Where Is Birds Of Paradise On Animal Jam


Birds of Paradise is a sought-after item among Animal Jam enthusiasts. To find it, players need to go on certain adventures and complete specific tasks. These creatures are known for their beautiful colors and intricate patterns, making them a popular choice for in-game decorations.

To obtain Birds of Paradise in Animal Jam, individuals must complete the adventure called The Great Escape, which can be accessed through the Adventure Base Camp. Once completed, players will receive a reward that includes the coveted item. It’s crucial to note that these birds are only available through this particular adventure, making them exclusive to those who finish it.

If players want to add Birds of Paradise to their collection or decorate their den with them, they should start the adventure as soon as possible to avoid missing out on this unique addition. With its vibrant colors and stunning design, it’s no surprise why these creatures have become such a hot commodity in the game!

Who needs actual birds of paradise when you can just admire the flashy avatars on Animal Jam?

Birds of Paradise on Animal Jam

What are Birds of Paradise?

Birds of Paradise are a type of bird that belong to the family Paradisaeidae. These birds are known for their stunningly vibrant colors and elaborate plumage displays during courtship rituals. They are native to Papua New Guinea and nearby islands, and can be found in forests and other wooded areas. The male Birds of Paradise have intricate mating dances that involve showing off their feathers, vocalizations, and acrobatics.

Aside from their physical beauty, these birds have unique ecological roles such as controlling insect populations and distributing seeds across forests. They also serve as important cultural symbols for locals who live in regions where they are found.

To fully appreciate the intricacies of Birds of Paradise, Animal Jam has added them as a feature on their platform. Players can collect virtual Birds of Paradise items which come in different colors and patterns, allowing them to mimic the exotic beauty of these birds.

As a measure to experience the unique qualities displayed by these birds in real life, players need not miss out on having a highly enjoyable gaming experience while learning more about these spectacular creatures through Animal Jam.

From flashy feathers to fancy footwork, these Birds of Paradise are the real life influencers of the animal kingdom.

Types of Birds of Paradise

There exist several species of the flamboyant and vibrant Birds of Paradise that can be found in Animal Jam, an online game platform that allows players to explore virtual worlds. The game developers have beautifully incorporated various types of these birds in the game to give it a realistic look.

Here is a table showcasing the Types of Birds of Paradise which feature in Animal Jam:

Type of Bird Appearance Place Found
King Bird of Paradise Multicoloured feathers with blue markings Jamaa Jungle
Greater Bird of Paradise Intense orange and blue colours with long tail feathers Crystal Reef
Lesser Bird of Paradise Green and brown with extraordinary head plumes Coral Canyons

Notably, each type holds unique physical characteristics, beauty and traits that make them eye-catching in their natural habitats. For example, King Bird’s blue markings are vital for mating while Greater Bird’s elongated tail feathers are one step ahead in luring females. Additionally, besides their physical attributes, every bird has its way of flying and dancing to attract their mating partner.

The history behind the fascination with birds’ beauty is nothing new as humans have always been mesmerised by their intricate patterns and feats. In ancient times’ different cultures used birds in ceremonies such as rituals or magic shows, indicating their prevalence in art forms as well. Today the obsession continues as various games like Animal Jam incorporate them into their immersive world-building gameplay.

Why settle for regular birds when you can have birds of paradise? Follow these steps to become the ultimate feather collector on Animal Jam.

How to obtain Birds of Paradise on Animal Jam

Birds of Paradise can be obtained on Animal Jam through a multi-step process involving various in-game activities. First, players need to complete certain tasks and earn gems to purchase the necessary items. Second, they must collect specific items found throughout the game world. Finally, they must participate in special events or reach certain level milestones to receive Birds of Paradise as a reward.

To obtain Birds of Paradise on Animal Jam, follow these steps:

  1. Complete tasks and earn gems
  2. Collect specific items
  3. Participate in events or reach level milestones

While most items for Birds of Paradise can be found by exploring the game world, some exclusive accessories may require players to use real-money purchases. It is also important to note that new in-game events and challenges are periodically introduced that offer additional opportunities to obtain Birds of Paradise.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for limited-time events and rare item sales in order to boost your chances of obtaining these elusive creatures. Why settle for a plain feathered friend when you can have your very own show-stopping bird of paradise from the Diamond Shop on Animal Jam?

Birds of Paradise in the Diamond Shop

For avid Animal Jam players looking for the Birds of Paradise, they can be found in the Diamond Shop. Here are more details on these colorful birds.

Category Animal
Availability Diamond Shop
Cost 10 Diamonds
Style Non-Member and Member Variants Available

In the Diamond Shop, players can purchase the Birds of Paradise for 10 diamonds each. These birds are available to both members and non-members alike. Furthermore, there are variants with different styles that players can choose from.

Beyond their flashy appearance, Birds of Paradise have unique abilities that set them apart from other animals in Animal Jam. For instance, they are able to do a speedy dash forward which is handy when avoiding various obstacles or attacking enemies. They also have a special trick which involves them dancing and making musical chimes appear on-screen.

If you want to get the most out of your new Birds of Paradise pets in Animal Jam, consider some helpful tips. First, try using their powerful dash move frequently to breeze through levels faster than usual. Another useful tip is to maximize their special trick by showing it off to friends as it is not only entertaining but also beneficial in boosting your score.

Trading for Birds of Paradise on Animal Jam is like trying to catch a flying unicorn with a butterfly net.

Trading for Birds of Paradise

To acquire “Birds of Paradise” on Animal Jam, players must engage in trading activities. Trading involves exchanging in-game items for other items that are deemed valuable by other players. The following table provides necessary insight into the trading process.

Item Rarity Value
Bird Feeder Hat Rare 3-4
Rare Forest Gauntlets Rare 1-2
Epic Raccoon Tail Epic 1
Rare Freedom Bands Rare 1-2

It’s worth noting that the rarity and perceived value of an item fluctuate. Players should monitor popular trading groups and AJ community forums to stay up-to-date on current pricing trends.

Unique patterns for satisfactory trades exist within this specific subgroup of rare items, and players should adopt multiple tactics when negotiating with others to increase the likelihood of obtaining Birds of Paradise. Finding common ground based on personal tastes or hunting for mutually beneficial trades can often result in successful transactions.

Some suggestions include scouring various locations on a server to find traders who possess the desired item; using online resources such as trading websites, social media groups, and Discord servers; hosting a trade party where multiple players bring items to trade. Most importantly, research the current value and rarity before embarking on any trade negotiations.

After learning about all the colorful birds of paradise on Animal Jam, I can confidently say that Mother Nature really stepped up her game with these fashion-forward fauna.


This article aimed to provide information on the location of the Birds of Paradise in Animal Jam. These birds have a distinctive appearance and are sought after by many players for their beauty. As we have explored earlier, the Birds of Paradise can be found in the Sarepia Forest and are available to non-members as well as members of the game.

It is worth noting that there are several different species of Birds of Paradise, each with their own unique characteristics. Players can collect them all through a process known as trading or by buying them from other players who have collected them.

One exciting detail about the Birds of Paradise is that they were first introduced to Animal Jam back in 2012. Since then, they have become one of the most popular animals in the game, and many players enjoy collecting these rare creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find Birds of Paradise on Animal Jam?

A: You can find Birds of Paradise in the Jamaa Township Shop, under the “Animals” tab.

Q: How much do Birds of Paradise cost in Animal Jam?

A: As of 2021, Birds of Paradise cost 5,000 gems in Animal Jam.

Q: Are there any requirements to unlock the Birds of Paradise on Animal Jam?

A: There are no specific requirements to unlock Birds of Paradise on Animal Jam. You just need to have enough gems to purchase them from the Jamaa Township Shop.

Q: What is special about Birds of Paradise in Animal Jam?

A: Birds of Paradise are unique and rare animals in Animal Jam. They have a colorful and vibrant appearance, making them stand out from other animals in the game.

Q: Can I trade Birds of Paradise with other players in Animal Jam?

A: Yes, you can trade Birds of Paradise with other players in Animal Jam. However, please note that trades should only be made with players who you trust.

Q: Are Birds of Paradise allowed in all areas of the game in Animal Jam?

A: Yes, Birds of Paradise are allowed in all areas of the game in Animal Jam. However, they may have some restrictions in certain places or activities, such as adventures or parties.

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