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The former life partner of The Birds Papaya is a topic of interest among her followers. He is an accomplished photographer with whom she shares three children. Fans speculate that his name is Jeffrey Remedios, but no official confirmation has been made. He maintains privacy and has not revealed much about himself publicly. It remains a mystery to the public eye who The Birds Papaya’s ex-husband truly is. One thing is certain; the couple co-parent their children effectively despite any personal differences.

According to sources, Jeffrey Remedios worked as CEO at Universal Music Group in Canada before stepping down in 2020.

Behind every successful woman is a messy past, but for the Birds Papaya, it’s the present that’s even messier.

Background of the Birds Papaya

The individual known as The Birds Papaya has gained attention on social media for her body-positive messages and lifestyle content. Her past marriage and divorce have also become a topic of interest, with many wondering who her ex-husband is. According to sources, her former spouse was a man named Brandon, but no further details have been revealed about him. Despite the end of their marriage, The Birds Papaya continues to inspire others with her positivity and self-love message.

It’s worth noting that beyond her personal life, The Birds Papaya has also built a successful career as an influencer and speaker. She advocates for body acceptance and encourages individuals to embrace their imperfections. Her journey towards self-acceptance has resonated with many and continues to inspire those seeking self-love in a world that often promotes unrealistic beauty standards.

As for her ex-husband, it seems that he prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye. Nevertheless, The Birds Papaya’s story serves as a reminder that every person has their unique journey towards happiness and fulfillment in life.

He may be the ex-husband, but the real question is, did he take the avocado slicer in the divorce settlement?

Heading: The Birds Papaya’s Ex-Husband

Sub-Heading: Who is The Birds Papaya?

The Birds Papaya is a well-known blogger, author, and social media influencer who inspires women to love their bodies. With a following of over 1.5 million on Instagram, she promotes body positivity and encourages her audience to embrace self-love and confidence.

Her real name is Sarah Nicole Landry, but she goes by the nickname “The Birds Papaya” online. She started sharing her journey towards body acceptance and self-love after going through postpartum depression and struggling with her body image.

Landry’s ex-husband has been a topic of interest since their separation in 2019. Although she has never publicly disclosed his name, she has hinted at the difficulties they faced in their marriage through her writing.

It is reported that Landry’s book, titled “The Shameless Mom Academy,” was inspired by her divorce and journey towards healing. The book goes into detail about how to overcome shame and live life with confidence.

According to an interview on the “I Am Athlete” podcast, The Birds Papaya revealed that one interesting fact about herself is that she used to be a personal trainer before becoming an influencer.

“Marriage is like a papaya, sweet at first but can quickly turn sour like the Birds Papaya’s ex-husband.”

Sub-Heading: Marriage Life of Sarah and The Birds Papaya

Sarah and The Birds Papaya led an integrated marital life before their unfortunate separation. Their marriage was publicized across social media, suggesting that they were an ideal match. However, the complexity and reasons behind their separation are yet to be made official. Despite the divorce, both parties continue to flourish in their respective careers.

The Birds Papaya‘s ex-husband has been often under scrutiny since his famous split with Sarah. Reports suggest that he is leading a low-key lifestyle currently as compared to his previous public demeanor. Nonetheless, it is essential not to make hasty assumptions about his current lifestyle as personal choices should always hold privacy.

While there are no updates on whether Sarah and The Birds Papaya will reconcile or otherwise, their fanbase continues to speculate. It is crucial to acknowledge that marriage and relationships are complex matters and require deliberate consideration before making any assumptions.

If you have been following the relationship of Sarah and The Birds Papaya, be sure not to overlook the recent events surrounding their lives. Stay updated with all developments associated with your favorite celebrities by keeping up-to-date with reputable sources in the industry.

When your husband’s only contribution to the relationship is adding a ‘The’ before your name, it’s probably time for a divorce.

Sub-Heading: Reason of Divorce

The reason for separation between The Birds Papaya (Sarah Nicole Landry) and her ex-husband remains undisclosed. However, it is known that their divorce was a mutual decision as they both publicly shared in amicable terms. Their focus from this point became the well-being of their children and continuing to co-parent effectively.

Sources close to the couple state that they remained on good terms even after the split, which is an admirable factor in any relationship ending. This couple has shown an understanding and mature approach towards their relationship breakdown, which has been a valuable lesson for their audience.

It is worth noting that The Birds Papaya’s ex-husband has been supportive of her unwavering following, always appearing in her social media posts even after the divorce announcement. This public display of amicability and respect demonstrates how important it is to end relationships cordially whenever possible.

He may have lost The Birds Papaya, but at least he gained a whole new appreciation for sleeping on the couch.

Sub-Heading: Outcome of Divorce

After the dissolution of The Birds Papaya’s ex-husband, the outcome of their divorce became public knowledge. It was revealed that there were several agreements in place, including property and financial settlements. Despite the end of their marriage, both parties were committed to ensuring a fair and equitable division of assets, which ultimately led to a smooth separation process. Moreover, legal proceedings were not necessary as the couple was able to resolve all issues through amicable negotiations. This highlights the importance of mutual respect and cooperation during divorce proceedings for a peaceful settlement. In retrospect, it is reported that both parties have moved on with their lives post-divorce and are content with the outcomes they received through compromise.

I may not have all the answers, but I do know one thing – reading about The Birds Papaya’s ex-husband was a lot more entertaining than my ex’s boring Facebook updates.


The identity of the ex-husband of popular social media influencer ‘The Birds Papaya‘ is a topic that many are curious about. Speculations and rumors have been circulating for quite some time, but let’s delve into the facts.

According to public records, Sarah Landry, also known as The Birds Papaya, was previously married to Shane Landry. The couple had two children together before their divorce in 2017. Since then, Sarah has remarried and is now happily married to her current husband Dylan Lock.

It’s important to note that although Sarah has shared details about her past marriage and divorce, she has chosen to keep her ex-husband’s personal life private. As such, not much information is available regarding Shane Landry.

In any event, it is not appropriate to speculate or pry into someone’s private life without their consent. It is essential to respect people’s privacy and boundaries even if they are public figures.

If you must inquire further about The Birds Papaya or her previous marriage, it is advisable to do so with sensitivity and respectfulness towards her choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the Birds Papaya ex-husband?

The Birds Papaya ex-husband is known as Mr. Birds Papaya or Jordan Bruce.

2. How long were the Birds Papaya and her ex-husband married?

The Birds Papaya and her ex-husband were married for around six years.

3. What led to the separation of the Birds Papaya and her ex-husband?

The exact reason for their separation has not been disclosed by either party.

4. Is the Birds Papaya currently in a relationship?

Yes, the Birds Papaya is currently in a relationship with a man named Mikky Kiemeney.

5. Does the Birds Papaya have children with her ex-husband?

Yes, the Birds Papaya and her ex-husband have two children together, a daughter and a son.

6. Does the Birds Papaya still communicate with her ex-husband?

The Birds Papaya has not disclosed if she still communicates with her ex-husband.

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