeon racing industry. They are renowned for their skill and understanding in breeding and selling top-quality racing birds. The Eijerkamp family name has earned a strong rep over the years, making them a go-to source for those who want to buy outstanding racing pigeons. Their pedigree and selection of pigeons have been confirmed to be world-class, drawing purchasers from all corners of the planet.

Moreover, stand out in the industry due to their dedication to client satisfaction. They provide excellent customer service, guaranteeing that shoppers have an effortless and enjoyable experience when buying pigeons from their loft. With their vast experience and expertise, they can answer any inquiries or worries that customers may have concerning the birds’ pedigree or performance capability.

Not only are known for their superior racing pigeons, but they also provide various other services related to the sport. They regularly join auctions through websites like Eijerkamp and PIPA, where buyers can bid on their precious pigeons. This allows enthusiasts to get top-notch birds bred by for competitive racing purposes.

The accomplishment of ‘s father-son business can be credited to their commitment to furnishing remarkable quality birds and sharing their wealth of knowledge with others in the pigeon world. Whether someone is a professional racer or just beginning with homing pigeons, they can find dependable aid and direction from this esteemed pair.

Stromsbergs: Budget-Friendly Racing Pigeons

Stromsbergs is famed for supplying budget-friendly racing pigeons. They offer a huge selection of racing pigeons with reputable pedigree and top-notch performance records.

Here’s what to know about Stromsbergs:

  • Varied selection: Stromsbergs offers a diverse range of racing pigeons. They are carefully chosen for their racing skills, health, and genetics.
  • Affordable prices: Stromsbergs has racing pigeons at cost-effective prices. This is ideal for those starting out in pigeon racing without spending a fortune.
  • Pedigree: The racing pigeons from Stromsbergs come from pedigreed bloodlines. This ensures buyers get birds with great genetic potential for success.
  • Excellent performance: Many of the racing pigeons from Stromsbergs have performed excellently in competitions and races. This gives buyers confidence in their quality.
  • Reliable reputation: Stromsbergs has been in the industry for many years. Their commitment to quality birds at good prices has earned them trust from customers.

Plus, Stromsbergs also provides budget-friendly racing pigeons. This proves their dedication to meeting different budgets while maintaining great quality.

Ganus Family Loft: World-Class Collection with Proven Pedigree

Ganus Family Loft is a renowned hub for racing pigeons of pedigreed origins. They boast a world-class collection known for its pedigree. The loft is respected for its focus on quality.

The table below presents details about their collection:

Category Description
Breeding Pairs High-quality pairs for superior offspring
Racing Pigeons Well-trained pigeons for competitive races
Proven Pedigree Lineage documented to ensure quality

Ganus Family Loft also has a wide selection of breeding pairs, guaranteeing genetic diversity in their offspring. Their racing pigeons are well-trained and ready for races. Each pigeon’s lineage is carefully documented.

Ganus Family Loft stands out for its commitment to pedigree and maintaining the highest standards in pigeon breeding. This provides customers with pigeons of exceptional quality.

Pro Tip: Research the breed or pedigree to align with your needs. Then, purchase from Ganus Family Loft or another breeder!

Fly high with Goldstar Lofts for unbeatable racing pigeons!

Goldstar Lofts: Supplier of Finest Racing Pigeons

Goldstar Lofts is your go-to for top-quality racing pigeons. They have an impressive collection of pedigreed birds with proven track records. Their commitment to providing superior quality has earned them a great reputation.

Their birds exhibit exceptional traits such as intelligence, stamina, and navigational skills. Goldstar Lofts source from reputable breeders and carefully evaluate each bird’s genetic potential. This ensures their customers receive the best in terms of performance and breeding capabilities.

For passionate pigeon racers, Goldstar Lofts offers a chance to elevate performance. They have an unparalleled understanding of what makes a successful racing pigeon. So, if you want an edge on the track, look no further than Goldstar Lofts.

Plus, they have an amazing variety show! Birmingham Rollers, Turkish Pigeons, and Kurdish Pigeons can all be found at Goldstar Lofts. Tumbling and flying abilities included. Get the avian variety show you never knew you needed.

Miscellaneous Options to Buy or Adopt Pigeons

Miscellaneous Options to Buy or Adopt Pigeons

Photo Credits: Chipperbirds.Com by Scott Anderson

Looking to add a pigeon to your life? Explore some interesting options in this section! From classified ads on platforms like Gumtree and Pets 4 Homes to unique breeds like Birmingham Rollers and African Owls, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on cost-effective options like Roller x Tumblers and Show Racers, or the fascinating Kurdish and Turkish pigeons with their impressive tumbling and flying abilities. Get ready to discover the perfect feathered companion for your home.

Classified Ads in UK Platforms: Gumtree and Pets 4 Homes

Gumtree and Pets 4 Homes UK-based platforms are ideal for those wanting to purchase or adopt pigeons! Varied breeds on offer include Racing Pigeons, Afghan Pigeons and even those with unusual colours. Options of Birmingham Rollers, Fantails, Polish Helmets and African Owls make it cost-effective. Plus, shipping options for other parts of the country can be found too.

Contacting sellers directly through the platform is easy, allowing buyers to inquire about availability and negotiate prices.

Searching for pigeon listings? Filter results based on location, breed, price range, age or other preferences.

Afghan Pigeons, Racing Pigeons, and Unusual Colors

Unique breeds possess distinct features and traits that separate them from other pigeon varieties. The Afghan Pigeon is known for its striking appearance, with vibrant colors and unusual patterns and markings on its feathers. On the other hand, Racing Pigeons are bred for their flying abilities, speed, and endurance. Training and specialized care add to their success in competitions.

In addition, there is a variety of other pigeon breeds of different colors, worth considering. These include Birmingham Rollers, Fantails, Polish Helmet pigeons, and African Owls with their distinctive look.

It’s important to note that the cost of these pigeons depends on breed rarity and demand. Reputable lofts such as Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp, Stromsbergs Chickens, Ganus Family Loft, and Goldstar Lofts offer dependable sources for purchasing racing pigeons with verified pedigrees.

Breeds like Birmingham Rollers, Fantails, Polish Helmet, and African Owl

Birmingham Rollers have the remarkable ability to perform backward somersaults while flying, making them a fascinating breed to observe.

Fantails are prized as show birds for their elegant appearance and fan-shaped tails.

Polish Helmet stands out with its distinctive crest resembling a helmet.

African Owl has unique facial features that resemble those of an owl, plus prominent feathered tufts on either side of their head.

Pigeon lovers can choose from these breeds for a unique and visually appealing addition to their collection. Each breed has its own special set of traits and attributes that make them stand out from the rest.

Cost-Effective Options: Roller x Tumblers and Show Racers

Are you interested in pigeons? Check out Roller x Tumblers and Show Racers. They’re cost-effective without compromising quality or fun.

Roller x Tumblers offer the best of both worlds – the tumbling of Rollers and the aerial acrobatics of Tumblers.

Show Racers are bred for show competitions. They’re judged on physical appearance, color, and presentation. Buyers can get a budget-friendly pigeon for shows.

Plus, Roller x Tumblers and Show Racers come in a variety of colors and patterns. So you can pick the perfect pigeon!

In conclusion, Roller x Tumblers and Show Racers are a great way to get into the world of pigeon breeding and showing. Whether you’re a novice or experienced, these breeds can meet your needs.

Kurdish and Turkish Pigeons with Tumbling and Flying Abilities

Kurdish and Turkish Pigeons are one-of-a-kind. They have amazing tumbling and flying skills. Their agility allows them to do aerial acrobatics! These birds are bred for tumbling, such as mid-air somersaults and barrel rolls. Plus, they’re great flyers – gracefully and precisely maneuvering through the air.

Here’s a table outlining key characteristics:

Characteristics Description
Breed Origin Kurdistan region in Iraq and Turkey
Tumbling Abilities Mid-air somersaults and barrel rolls
Flying Skills Agility and precision
Physical Appearance Varied colors, patterns, and feather shapes
Personality Traits Intelligent, trainable, curious, and energetic

Kurdish and Turkish Pigeons are quite the lookers. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and feather shapes. And, they have awesome personalities. They’re intelligent, easily trained, curious, and energetic.

Some Facts About “Where Can I Get A Pigeon”:

  • ✅ Palomacy is a bird rescue organization that always has a large number of birds in need of homes. (Source: Pigeon Rescue)
  • ✅ There are trusted e-commerce websites where you can buy pigeons as pets, such as Strombergs Chickens, White Pigeon Sales, and The Finch Farm. (Source: Birds Journal)
  • ✅ Poultry Show Central and Birds Now are platforms where people sell their pigeons. (Source: Birds Journal)
  • ✅ Craigslist and Gumtree are local customer websites where people sell pigeons, but caution is advised. (Source: Birds Journal)
  • ✅ For racing pigeons, trusted websites include CBS Pigeon, Pigeon USA, Eijerkamp, PIPA, Gold Star Lofts, and Ganus Family Loft. (Source: Birds Journal)

FAQs about Where Can I Get A Pigeon

Where can I buy pigeons online and have them shipped directly to me?

Answer: You can buy pigeons online and have them shipped to you from trusted sources such as The Finch Farm, White Pigeon Sales, and Strombergs Chickens. These websites offer a wide variety of pigeon breeds and ensure safe delivery through specialized courier services.

Are there any pigeon rescue organizations where I can adopt a pigeon?

Answer: Yes, Palomacy is a reputable bird rescue organization that has a large number of pigeons in need of homes. They work hard to heal sick and injured pigeons and only place them for adoption once they are healthy and ready. You can find available pigeons for adoption on their website.

What are some good places to buy pigeons for racing or showing purposes?

Answer: If you’re looking for pigeons for racing or showing, you can check out reputable sources such as Hans & Evert Jan Eijerkamp, Strombergs Chickens, Ganus Family Loft, and Gold Star Lofts. These sellers have a strong reputation for breeding and providing quality racing pigeons.

Where can I find breeders or sellers of specific pigeon breeds like English Trumpeters, Rock Pigeons, or West England Tumblers?

Answer: You can find breeders or sellers of specific pigeon breeds on websites like Birds Now, Pigeon Exchange, and Poultry Show Central. These platforms feature ads and listings from breeders who specialize in different pigeon breeds.

Are there any risks involved in buying pigeons from local online websites or classified ads sites like Craigslist or Gumtree?

Answer: Buying pigeons from local online websites or classified ads sites can come with risks, as there is no guarantee of quality or health. It’s important to exercise caution and thoroughly research the seller before making a purchase. Consider buying from trusted sources or seeking recommendations from experienced pigeon enthusiasts.

What is the price range for buying pigeons?

Answer: The cost of pigeons can vary depending on the species, breed, and purpose (racing, showing, or as pets). Generally, the price range for homing pigeons is around $50 to $300, while racing pigeons can range from $200 to $1000+. It’s important to factor in any additional costs such as shipping or DNA testing, which may vary depending on the seller.

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