10 Reasons: Why are There so Many Birds Flying Around my House


Do you ever wonder why there are so many birds flying around your house? There could be a number of reasons, but we will discuss 10 of the most common ones in this blog post. Keep reading to learn more!

Reason 1: Birds are Attracted to Human Presence

Birds are often attracted to human presence! Not only do humans tend to provide a food source for them, but research continues to show that most songbirds enjoy the presence of people.

Birds also recognize individual faces, so they may have noticed you and decided their home was close to yours.

What’s even more interesting is that some species can actually be taught tricks or encouraged to serenade us with their melodies—surely something we can all appreciate! All in all, the attractive effects of human presence is something that our feathered friends have been enjoying for centuries, and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon.

Reason 2: Backyards Provide Lots of Food

Backyards have the advantage that they often have many different sources of food at the same time: trees, plants, and other nearby natural resources are all potential food sources for certain bird species.

This is why so many birds flock to backyards; they provide a seemingly endless buffet of food! With just some simple changes in landscaping, you can potentially create a whole new environment that will attract even more birds, from wild turkeys to cardinals.

So why not take the opportunity to appreciate these feathered friends?

Reason 3: Trees and Shrubs Offer Shelter

Trees and shrubs of all shapes and sizes provide the perfect shelter for birds to roost during the day or stay safe overnight.

Not only do their foliage and bark act as a natural camouflage for added protection against predators, but the limbs of trees can also act as ideal perches to help them keep a lookout for food or any potential threats.

For your garden or backyard, why not consider planting some beautiful trees or shrubs to see just how busy your sky may become? You could fill it with the singing of birds in no time!

Reason 4: Urban Areas Provide Closer Access to Resources

Urban areas provide closer access to resources, meaning that birds can find food, water, and shelter much more easily.

Additionally, most urban areas have plenty of trees and open parks where birds can nest, which is why we often see flocks of them chirping and flying over our neighborhoods.

Humans have also been known to leave out bird food outside their windows and houses in an effort to attract feathered friends, drawing even larger concentrations of them near our homes.

Ultimately, the combination of lots of resources in one place makes it an ideal spot for birds to flock to – making it no surprise why we often see so many birds in our backyards!

Reason 5: It’s Mating Season

During this time, birds are looking for a partner and a place to nest, making them more visible.

It’s also why you’ll often hear chirping or singing coming from your backyard; birds put in extra effort during mating season to attract their mates with song, dance, and colorful feathers.

The journey of finding a mate can be long and exhausting for some species, but the reward is having the chance to raise a family together late on.

So why not open up your heart (and window) and enjoy the spectacle that nature has to offer?

Reason 6: Birds Enjoy Community Living

Birds love community living! Birds are social creatures and flock together in large numbers for protection from predators, as well as for their food sources. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see a lot of them flying overhead or even perched upon the roofs and trees of your home.

Not only does this behavior ensure the safety of these birds, but it also provides them with an abundance of different areas to explore and research – making community living incredibly beneficial for them!

Reason 7: The Climate is More Favorable

One of the key reasons why you might be seeing so many birds around your house is that the local climate has become more favorable to them.

With warmer and milder temperatures in the air, more and more birds are finding places to rest and feed along residential areas and backyards. Not only does a reliable food source help, but there is also an abundance of places for these birds to build their nests and look after their young.

So why not enjoy the extra company amidst this lovely weather?

Reason 8: People Provide Feeders and Birdbaths

One of the main reasons why this occurs is because people have been providing feeders and birdbaths in their gardens or surrounding areas.

Doing this encourages more birds to gather in the area, as these sources provide them with the water and food that they need for survival. The feeders and birdbaths also give them a sense of safety as these are seen as a safe haven for the birds due to their proximity to humans who can protect them from predators.

As a result, there has been an increase in the number of birds that you will find flying around your house, adding beauty and grace to your surroundings.

Reason 9: Sights and Sounds are Stimulating for Birds

It turns out that the stimulating sights and sounds of your home can be just as attractive to the birds.

Your windows, trees, and other surfaces provide a safe refuge for them and they enjoy all the small movements that occur within their environment. The visual stimulation is also enhanced by all the noise they hear – chirps, trills, squeaks, clicks – which can really give them an exciting boost!

With these features in place, it’s no wonder why there are so many birds around your home – why wouldn’t they take advantage of such stimulating sights and sounds from such a safe place?

Reason 10: Houses can Offer Shelter

Houses offer shelter and safety to these creatures. Birds need shelter to protect them from wind and rain that could otherwise take a toll on their energy levels and make it difficult for them to survive.

Houses often provide more stability than trees, making them a great spot for birds to stay when they need a place where they can rest and feel safe. 


It’s no surprise why there are so many birds flying around your house – they offer a sense of beauty and warmth, as well as provide a safe haven for them to call home. From mating season to providing food sources and shelter, these creatures seek out our homes for all the benefits that come along with living in such an environment. So why not enjoy the spectacle that nature has to offer? With all of these reasons, it’s easy to understand why your home is a regular hangout spot for so many birds.

Enjoy their presence and appreciate having them around as you cherish the beauty and wonder of nature!

FAQs Section

Q: What should I do if the birds become too noisy?

A: If you find that the birds are becoming too loud and disruptive, it is best to contact a local wildlife expert who can provide advice on how to minimize any disturbance. You could also consider setting up birdhouses or bird feeders in other areas of your garden to encourage them to move away from your home. Additionally, making sure that there is no food or water left out that could be attracting the birds in the first place can help curtail their presence.

Q: Is it safe to have too many birds around my house?

A: Generally speaking, having a few extra birds around your home should pose no issue. However, if there is an excessive number of birds gathering near your house, it is best to contact a wildlife expert for advice on how to control the population and ensure everyone’s safety.

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